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Support Center / Split tunneling on Windows and Android applications.

Split tunneling on Windows and Android applications.

Split Tunneling is a feature that allows you to exclude applications or certain IP addresses from being routed through the VPN tunnel.

Since this feature is new to our services, feel free to report any bugs and issues that you encounter to our support team here.

Setting up Split Tunneling on Windows application:

Before you begin, this feature was added to our Windows app v. 1.7.0, so please make sure you have the latest version.

First, select Settings in the app menu.

Then click on the Advanced tab and slide the “Split Tunneling” switch to ON.

The web browsers installed on your device will then appear in a drop menu. By selecting a browser, you will exclude it from our VPN service and allow it to use your regular connection.
You can also select specific IP addresses that you do not want our VPN to cover by typing/pasting the IP address to be excluded into the space and clicking on the + button.

In this example, we are excluding all the traffic from our Google Chrome browser and from the IP address from going through the VPN tunnel. ( is the IP address for the website
You can also add different applications to the list. All you have to do is click the Add App button, navigate to where your desired software is saved, and select its .exe file.

In this example we used qBitTorrent.

If you would like to remove a browser or app from split tunneling, simply click on the check mark and it will be de-selected. If you would like to remove an IP address that you have added, simply click on the button next to that IP address.

If you would like to turn off this feature completely, just flip the “Split Tunneling” switch back to the OFF position.

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Setting up Split Tunneling on Android application:

First, make sure you have the latest application version and then select Settings on the app menu.

The process is the same as on Windows app. Flip the “Split Tunneling” switch to the right to enable the feature. Then tap on the Manage button to add any apps or IP addresses you would like to exclude from the VPN.

To exclude an app from your VPN traffic, tap the Add button next to it.
You can exclude any app installed on your device.

It is a similar process for excluding IP addresses. After tapping on the Manage button, simply type/paste the IP address you would like to exclude from your VPN traffic and then tap Add.

To remove an app or IP address from split tunneling, tap the X next to that app/IP address. You can also disable split tunneling by sliding the “Split Tunneling” switch back off.

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  1. Eric

    Will it be possible to split tunnel entire networks? Example, Currently I’m adding many IP’s instead of just one line that could cover all of them.

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Eric, currently there is no way of splitting the whole network, but more features for split tunneling will come soon.

  3. Hawkins

    This would be a very good feature to split tunnel your LAN traffic from WAN

  4. Andrew

    Is it possible to use this to direct some traffic to securecore but not others?

  5. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Andrew, if you are talking about splitting the connection in to two VPN connections, that is not possible.

  6. James L

    Where can I download the Windows 1.7.0 version that supports split tunneling? Thanks.

  7. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello James, currently its in early access, you can enable that in the windows application settings and you will receive it shortly.

  8. Dan

    I tried to add qBitTorrent on free account but it says “p2p traffic is not allowed”

  9. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Dan, please restart both, the qBitTorrent software and our software, then make a connection with a VPN and only then try opening qBitTorrent. This should surely work just fine.

  10. Stilyan

    Hi! Is it possible to use the VPN only for a certain app (on Windows 10)? For example, I want the traffic from Google Chrome to go throw the VPN and nothing else. Is there any Chrome extension which could do the same? Thank you!

  11. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. For now, its not possible to list the applications to use VPN only, but that feature is under development so stay tooned.

  12. Mat S

    Is there a way to add a Windows Store app to the list of excluded apps in Split Tunnelling? Specifically, Netflix.

  13. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mat. There is no easy way, but it can be possible but not tested. after you`ve done this, find netflix exe if there is any, and if its present, add it via our application.

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