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Unable to connect

In cases ProtonVPN can’t connect, please refer to the following list of solutions. Most of the steps described here can be done without direct support from our support team, but in case you get stuck or don’t know how to handle certain things, we will be there for you.


Server downtimes

If you have connection problems with a single server or country, it’s quite likely a temporary problem or downtime, e.g. for maintenance. We work to ensure maximum server uptime. However once in a while a server may still go down unexpectedly. If the problem persists on all servers, please also check your firewall/ antivirus settings.



System and compatibility issues



  • Make sure ProtonVPN is properly installed and that you have granted permission to install the OpenVPN TAP adapter. For detailed instructions on how to install ProtonVPN please visit the following page.


System time

  • If your system time is not set correctly, you might be unable to log into ProtonVPN. If your system time is, for example, set to April, 1st, 2005, an SSL certificate from 2007 will be rejected and the connection will fail.


Reinstall ProtonVPN

  • Sometimes an operating system takes a wrong turn and slows down a program. please uninstall ProtonVPN completely and re-install it. The following links have detailed instructions on how to uninstall and install ProtonVPN.



Account Problems


Wrong credentials

  • Please make sure that you typed your credentials correctly before attempting to connect. If you need help locating your ProtonVPN password, please view the following article.


Expired account

  • If your subscription ran out, ProtonVPN will not connect to the internet. Please make sure that you have a valid subscription or upgrade your account.


Not connected to the internet while attempting to connect ProtonVPN

 Please make sure that your internet connection is stable and uninterrupted. If you are using Wi-Fi, please try switching to a cable – Ethernet – connection instead.



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  1. Randy Porter

    I have a Google Pixel XL, I’ve followed all instructions and imported the config files into the OpenVPN for Android app, however when I select the profile I get a quick split-second message saying “Connecting To VPN” with what looks like the start of a connecting or download progress circle, but then it goes away and nothing further occurs, I’ve downloaded multiple configs and they all act in the same way, I’ve deleted and re-installed the app, etc…what else can I try?

  2. Edgar

    Hi!!! How to convert a “OVPN file” to a “ONC file” for Chromebook???

  3. johnaziz

    hey there,
    ive been unable to log into any server (both normal and secure core) I have a plus account and ive changed my openvpn password and downloaded latest .ovpn configs to no avail. happens on android and windows.

    issue is also present with the ProtonVPN program

  4. ProtonVPN

    Hi johnaziz, sorry for the inconvenience. If this issue persist, can you please drop us a line via the support form and attach the logs (from either the Windows application or the Android log screen) and we’ll be happy to look into this issue.

  5. Nick

    Wait, so, as of right now, today, this wont work on an Android? The whole reason I purchased the plan was to run it on my Galaxy, .. is this true?

  6. ProtonVPN

    Yes, it does work on Android:

  7. Paolo

    On my Android phone it works fine but I have the following questions:
    1) I changed the autogenerated login/pwd for openvpn to simpler one because they were a pain to digit for each profile. Does this weaken my traffic privacy FROM A NETWORK point of view?
    2) I have a certificate error and I have to say “Continue without certificate”. How this weakens my privacy/security? What does this mean?
    3) report WEB RTC leaks and DNS leaks from my connection (country profile, ch). Should I worry about that?


  8. ProtonVPN

    1 and 2 are fine. For the third one, please consult our Linux VPN guide for details on how to eliminate DNS leaks:

  9. AntoScar

    Hi there,
    I just created a ProtonVPN free (for now) account with my ProtonMail account and then I downloaded and installed (with admin rights) on my win10 desktop the package “ProtonVPN_win_v1.0.3.exe” without problems. In the ProtonVPN login window I inserted my credentials as indicated in the relative account page (“Use the following credentials to log into the ProtonVPN Applications”), but I just receive all the way the following message: “Your account has no VPN access.”
    Of course, credentials are surely correct, because if I insert a wrong name or password then I receive an “Incorrect credentials” message instead.
    I carefully checked all pages of the ProtonVPN account, but I have not seen anything stating that the account (or the free plan) is not yet active. So I don’t understand where is the problem.
    Thanks in advance!

  10. ProtonVPN

    In the ProtonMail webapp, if you go to Settings –> VPN, you can see your current VPN status. It is likely not active yet as we have a waiting list still for free accounts.

  11. rachelmw

    I’ve not been able to connect to the Australian server for 24 hours now, but US is fine. Is there a prob with the Aussie server?

  12. JimW

    I’m successfully using your Basic service on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. However, I have not been able to get the openvpn service to work on my Android Nexus 6. The UDP connections quit with a SIGTERM, and the TCP connection quits with a SIGINT.

  13. ProtonVPN

    For this issue, please submit a support request here:

  14. Parisien

    Have combo Mail/VPN Plus account. Been enjoying the service. On iOS today have been unable to connect on any of the servers. Downloaded all of them (again) one by one since I was unable to save .Zip file directly to ProtonMail acct. Still unable to connect. Things were fine yesterday.

    Whenever a server might be down due to whatever, could we receive some sort of broadcast advisory? Thanks.

  15. Shaun

    For the last week or so when trying to connect on my Android device (BlackBerry Priv) I keep receiving the Auth_Fail message and cannot connect. I have changed OpenVPN login info, uninstalled and reinstalled the OpenVPN app to no avail. I am traveling this next two weeks and could really use my VPN back, it was working great and then all the sudden just stopped and throws the auth_fail on every server file I try. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Chris

    I installed ProtonVPN with the basic account on my iMac OS 10.12.5 and worked fine for couple of days, now any server I pick says Authentication Failed – The username and password were not accepted by the remote VPN server. I went to my dashboard and changed the user name and password and nothing works. It was very promising but I decided to uninstall it, maybe in the future I will try again, for now.. I am out.

  17. Manuel

    Hi, when will the android app be available?

  18. ProtonVPN

    Android app is under development right now with no fixed release date. WE’ll have more info in q4 this year

  19. Edgar Birker

    It looks like that all connections to e,g. se-hk, ch-uk, is-es, etc. give a “Authentication fails message.
    All “normal” connections seem to work.
    IOS 10.3.2, OpenVPN 1.1.1 build 212, iPad pro.
    Is there any solution?
    Thank you.

  20. ProtonVPN

    to double check, do you have a plus subscription, as secure core servers are Plus only

  21. Adrian Kentleton

    Signed up for basic service today, can’t connect; the ovpn server config files/credentials don’t work (Windows 7). Nothing happens, the OpenVPN-GUI stays blank until ‘connection attempt failed’ message appears, nothing logged so can’t dignose issue.

  22. chuxia wan

    should you send your vpnfiles to my protonmail?it’s impossible todownload your file rather than to email them to my protonmail

  23. ProtonVPN

    with the new configuration downloader it is now possibel to direct download: got to and after logging in go to the download section on the left

  24. fearghus

    Trying to set up free account….email verification is supposedly unavailable, sms doesn’t send message….now says to wait as there have been too many attempts?!? please help

  25. ProtonVPN

    we’ve had hickups during launch where the validation codes did not get sent due to high load. please try again. If the issue persists please drop us a line via

  26. yogesh

    I was beta tester for ProtonVPN. It was working fine. However, after subscription to ProtonVPN basic it is not connecting anymore. asking for valid credentials. I changed password but no help.

  27. ProtonVPN

    hi yogesh, please drop us a line via the support form, we’re happy to help out there with more details

  28. Gilles

    Can’t connect on Windows 7 with message “Failed to connect. Exception status : response :”
    I tried all the solutions above. I tried many times with the same failure. I installed the last version downloaded from your site 0.9.7, it’s no better. I succeeded in connecting in the begining and one day it stopped working, don’t know why.

  29. ProtonVPN

    Sorry to hear of the troubles. If the problem persists, please drop us a line via the support form and we’ll be sure to respond.

  30. adrian

    Hi I have a BlackBerry Q10. It is asking me for:

    Profile Name:
    Server Address:
    Group Username:
    Group Password:
    Hardware Token (???)

    It gives me the choice between Gateway types:
    Cisco ASA
    Checkpoint Tech VPN-1
    Microsoft IKE


    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  31. Anonymous

    Is it or will it be possible to use port 443 or some kind of built-in obfuscation to avoid VPN blocking?

  32. ProtonVPN

    we support TCP 443 and its built into the Windows native app. If you need it on a non Windows plattform, contact support and we’d be happy to help

  33. Anonymous

    Thanks. Does the Windows native app use TCP 443 by default? If not, how can the user change the port? I’m unable to connect: both quick connect or any other connect just cycles with busy trying to connect. I’m using Win10 64bits at my work’s desktop. Thanks again.

  34. ProtonVPN

    Hi Anon, yes the Windows app supports TCP 443 by default. Go to the Settings menu and switch Default Protocol to TCP and you’re all set.

  35. Anonymous

    Thanks! Yes, I can now connect, switching the protocol to TCP, it worked (though only when setting Secure Core OFF, otherwise the connection keeps on timing out at my work’s desktop).

  36. Richard

    I’m having the same problem on Ubuntu 16.04(Windows 10 VPN client worked perfectly!).

    AFAIK,same as posted above,I completed all 4 steps,have tried importing 3 connections,entered my OpenVPN ID and password correctly – and yet,each time I get “connection failed”,as in “timed out.”

  37. Ziggy

    Any further troubleshooting tips if connection fails?

  38. ProtonVPN

    Hi Ziggy, if the problems persists, please drop us a line via the support form at

  39. el jefe

    Any further troubleshooting tips if connection fails? Using Elementary OS 0.4 (based Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), openVPN configuration files import successfully, login and password credentials were updated within my Protonmail account (typed carefully, multiple times), have tried various .ovpn config files. Receive no specific error messages (maybe logs I could check somewhere?), the connection just instantly fails. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would really like to check out this service.


  40. ProtonVPN

    Hi el jefe, please contact our support team through the support form and we’ll be happy to take a look at your issue.

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