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How to use Proton VPN on Linux

The official Proton VPN Linux app lets you protect your Linux devices with Proton VPN while controlling the VPN via an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface.  We support the latest stable versions of the following distros. Click on a link for full setup instructions:

Our official app is the best way to use Proton VPN on your Linux PC. It natively supports advanced Proton VPN features, including:

Other ways to use Proton VPN on Linux

Where possible, we strongly recommend using our official Linux app. However, there are certain situations where you may wish to use an alternative method of using Proton VPN on Linux.

The v3 Proton VPN CLI 

Our new (v4) Linux doesn’t yet support a command line tool. If you need a CLI, you can still use our old (v3) CLI tool.

Manual OpenVPN or WireGuard setup

You can configure OpenVPN or WireGuard manually on Linux using either NetworkManager or the command line. This may be useful on devices not supported by our Proton VPN Linux app, but if we retire a server, you may need to download new configuration files. 

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