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How do I install and uninstall ProtonVPN on Windows?

The following instructions are applicable for Windows versions 7,8 and 10. ProtonVPN’s native client app is the simplest way to install ProtonVPN on your device. To guarantee the protection of your data we use OpenVPN protocol by default. Once installed you can start using ProtonVPN right away. Below we also […]


Accessing the Tor Network in ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is integrated with the Tor network and provides users a simple way to route their entire connection through the Tor network with a single click. In this article, we explain how to connect to the Tor network with ProtonVPN and how you can then access hidden services without the […]


How do I download ProtonVPN?

These are simple instructions on how to download ProtonVPN software to your device. Windows: Please visit this page and click on “Download for Windows”. macOS: Currently macOS application is in beta version and its available only for paid users. If you have paid ProtonVPN account you can download it by […]


How to set up OpenVPN on Android

There are two ways you can use ProtonVPN on Android. The recommended way is to use the ProtonVPN app, which is one of best Android VPN apps available. You can get our Android VPN app from the Google Play Store. If you don’t want to use the ProtonVPN Android app, […]


ProtonVPN application for Windows

In this article, we are going to address the installation, usage and main features of our VPN application for Windows. A: The installation of ProtonVPN Windows application: Log in to our website and click on downloads tab then selecting windows as your operating system. You will be redirected to […]


ProtonVPN macOS Application

This is a simple guide to installing and using the VPN application for Mac which is built by the ProtonVPN team. Note: ProtonVPN application for mac is available only for macOS 10.12 and above. The first step is to visit our website and log in to your account. Then […]


How to setup ProtonVPN on DD-WRT routers

A step-by-step guide to setup ProtonVPN on your DD-WRT router. Before you start, download the desired OpenVPN config from the ProtonVPN Dashboard. For detailed instructions check out [how to download OpenVPN config files for ProtonvPN]. 1. Basic router settings Login to your DD-WRT Administrative Interface, usually accomplished using your browser and […]


How to set up OpenVPN on Mac via Tunnelblick

Currently we have released macOS application for our users with macOS version 10.12 and above. You can download it here and find the tutorial for it here. If you have an older Mac device with not sufficient OS version, you will have to use Tunnelblick to connect to our VPN […]


Linux IKEv2 ProtonVPN tutorial

We are introducing a new way to connect to ProtonVPN services using IKEv2 on Linux machines. This guide is made with our community member help ‘sh4dowb’. It can be used if you prefer the IKEv2 protocol itself or facing network issues using Linux client tool. This setup guide shows how […]


iOS OpenVPN setup guide with ProtonVPN

While we continue to develop ProtonVPN for iOS, users can connect to ProtonVPN’s secure servers on iPhones or iPads  via the ‘OpenVPN Connect’ app. ‘OpenVPN Connect’ is a user friendly and open source VPN application that will allow you to connect to our secure VPN servers using the OpenVPN protocol. […]


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