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Support Center / Solutions to ProtonVPN Android app issues

Solutions to ProtonVPN Android app issues

VPN Connection fails due to gateway_unreachable error

Symptom: Starting and logging in to the ProtonVPN Android app is successful, however, when connecting to a server, the connection fails and returns error “Unable to VPN: gateway_unreachable”.

Cause: Most common issue causing this error is that IPSec passthrough is not enabled in the router settings.


  • At first, if possible, try connecting on a different network or try using mobile data and check if the issue persists – this will give you a better idea whether IPSec being disabled is the main issue.
  • If the issue persists, open your router settings via a web browser and enter the IP Address of your router (usually the IP address is, you can also check it on the device itself).
  • After logging in to your router, you will have to look for IPSec settings in the router menu. Each router has different settings, so the best practice is to either check your router manual or consult with an IT specialist.

VPN Connection fails due to authentication failure

Symptom: Starting and logging in to the ProtonVPN Android app is successful, however, when connecting to a server, the connection fails. The Android application logs indicate “Auth Fail”. You can access the logs if you click the hamburger Menu button, and click “Show log”.

Cause: Likely due to hitting the maximum number of connected devices and/or too many recent connections (attempts) that were not properly terminated.


  • Make sure that you are not exceeding your connection limit. The simultaneous connections are different for each plan. With the free plan, you cannot have more than 1 connection at a time. Make sure that you do not have a device in the other room that is still connected. Check out our plans for more details about the different features.
  • Wait about 5 minutes, and retry connecting to a different server. Our servers periodically “clean up” old and inactive sessions. If you’ve had a connection that was not closed properly (think, wifi dropped, device crashed or similar), our infrastructure will detect and close such connections after a certain waiting period.
  • If you have a paid subscription, check whether all invoices are paid, otherwise you will be able to log in to the app, but you won’t be able to connect.
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  1. Jonathan

    I try to connect to the VPN and my phone won’t let me click on the “ok” button. Please help ASAP.

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please make sure you have no night mode apps like Twilight on at the moment as it draws over other applications preventing the clickable OK.

  3. Peter

    I ended up on a page blocked by Vodafone Germany with “Wichtiger Hinweis. Dieses Portal ist aufgrund eines urheberrechtlichen Anspruchs vorläufig nicht verfügbar.”

    Since then I can’t connect to your VPNs anymore. What should I do? Connecting via my mobile connection is still working.

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Peter, please check if your network is configured with some of possible website filtering`s like OpenDNS or parental controls. If not, please let our customer support team know about this as its valuable information and could help other customers too.

  5. Mossty

    Unable to establish VPN connection: gateway unreachable. I’m using a school WiFi connection

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mossty, it could be that the network you are trying to connect on is restricted with the closed ports that our application uses. Please try this connection method and contact our customer support team:

  7. chuck

    With a previous VPN, i had to change the server connection from UDP to TCP/secure/443. Is that a user setting you can add?

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Android application of ours does not have a choice for that since it is running on a different protocol, that is IKEv2. Only OpenVPN has the option to switch from UDP/TCP.

  9. Hisham

    I am alreasy using my mobile data not a router so how can i setup the IP address theough the mobile?

  10. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Its not matter the source of the internet connection, just connect using our ProtonVPN software and your IP and internet traffic will be secured by our services!

  11. Alaa

    My ISP blocked IKE , is there a solution for this ?

  12. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Alaa, in cases like these, you will have to use OpenVPN protocol from this tutorial:

  13. Jon

    Used to have no problem, but now on my android, it won’t connect. Tells me I’ve exceeded the number of connections? I’m the sole user of my account. Is there some sort of thing such as closing all active sessions or something?

  14. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jon, please log out of your account within the application and log back in.

  15. Txy

    Same thing happening to me. It must be some kind of error of the app. I’m using android app

  16. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our customer support team with detailed information about your issue and we will do our best to help you out!

  17. Kc

    Have a stable connection but have no idea how to do anything with it such as open a browser ? Do I just open my chrome app and it uses the VPN automatically?

  18. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. When you have connected the VPN application, the internet traffic is all secured and your browser is using the VPN, so whenever you connect to the VPN server, you do not have to do anything else to be secured.

  19. ShadowEdges

    There is an unspecified error occured while connecting.Despite Log in perfectly.

  20. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out!

  21. liangwei

    china can not connect by android. But it is able by window.

  22. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, please try using this guide to connect your android to our VPN service.

  23. pooria

    It’s blocked on the android version in Iran.

  24. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Pooria. You can try using OpenVPN connect application with our services if the android version is blocked.

  25. John

    No matter what server, my connection immediately disconnects as soon as I turn on WiFi. Worked before. I’ve tried several VPN and it’s the same. Also I’m told my email address is invalid which isn’t true.

  26. John

    My former VPN was evidentiary interfering with the connection. It’s okay now that I’ve uninstalled that.
    Thanks. I’m going to stay with you guys!

  27. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John, we are truly happy to hear that you decided to stay our customer! If anything, feel free to drop us a line anytime. 🙂

  28. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John, by saying that you`ve tried several VPN, do you mean several our servers or different VPN providers with the same results ? Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out!

  29. Ashu

    I have this issue with my android devices but the problem is not from router because IPSec Passthrough is enabled. how can I fix this?

  30. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ashu, could you please contact our customer support team with more detailed information?

  31. Gerbellubalde

    Plsss help is not connected

  32. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out.

  33. Mu

    Egypt blocked it.. Make it go through https or something to connect

  34. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our support team with more detailed information

  35. Usr

    Failed to establish VPN: User authentication failed on android

  36. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Could you please contact our customer support team with information like your current location, ISP, android version and how many devices you are using.

  37. Long

    gateway_unreachable at Android Client, using mobile data.

  38. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, could you please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out.

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