How to watch Peacock with Proton VPN

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Launched in 2020, Peacock is a streaming service that features content from the NBC network (the name “Peacock” comes from the colorful NBC logo). The service primarily features series and film content from NBCUniversal studios and other third-party content providers, including television series, films, news, and sports programming.

All you need to watch Peacock is a Proton VPN IP address located in the United States.

How to watch Peacock with Proton VPN

Connect to any Plus server located in the United States. Plus servers are available for Plus, Unlimited, Family Visionary Plan subscribers. For the fastest and most reliable connection, please connect to the server that is closest to your current location. To find the nearest servers to you, check the full list of our servers.

For best performance, we recommend connecting to the closest US server to your location.

Step 1:

Get a VPN Plus or Proton Unlimited subscription

If you already have a VPN Plus, Proton Unlimited(new window), or Visionary (legacy users only)  account, you can skip to step 2.

If you’re a new user, sign up for Proton VPN.

If you already have a Free plan, upgrade your account by signing in and selecting VPN Plus or Proton Unlimited from your account Subscription page.

Step 2:

Install our VPN app

If you’ve already installed one of our apps, you can skip to step 3.

You need to download the Proton VPN app for your operating system. You can securely stream your favorite shows on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices or on the go with an Android or iOS device.

If you have an Android TV, you can join the beta testing program and install the app directly on your device.

For installation help, here are our support guides:

Note: You can only access Peacock on iOS with the Peacock app, which is only available in the American version of the App Store.

Step 3:

Connect to a Plus server in the United States.

Step 4:

Sign up for a Peacock(new window) account

Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month with ads or $9.99 per month without ads. It offers 20,000 hours of content, including NBC Originals (such as Brave New World), NBC shows broadcast on the previous day, and a large selection of (much newer) movies. It also includes access to sporting events, like the English Premier League.

You can upgrade to a Premium account inside your account area on the Peacock website.

If you already have a subscription with Xfinity or Cox, you can access Peacock Premium at no additional cost.

Step 5:

Kick back and enjoy Peacock with Proton VPN!

After you have signed-up for a Peacock account, just connect to a Proton VPN Plus server in the US to enjoy content on Peacock.

If you experience issues watching Peacock, please try the following:

Note: If you have tried all possible options and are still having issues or if you have any questions, please contact our Support team(new window).

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