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Setup Guide for new users

Welcome to the ProtonVPN community. This guide will help you download and install the proper ProtonVPN app for your device. It will also address some of the more common questions we get from our new users.

You’re just a couple steps away from making your online activity secure and private. Let’s get started!


The majority of non-Apple smartphones and tablets use the Android operating system. If you have a smartphone and it’s not an iPhone, it is likely an Android.

Learn how to install the ProtonVPN Android app.

Android TV (currently in beta)
Android TV is built into some TVs and is used by a wide selection of streaming sticks and boxes that can plug into any TV with a spare HDMI port. If you don’t have an Android TV, you can find some examples in this article.

Learn how to install the ProtonVPN Android TV app

If you have a smartphone or tablet from Apple — an iPhone or an iPad — it runs on iOS.

Learn how to install the ProtonVPN iOS app.

If your laptop or desktop is a PC, then it likely runs Windows.

Learn how to install the ProtonVPN Windows app.

If you have a laptop or desktop computer from Apple, it runs on macOS.

Learn how to install the ProtonVPN macOS app.

Linux is an open source operating system that has dozens of different distributions. If Linux does not sound familiar to you, it is unlikely you are using it.

Learn how to install the ProtonVPN Linux client.

Common questions

Q: Does the VPN just protect the Internet through my browser?

A: No. Once you are connected to a ProtonVPN server, your whole Internet connection is secured, and your public IP address and geolocation are changed. The applications on your device that connect to the Internet will also have their connections routed through the same secure VPN tunnel. Therefore, the services you access on the Internet cannot see your true IP address and location.

Q: Does it matter what Internet browser I use with ProtonVPN?

A: ProtonVPN works with the latest version of most popular Internet browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, the Brave browser, and Google Chrome. However, we no longer support Internet Explorer as it is outdated.

Learn more about which browsers you can use with ProtonVPN.

Q: What can I do to make my VPN connection faster?

A: The speed of your VPN connection is a function of the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a slow Internet connection with your Internet service provider, using a VPN will not make it faster.

That being said, there are some basic steps you can take to optimize your VPN connection’s speed. You can:

  • Connect to a VPN server that is geographically closer to your location;
  • Connect to a VPN server that currently has a lower load; or
  • Use the UDP transmission protocol instead of TCP for your connection.

Learn more about how to increase the speed of your VPN connection.

Q: I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet with ProtonVPN. What can I do?

A: If you are experiencing connection difficulties, it is generally the result of one of the three following situations:

  • The server you are trying to connect to is currently down for maintenance, in which case you should try to connect to another server;
  • Your system time does not match the time on the SSL certificate, in which case you should reset your device’s clock; or
  • There may be restrictions on your network.

Learn more about how to resolve ProtonVPN connection issues. If you try these solutions and still cannot connect, or if you have any other questions, please contact our Support team.

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