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Can you watch Netflix with ProtonVPN?

You can watch Netflix using ProtonVPN from certain servers. This is a security and privacy feature which ensures that you can benefit from the security that ProtonVPN provides even while you are watching Netflix.

ProtonVPN users can securely watch Netflix when connected to any ProtonVPN Plus server located in the US. These servers are available for Plus Plan subscribers. For the fastest and most reliable connection, please connect to the servers that are closest to your current location. Note, you should have a valid Netflix subscription and your access to Netflix should be legal.

Below is a list of suggested VPN servers to watch US Netflix using ProtonVPN.

US Netflix

US-CA#3 – 8
US-CO#5 – 8
US-IL#1 – 8
US-NJ#1 – 4
US-TX#2 – 3
US-VA#3 – 4

If you experience issues watching US Netflix, please try the following:

– Restart ProtonVPN application and VPN connection.
Clear browser cache.
– Use a different browser.
– Restart your device.
Clear DNS cache.

Note, Netflix may not always work. If you have tried all possible options and still having issues or if you have questions, feel free to contact our Support team.

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  1. Romeo

    I notice that Netflix access is more successful when I use the ProtonVPN Windows application. I have tried all plus servers through OpenVPN on my router but still no luck on Netflix. Any suggestions on what I could do next? Thanks.

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Romeo, please try using our DNS addresses on your router. Since it’s a premium server, please use if UDP config, or if TCP config.

  3. FalconX

    I’m from Ecuador and I want to watch Netflix for other countries while using VPN so my question is: Can I watch USA Netflix if I buy the ProtonVPN Plus plan?

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Falcon, Yes, you can access Netflix US streaming content securely while using ProtonVPN plus.

  5. Sunny San

    hey so far this one Best VPN i used but only little problem with some servers like Spain, Germany and Canada etc
    when i try to connect with spain servers by while browsing it was showing United Kingdom, same germany showing UAE united arab emirates etc please its a request solve such issues. also while watching youtube videos germany server showing UAE i think they knew we r using something hide IP address u guys know better whats wrong with such issues.

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Sunny, thank you for the report, it could be that some of the online databases are displaying incorrect server location information thus showing you from different location where the server actually is. We will check it out!

  7. skeptical me

    If you can keep this going and add in HULU, it will be a very strong marketing asset. I hope you can maintain your corporate secret so we can all enjoy the various streaming sites (and pay for the of course – we’re willing customers!), Anyhow, I love PM/VPN’s mission and am really looking for to calendar agent, ProtonDrive, and anything else you can offer with e2e …. peace of mind πŸ™‚

  8. KiloFive


  9. Ann

    Hi there,
    Same problem as Mohit, I subscribed to the Plus Plan and i’m using the Mac OS app beta. I can’t locate the list of US servers. I’m only offered to connect via Iceland or Switzerland to an unidentified US server. I managed to connect to netflix but it sadly is still Netflix France. Could you point me in the right direction ?
    Many thx

  10. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Its most likely that you have a secure core option enabled in the application. You should see that above the server list and below the quick connect button. Please disable that, and scroll down on the server list to find the US servers.

  11. Patrick

    Can you tell us if you had to make some kind of deal with Netflix to arrange this? Would that not defeat the purpose of using a VPN to protect privacy?

  12. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Patrick. There is no deal made with Netflix, we unblocked the secure streaming services by our hard work and custom technology that we cannot disclose. But thank you for your interest in our services.

  13. Mario

    Are there any plans for support outside the US?

  14. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mario, yes, there are plans but we cannot provide any other information regarding it right now.

  15. Bob

    Any plans about supporting Amazon Video? It’s not supported yet obviously, but hopefully it’s on the list.

  16. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Bob, Yes, its not yet supported but we are thinking about it. Sadly we cannot provide any information regarding it right now.

  17. Jo Wouters

    How does this (technically) work ?
    Are you making it impossible for Netflix to know their infrastructure is accessed via a VPN, or do you have some kind of arrangement with Netflix in order for them to unblock your VPN-servers ? (If you have an arrangement, could you elaborate on the details?)

  18. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jo, sadly, we will not provide any way or technology on information how the Netflix works with our services as we think of it as of company’s commercial secret. We hope you understand and thank you for your interest.

  19. Scott Larson

    Can you point me to information regarding what technologies, configurations or agreements made it possible to allow the use of VPN connections (specifically proton VPN services) with Netflix? What changed to allow this to be possible? As you reported Netflix is preventing users from connecting to VPN services to stream movies.

  20. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Scott, sadly, we will not provide any way or technology on information how the Netflix works with our services as we think of it as of companies commercial secret. We hope you understand and thank you for your interest.

  21. George

    How about Hulu contents streaming access? It seems all ProtonVPN USA servers are blocked (randomly testing some ).

  22. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello George, Hulu secure streaming services are not yet supported by our VPN. Stay tooned.

  23. Mohit Garg

    I cannot find any of the servers listed here in my subscription plan. The only reason I bought proton VPN is because of your current email to access Netflix anywhere.
    US-CA#3 – 8
    US-CO#5 – 8
    US-IL#1 – 8
    US-NJ#1 – 4
    US-TX#2 – 3
    US-VA#3 – 4

  24. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mohit, These servers are available for Plus Plan subscribers – as quoted in the article. Did you purchase that exact plan ?

  25. Rassi

    Hi, I tried the Netflix servers you mentioned and they all get blocked by Chromecast, i.e. when I try to stream from android phone to Chromecast Ultra I get the message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”, any recommendations for servers that actually work with US Netflix and Chromecast?

    US-CA#3 – 8
    US-CO#5 – 8
    US-IL#1 – 8
    US-NJ#1 – 4
    US-TX#2 – 3
    US-VA#3 – 4

  26. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Chromecast is not covered by a VPN since it takes the internet from the router not from the device that it receives the request. To cover chromecast under the VPN, you would need to configure the VPN on to the Router level, of course, if the router that you own does support OpenVPN connections.

  27. Rassi

    Thanks, yes i am using OpenVPN configurations on an Asus RT-AC86U router, I managed to get one or two UDP servers to work (though not the ones you are promoting for Netflix use?? Although the speeds are pretty dire, ~2-10Mbps, definitely not what I would call High or Highest speeds for Plus Servers??

  28. ProtonVPN Team

    The downside to OpenVPN is that in its current architecture, it is not scalable. It runs as a monolithic process and cannot run multi-threaded.
    This means that if you have a beefy processor with 8 cores and each of the core has 8 threads, OpenVPN will use only a single thread in one of the available cores.
    Regarding routers – they do not have powerful CPUs, thus encrypting and decrypting OpenVPN traffic is a real challenge for them. For that reason, the speed can drop by a large amount.
    You could try increasing your speed by connecting to a few different servers (preferably to the ones in yours or neighboring country), changing between TCP and UDP, enabling QoS and changing Upload and Download to 100Mbps, disabling SPI Firewall and NAT Acceleration (if your router has one). You could also try looking for the most optimal MTU value on your router which could be in the range from 1300 to 1500.
    If these changes do not help and you are getting better speeds while connected to the same servers with our software on your computer, then, unfortunately, your router’s hardware cannot encrypt the internet traffic fast enough and this is the reason for speed drop. In this case, there is nothing that I can suggest you, unfortunately.

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