Stay private online with a no-logs VPN for the USA

Get a trusted VPN in the USA to stay private and stream your favorite shows and movies from anywhere.

  • Browse privately with a no-logs, Swiss-based VPN
  • Stream your favorite US TV and movies from anywhere
  • Boost your VPN connection speed by up to 400% with VPN Accelerator
  • Stay secure with open-source, independently audited apps

Three steps to get a USA IP address

    Why use Proton VPN in the USA?

    Hide your IP address and browse privately by connecting to our high-speed servers in the USA. With Proton VPN, you can access the internet securely without censorship and stream without slowdowns.

    Get a US IP address

    Connect to our high-speed servers in the USA to hide where you go online. Access geoblocked content from anywhere and browse as if in the US.

    Free US VPN

    Get unlimited browsing with our Proton VPN Free plan, which gives you exactly the same privacy as our paid plans. We’re the only free VPN with a strict no-logs policy, no ads, and no data limits. If you want access to faster servers to stream or P2P file share and get extra security features, upgrade to a paid plan with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Stay private and safe

    Hide your online activity from trackers, and share files securely. Protect yourself from network attacks with Secure Core, and block ads and malware with NetShield Ad-blocker (paid plans only).

    Stream from anywhere

    Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ from any country without interruptions or slowdowns.

    Beat censorship

    Bypass local internet blocks and access censored content with alternative routing and our unique Stealth VPN protocol.

    Use on any device

    Get Proton VPN for Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and Android TV to browse privately anywhere.

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    Get a secure and private VPN for the USA

    We’ve optimized our 10 Gbps servers for speed, security, and stability. Choose from over 400 servers in the United States to browse as if you’re in the US, protect your privacy, or stream US TV and movies when you’re abroad.

    Choose a server in another country to access restricted content worldwide privately and securely. With over 4,500 servers in more than 90 countries, you can always find a server for you.

    More reasons to use Proton VPN in the USA

    Privacy-first VPN

    With Proton VPN, your internet service provider (ISP) can’t see which websites you visit to sell your browsing history. Our strict no-logs policy means we keep no record of what you do online. And our home is Switzerland, so your data is protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

    High-speed streaming

    Catch every episode of your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and ESPN+ with Proton VPN’s high-speed US servers. Stream US shows at their highest resolution with no bandwidth or data limits. With Proton VPN, your ISP can’t track you to slow down your internet.

    VPN Accelerator

    Our unique VPN Accelerator improves VPN connection speeds by up to 400%. Together with our 10 Gbps servers and the lightweight WireGuard protocol, VPN Accelerator gives you a fast, stable VPN connection no matter where you are.

    Comprehensive VPN security

    Secure your internet with the strongest encryption and physical security. Our kill switch and DNS and IPv6 leak protection ensures your data is always protected.

    Open source and independently audited

    All our apps are open source, so anyone can check that our apps are secure. We publish independent security audits, so if you can’t check the code yourself, you can see the opinion of experts who can.

    What others say about Proton VPN

    We’re impressed with Proton VPN’s straightforward, transparent approach, especially in contrast to the general atmosphere of secrecy and shiftiness in the VPN industry. If you’re in need of a well-rounded VPN service that puts its money where its mouth is, take a look at Proton VPN.
    [Proton wants] to raise awareness about the increasing sophistication of governments, in Russia and elsewhere, to block citizens from reaching the open web and the need for technologists, companies and governments to push back.
    Proton VPN is a service that will do all it can to protect your privacy. All of its applications are open source and audited by third parties, and it has a robust privacy policy. Spoiler, it’s very good.

    USA VPN: Frequently asked questions