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Best free VPN for Android

Protect your privacy with Proton VPN — the only free VPN for Android with no ads, logs, or speed limits

  • Keep your browsing private
  • Bypass internet censorship
  • Stay safe on public WiFi
  • Protect your data with Swiss privacy laws
  • Available on our website, on F-Droid, or as an APK on GitHub

How to connect to Proton VPN on Android

  • Step 1

    Sign up for a Proton VPN account

  • Step 2

    Download the Proton VPN app from the Google Play Store(new window)

  • Step 3

    Log in to your account and click Quick Connect

Unlimited free VPN for Android

Proton VPN was developed by the team that created Proton Mail, the world’s largest secure email provider. Get Proton VPN to browse privately and bypass internet censorship.

No-logs VPN

Our strict no-logs policy ensures that we never track your online activity or share your data with third parties.

Strong Swiss privacy laws

Based in Switzerland, Proton VPN is protected by some of the world's strongest data privacy laws.

Free VPN forever

Proton VPN for Android is entirely free to use and always will be because everyone has the right to privacy.

Get a safe and private VPN

  • No logs of your online activity
  • Free forever with no ads
  • No bandwidth, speed, or data restrictions
  • Open source so anyone can check it’s secure
  • Trusted by journalists and activists worldwide

Safeguard your online activity with Proton VPN

Secure private browsing

Secure private browsing

Proton VPN is the only free VPN that keeps your online activity secure without ads or speed limits.

Privacy made easy

Privacy made easy

Simply tap Quick Connect in the Proton VPN app to automatically connect to our fast, free servers.

No-logs VPN

No-logs VPN

We never log what you do online, so if authorities request your data, we have nothing to share.

Strong protocols

Strong protocols

Proton VPN uses only strong, secure VPN protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and our own Stealth, which helps you beat internet censorship.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch

If your VPN connection is interrupted, our kill switch stops all network traffic to protect your IP address.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling

With split tunneling, you can choose which apps and IP addresses use the VPN.

DNS leak protection

DNS leak protection

Your DNS requests are encrypted to ensure no one can monitor or track your online browsing.

Open-source VPN

Open-source VPN

The Proton VPN Android app is open source and independently audited by security experts, so you can be sure it’s secure.

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Unblock the web with a secure VPN for Android

  • Free VPN with unlimited bandwidth
  • Independently audited by experts
  • Strong security protocols to keep your internet secure
  • Kill switch and always-on VPN

Upgrade to Proton VPN Plus for more features

Get Proton VPN Plus for even faster speeds, advanced security features, and access to our exclusive Plus servers.

Global network

Choose from over 1,500 Plus servers in more than 60 countries

Worldwide streaming

Access popular streaming sites no matter where you are

NetShield Ad-blocker

Increase your browsing speed by blocking ads, malware, and online trackers

Connect up to 10 devices

Connect to our high-speed 10 Gbps servers on up to 10 devices

Tor over VPN

Connect to the Tor anonymity network and easily access onion sites

BitTorrent support

Enjoy fast download speeds while sharing files securely

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proton VPN work on Android devices?

Yes, Proton VPN has a dedicated app for devices that run Android 6.0+. You can download it on the Google Play Store, on our website, on F-Droid, or as an APK on GitHub.

Why is Proton VPN the best free VPN app for Android?

Proton VPN is the only free, open-source VPN for Android with no ads, no tracking, and no bandwidth or speed limits.

How do I use Proton VPN on my Android device?

1. Sign up for Proton VPN (if you don’t already have a Proton Account).

2. Download Proton VPN from Google Play. Proton VPN works on any Android device using Android 6.0 or later.

3. To connect, open the Proton VPN app, log in to your account, and click Quick Connect.

Can I use Proton VPN to watch Netflix and other streaming sites?

To make sure you can watch streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Although we do not block streaming services on the Proton VPN Free plan, we only guarantee streaming geoblocked content on our paid plans.

Is the Proton VPN app for Android free forever?

Yes, the Proton VPN Free plan will always be free. But we do not target you with ads or sell your personal data to advertisers. All our free VPN apps are supported by paying members of the Proton community.

If you want to support our vision to provide privacy for everyone online, upgrade to a paid plan.