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How to help test-run the early-access Proton VPN Linux app

You can support Proton by using the early-access versions of our Linux app and Linux CLI. You will gain access to new features before they are released publicly, and you can provide feedback to help us find and address bugs. Please be aware, though, that there may be security and […]


How latency, bandwidth, and throughput impact Internet speed

Internet speed or how fast data transfers in a network is calculated using different metrics: latency, bandwidth, and throughput.  This article aims to explain these metrics and how the TCP protocol — the way most data is transmitted over the Internet nowadays — impacts them.  Sending off your data packets […]


How to install the Proton VPN APK

The Proton VPN Android app is now available in several app repositories to ensure you can easily get Proton VPN for free on Android. Some of these repositories, like GitHub and F-Droid, do not download and install the app directly on your device as Google Play does with Android devices […]


How to bypass UK Internet service provider blocks and access Proton VPN

In 2017, the UK passed the Digital Economy Act that requires Internet service providers (ISPs) to block adult websites unless they receive verification that the user is over 18 years old. The regulatory body governing the block, the BBFC, stated that VPN services should not be affected by this block. […]


What browsers can I use with Proton VPN?

Proton VPN supports most popular Internet browsers. However, Proton VPN uses cutting-edge technology that is only supported in the latest versions of these browsers. To maintain the level of security expected by our users, we occasionally need to drop support for outdated browser versions that do not have the security […]


How to unblock HBO Now with Proton VPN

HBO Now has been replaced with HBO. You can access HBO shows as well as TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, all Warner Bros. and DC films on HBO Max. Learn how to stream HBO. Learn how to stream HBO Max.


How do I install and uninstall Proton VPN on Windows?

The following instructions are applicable for Windows versions 7,8 and 10. Proton VPN’s native client app is the simplest way to install Proton VPN on your device. To guarantee the protection of your data we use OpenVPN protocol by default. Once installed you can start using Proton VPN right away. […]


How to set up Proton VPN on pfSense 2.5.x

This guide shows you how to set up Proton VPN on pfSense 2.5.x, which allows any device connected to your router to be protected with a Proton VPN connection. As usual, a Plus or Visionary plan is required for devices on your network to access streaming services. Note that we […]


How to use Proton VPN on Android TV

With Proton VPN, you can stream and watch video content on any Android TV by installing the app directly on your TV set.  The app allows you to watch content from more than 60 countries if you have a paid plan. Users with free accounts can select from three countries. […]


How to setup Proton VPN on a Tomato router

FreshTomato is the now only version of the Tomato community-developed custom firmware for routers still actively supported. We therefore recommend upgrading to FreshTomato and configuring it using our How to setup Proton VPN on FreshTomato routers guide. This legacy guide is therefore primarily for reference only.  A step-by-step guide to setup Proton […]


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