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What is Kill Switch?

Kill Switch is a security feature that protects your IP in case you unexpectedly lose connection to any ProtonVPN server. 

In case the connection is interrupted, Kill Switch blocks all external network traffic to and from your IP until it automatically re-establishes a connection to the same VPN server. 

This means that even though you can’t use the Internet until ProtonVPN reconnects, your IP address and DNS queries are safe from being exposed.  

Kill Switch is available to all ProtonVPN users on macOS and Windows. If you have an Android device, you can use a similar, Android-developed solution as explained below. We are currently working on a solution for iOS users and we hope to make the feature available very soon. 

Please note that Kill Switch can’t protect you if you intentionally disconnect from a VPN server. However, the feature protects you while you switch servers with ProtonVPN. 

How do I enable Kill Switch?

To enable Kill Switch on Windows or macOS, follow these steps: 

  • Open ProtonVPN and go to the Countries tab 

  • Select the Kill Switch icon and open the settings area


  • Turn Kill Switch on and continue using ProtonVPN

If you are an Android user, follow these steps to enable Block connections without VPN:

1. Go to your ProtonVPN Settings and access Always-On VPN & Kill Switch
2. Open Android Settings to access your device VPN settings
3. Access the options for ProtonVPN settings
4. Enable Always-on VPN
5. If it’s the first time you activate Always-on VPN, the Block connections without VPN will show up. Enable the feature. 

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