Proton VPN Observatory (2024)

Documenting spikes in Proton VPN use as people fight for online freedom.

2024 stands to be the biggest year for democracy in history as around 50% of the global population is set to go to the polls this year. Unfortunately, many of the countries holding elections have a history of undermining democratic practices and endangering fundamental human rights. In addition to our usual work to protect free speech around the world, this year Proton VPN will provide free servers in countries holding elections that have a history of censorship or election tampering, allowing the local population to bypass any potential government censorship and misinformation.


New Caledonia - May 15, 2024

2500% increase in signups

State of emergency declared: France imposed a state of emergency, deployed troops and banned TikTok amid riots over electoral reform.

Mozambique - May 8, 2024

800% increase in signups

General elections: A new candidate  of the ruling Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO) has been confirmed for the next presidential election in October. This decision has curtailed a crisis that could have emanated from the current President running for an unconstitutional third term.

Kyrgyzstan - April 18, 2024

2800% increase in signups

Social media block: Kyrgyzstan appears to have blocked TikTok after the Central Asian country's security services called to restrict the social media app to "protect children", building censorship fears.

Brazil - April 7, 2024

600% increase in signups

Brazil Supreme Court judge opens inquiry into Musk: A Supreme Court judge in Brazil ordered an investigation Sunday of Elon Musk after he criticized the magistrate and accused him of censorship for blocking social media accounts suspected of spreading disinformation. There is reportedly a fear of X being potentially shut down in Brazil.

Spain - March 23, 2024

400% increase in signups

Temporary Telegram block: Spain's High Court has ordered the suspension of messaging app Telegram's services in the country after media companies complained it was allowing users to upload their content without permission, according to a court source.

Senegal - February 4, 2024

800% increase in signups

Presidential elections in Senegal - Police in Senegal cracked down on protests in the capital Dakar after the President announced the indefinite postponement of the presidential election initially scheduled for February 25. The government reportedly cut the signal of a private television channel broadcasting the protests.

Pakistan - January 6, 2024

400% increase in signups

Social media blackout - Complete social media blackout in the country resulting in nationwide internet outage. This incident marked the second time in recent months that internet services were disrupted during an online event planned by PTI.

Proton VPN's mission is to ensure freedom of speech and fight online censorship everywhere. We're proud to stand up for online freedom and enable people to access a free and open internet.