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Free, unlimited VPN for Chrome OS

ProtonVPN is the only free VPN for Chromebooks that keeps your online activity secure without ads, tracking, or speed limits.

  • Stay private online
  • Bypass government censorship
  • Use public WiFi safely
  • Swiss privacy laws
  • Strict no-logs policy

How to connect to ProtonVPN on your Chromebook

  1. Step 1

    Sign up for a ProtonVPN account

  2. Step 2

    Download and install our free Android app(new window)

  3. Step 3

    Log in and connect to a server

Download our safe, limitless app for Chrome OS

ProtonVPN is free, open source, and trusted by activists and journalists around the world.

Private and secure

ProtonVPN is the only VPN for Chromebooks that is free, unlimited, and doesn’t spy on you or sell your data. Protect your privacy when browsing online.

No logs

ProtonVPN will never log your browsing history or metadata, meaning we cannot share this information with any third parties.


Our free VPN for Chromebooks does not show you privacy-invading ads and never will. We believe everyone has the right to privacy.

Get a free and secure VPN

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads and free forever
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Open source and audited
  • From the team behind ProtonMail

Protect your online privacy with ProtonVPN for Chrome OS

Protect your browsing activity

Protect your browsing activity

Using ProtonVPN prevents the monitoring and recording of your internet activity by your internet provider and hides your IP address from the websites you visit.

Independently audited

Independently audited

We were the first VPN provider to make all our apps open source, with independent security audits for complete transparency.

Strict no-logs policy

Strict no-logs policy

We don’t log which websites you visit, your IP address, session lengths, or any other information about what you do online.

Based in Switzerland

Based in Switzerland

We are based in Switzerland, meaning your data is secured by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch

If your connection to ProtonVPN is interrupted, our Kill Switch will block all network traffic to ensure your IP address remains safe.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Thanks to our intuitive Chrome OS app, ProtonVPN is one of the easiest VPNs to use for Chromebook users.

Strong protocols

Strong protocols

We use only VPN protocols that are known to be secure - IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling

Split tunneling gives you control over your VPN tunnel, allowing you to decide which apps and IP addresses use the VPN.

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Get a trustworthy VPN for Chromebooks

  • Free VPN with unlimited bandwidth
  • No adverts
  • Protected by strict Swiss privacy laws
  • Independently audited for security

Upgrade to ProtonVPN Plus for more features

With ProtonVPN Plus, you can get access to a faster, more secure internet, allowing you to browse the internet with peace of mind.

Global network

Choose from over 1000 servers in over 50 countries

Global streaming

Access the most popular streaming services to watch your favorite TV shows and movies no matter where you are

10 Gbps Gbps servers

Connect to our highest-speed servers

NetShield Ad-blocker

Prevent malware, ads, and trackers from slowing down your browsing

BitTorrent support

Use BitTorrent to share files with friends safely and privately

Up to 10 devices

Protect your online activity no matter what device you use

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download ProtonVPN for my Chromebook?

To use ProtonVPN, you will need a Chromebook that includes support for Android apps. Once you have confirmed that your device supports Android apps, the easiest way to download and install ProtonVPN is from the Play Store, which comes preinstalled on your Chromebook.

How do I use ProtonVPN on my Chromebook?

Once you have downloaded and installed ProtonVPN on your Chromebook, open it and log in with your ProtonVPN username and password. If you already have a ProtonMail account, you can access the ProtonVPN Free plan by logging in with the same credentials you use to log in to ProtonMail. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for one here. Once you have logged in, simply click the Quick Connect button to automatically connect to the fastest free VPN server for your location.

Will ProtonVPN slow down my internet?

We do not impose any speed restrictions on users who use ProtonVPN on a free plan. That said, using any VPN service will slow down your internet speeds a little. ProtonVPN users on a free plan have access to servers in the USA, Netherlands, and Japan, which often have more users than our other servers do, which can have an impact on your internet speeds. However, users on a ProtonVPN free plan often report higher speeds than those found on other VPN services.

Can I stream Netflix using a free ProtonVPN account on my Chromebook?

While we do not block Netflix or any other streaming service on our free plans, we only guarantee access to these streaming services to users on our Plus plan. To ensure you can watch geo-blocked films and TV shows on your Chromebook, you can subscribe to a Plus plan today.

What is the difference between free ProtonVPN and a paid plan?

ProtonVPN enjoys all the same security benefits we give to our paid users — we will never log your data or artificially slow down your connection. However, paid users have access to a range of useful premium features, including:

  • The ability to connect up to 10 devices at once
  • Access to servers in over 50 countries
  • Access to geo-blocked content from popular film and TV streaming services

As an ad-free service, Proton is supported by paid users. If you want to support ProtonVPN and access premium features, you can subscribe to a paid plan here.