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Streaming guide for new ProtonVPN users

Depending on which country you are in, your selection of content on streaming services can be severely limited. ProtonVPN lets travelers access geo-blocked content that is available back in their home country.

Which server you need to connect to in which country will depend on the streaming service you are trying to watch.

Fortunately, we have created guides to help you unblock all the major streaming services using ProtonVPN:

Streaming guides

Access ABC iview
Access Amazon Prime Video
Access BBC iPlayer
Access Channel 4 (All 4+)
Access Channel 7 (7plus)
Access Channel 9 (9Now)
Access Disney+
Access DisneyNOW
Access ESPN+
Access F1 TV
Access FuboTV
Access HBO
Access HBO Max
Access Hotstar
Access Hulu
Access ITV (ITV Hub+)
Access Netflix
Access Network 10 (10 play)
Access NOW TV
Access Peacock
Access Pluto TV
Access RAI
Access Sling TV
Access SyFy

FAQ: ProtonVPN streaming

Q: Which plan lets me use streaming services with ProtonVPN? 

A: Streaming is reserved for Plus and Visionary users. If you are a ProtonVPN user on a Free or Basic plan, you will need to upgrade your subscription to be able to stream videos.

Upgrade to a ProtonVPN Plus plan today.

Or, if you don’t have a subscription yet, sign up for ProtonVPN Plus.

Q: Can I stream videos on my mobile device while using ProtonVPN?

A: Generally, our streaming feature is only supported on our macOS and Windows apps (and our Linux command line tool). However, there are a couple of streaming services you can watch on your Android or iOS device while connected to one of our Plus plan servers.

Check the guides above to see which streaming specific services work with mobile apps.

Download our app for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Q: Can I stream videos and movies on my TV with ProtonVPN? 

With the ProtonVPN app for Android TV (currently in beta testing), you can stream and watch video content on any Android TV by installing the app directly on your TV set.

Download our beta app for Android TV.

Q: Which Plus plan servers do I need to connect to in order to stream movies or TV shows?

A: This depends on which streaming service you are trying to use. We often support streaming services in multiple countries. For example, ProtonVPN users can watch the German, UK, and US version of Netflix. All you need to do is connect to a Plus plan server in one of those countries.

Each guide clearly explains which countries that streaming service is available in.

Check the list of ProtonVPN server locations

Q: Can I stream videos while connected to a Secure Core server?

A: We do not recommend this. The Secure Core servers in your final destination country do not always support streaming. Also, since Secure Core’s purpose is to add an additional layer of security against network attacks, it is not optimized for streaming content, which can lead to poorer video quality.

Learn more about Secure Core.


ProtonVPN doesn’t condone the use of our VPN service to bypass copyright regulations.

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