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How to use ProtonVPN on Android

There are two ways you can use ProtonVPN on Android. The recommended way is to use the ProtonVPN app, which is one of best Android VPN apps available. You can get our Android VPN app from the Google Play Store.

Google Play VPN Android

If you don’t want to use the ProtonVPN Android app, you can also connect to ProtonVPN using any third-party OpenVPN client. The instructions below walk you through how to set up ProtonVPN via popular OpenVPN Android clients.

The download link for the ProtonVPN *.ovpn config files can be found at the bottom of this article.

To setup ProtonVPN as an Android VPN follow the below steps:

  1. Download the app

    To avoid undesired behavior and bugs, we strongly recommend using one of the following applications:

    1. OpenVPN for Android (free, open source software): available here on the Google Play Store or here on the independent app store F-Droid.
    2. OpenVPN Connect (free, created by authors of OpenVPN protocol): available here on the Google Play Store
  2. Download configuration files to your device:

    Below we describe how to download config files directly onto your device, you can also send config files to your device via Email or USB transfer.

    1. Download the ProtonVPN config files onto your phone
      1. Log into your ProtonVPN dashboard at
      2. Select Downloads on in the left navigation bar
      3. Find the OpenVPN configuration files section and chose
        • Platform: Android 
        • Protocol: UDP (recommended) / TCP if you experience slow VPN speeds (this utilizes port 443)
      4. Click the download icons for the server you wish to download
      5. If you selected “Download All configurations”, you will need a program to extract the zip file  
    2. Alternatively: You can perform the above steps on your PC and send the wanted *.ovpn config files as attachments to an email address you can access on your android device.


  1. Set up OpenVPN on Android.

    Note: we perform the below steps with the “OpenVPN for Android application”. Users of other applications will follow a similar steps with slightly different user interfaces.

    1. In the OpenVPN for Android app, press the import button in the top right corner, find your recent downloaded file and select to import.

    2. Press the save button to finish importing the config file.

      To add more connections simply repeat step 3b and 3c with different configuration files. Secure Core servers are marked as

  2. Connect to ProtonVPN

    1. Tap on the newly added profile to connect.

    2. Press “OK” when you see the below prompt for “Connection request”

    3. When prompted for the username and password, enter your OpenVPN credentials and hit connect.
      For more information on your OpenVPN credentials and where to find them, see here.

    4. A new screen will appear detailing the connection attempt. When you see “Initialization Sequence Completed” and a key icon appears in the top status bar, you are successfully connected. Press the back arrow to return to the main menu.

  3. To disconnect:

    1. Press the profile you are currently connected to (Indicated by a “Connected:SUCCESS […]” subtitle underneath the profile name) and confirm the disconnect

Additional resources

Download ProtonVPN *.ovpn config files

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  1. Bruno

    How can i configure VPN file to use in android. I have a free account but i cant download any country files like the instructions showed on this page

  2. ProtonVPN

    hi bruno, country config files include the basic servers and thus are available to paid subscribers only. If you want to set up on android, download the server config files for US, NL and JP free servers

  3. Jon

    Does not work on UAE.

  4. Jim Bradrick

    Please also consider developing an extension for Chrome OS.

  5. Kian

    Some features I would like in the Android App:
    Android TV Support
    Connect to Fastest Server Option
    Connect on Android Boot
    Connect only to Secure Core Servers Option

    Are you guys planning to implement any of these? 🙂

  6. ProtonVPN

    Hi, yes the Android app will almost include all of these: Fastest server connection, Connect on Boot and connecting to preselected servers such as secure core or similar.

  7. Kian

    Is there a way to download the country file for Secure Core servers only so that I can connect to the fastest secure core servers only? I want to use your privately own servers only and want to be able to connect to the fastest one on demand.

  8. ProtonVPN

    Hi Kian, with Secure Core, the fastest server will in majority of times be the connection with closest geographic proximity for both entry and exit node. E.g. if you live in Sweden, the SE >> FR connection would most likely always be the fastest.

  9. Kian

    Is your Android app going to work with Android TV devices as well? Please make this happen, it shouldnt be much more work either.

  10. appuser

    This service looks really excellent. I’m waiting for an Android app. I hope one is available soon.

  11. plon

    Will there be an Android-App in some time?

  12. ProtonVPN

    Yes, this is currently in development.

  13. gbrlhtclcq

    UK config file for Android not working (could not resolve domain, had to change the server to
    Otherwise happy till now 🙂

  14. Jason

    I’ve tried downloading to my phone each of the configuration files from all the servers in the list and they all fail with an “unrecognized error”. The support docs don’t seem to have an answer for this issue. I did choose the “Android” radio button.

  15. Jay

    Every profile I try to import into OpenVPN for Android fails to save with a message about bad backslash usage.

  16. Litvan

    Too bad it doesn’t work when you have 2way auth on your account since you only get the option to enter your login info and your initial password, it never prompts for the 6-digit 2-way auth code, nor for the mailbox password (for decrypting)

    [] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET]
    AUTH: Recieved control message: AUTH_FAILED
    SIGTERM[soft,auth-failure] recieved, process exiting

  17. Litvan

    never mind.. sorted, I just didn’t pay attention to the openvpn login info that’s a lil obscurely placed in the middle of the page instead of being emphasised with colour/size ect 🙂

  18. ProtonVPN

    The password you are using is incorrect, you have to use the OpenVPN password. Details here:

  19. Neon

    I managed to get this working using the guide, thanks!
    I have a question though – is it ok to leave OpenVPN connected indefinitely or is it better to disconnect when not in use?

  20. Anonymous

    What a shame – was working great on Android for a few days, but now has just stopped connecting and constantly gives auth fail errors.
    Changing username and password does not help.
    Time to look elsewhere….

  21. ProtonVPN

    check out our checklist for auth failures here:

  22. AK

    Its been a long time now.. any news on when the VPN is going to work on the openVPN connect app. I really need to work on my phone. I dont want to switch my VPN so soon.

  23. ProtonVPN

    hi it works on the OpenVPN Connect app now as well. Be sure to download the latest config files from the section and select `Android` as your OS. This will generate config files which are also compatible with OpenVPN Connect

  24. Andresmc

    I’m having issues connecting my android phones. The connexion is denied, but I can make it with my laptop

  25. Al

    seems I cant download the ovpn files. every time i go to the link at the bottom as the page says takes me to a log in page and back to my account page without downloading anything.

  26. ProtonVPN

    The downloads can be found in the download section on the left after you log in

  27. Murat

    hi I keep getting :SIGTERM[soft,auth-failure]received,process exiting … and cannot establish connection on OpenVPN for Android… i have tried several config files same result

  28. ProtonVPN

    please make sure you’re using the openvpn credentials and not your account credentials on android. If that doesnt help, try resetting your pw. If the issue still persists, please drop us a line via

  29. RM

    I have changed my login id and it started to work.

  30. kinh

    لا يعمل مع الاندوريد

  31. ProtonVPN

    please make sure you have selected the android platform when downloading configuration files from > left side Download > Config generator

  32. Ssantiago

    Me costeo trabajó, ponía el usuario y contraseña de protonmail pero son las otras

  33. Sygurd

    It’s really weird but I can’t confirm “connection request”. “OK” button is not clickable. “Cancel” works fine.

  34. user

    Any chance of getting a browser extension of yours?

  35. Robbert

    I am running Lineage ROM. It has built in support for VPN. I cannot find setup instructions for this. Do I really need to install a separate app for this? Inconvenient to say the least.

  36. ⒶF

    Agreed. My phone has VPN support out of the box, which would be nice to be able to use with Proton VPN so I wouldn’t have to install yet another third party app.

  37. Solhat

    Among download config-files I cannot see those related to Russia (ru), Ukraine(ua), etc. Does this mean I cannot use ProtonVPN from above countries? Thanks for detailed answer!

  38. ProtonVPN

    hi you can see all our server here

  39. Num

    I imagine as soon as you’re going steady with the desktop releases or even simultaneously with those releases that you’re going to deploy proprietary mobile versions. Right?

  40. ProtonVPN

    yes, mobile applications are currently in the works, no fixed release date yet. stay tuned

  41. Radu


    I’m trying to connect older Android (4.4.2) , by using OpenVPN for Android, and I get AUTH_FAILED on all 3 servers I tried. I have alpha-numeric ID and pass (same used for email). Any suggestions?

  42. Radu

    SIGTERM[soft, auth-failure]

  43. Radu

    please ignore, it works now

  44. ProtonVPN

    hi radu, just to confirm, you are using the openvpn credentials and not the ones for your protonmail account? Have these crendentials worked for you on any other device before? If the issue persists plz also drop us a line via

  45. hermes

    The same thing happens to me: AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED
    Neither in adroid in my mobile nor in the laptop with ubuntu 16.04 does not work. But in windows it works by putting the same user and pass. Why does not it work in other environments?
    What a disappointment I have taken with prontovpn 🙁

  46. genericunimport

    “Got unrecognized line from management:ERROR:Options warning: Bad backslash (‘\’) in TCP:0: remember that backslashes are treated as shell-escapes”

    I’m using the config files provided by the link in this support article and the “Open VPN for Android” app I downloaded from the Google Play store. I don’t know if the error is server-side or in the config file itself, but I can’t connect to the VPN from my phone at all.

  47. ProtonVPN

    hi if this issue persists, please drop us a line via the support form

  48. Philip Golan

    “OpenVPN server certificate verification failed: PolarSSL: SSL read error: X509 – certificate verification failed, e.g. CRL, CA or signature check failed”

  49. ProtonVPN

    Hi Philip, be sure to use the “OpenVPN for Android” as opposed to the “OpenVPN Connect” application. Currently the “OpenVPN Connect” app has an issue with intermediary certificates which we make use of. A workaround will be available in the near future.

  50. Lutz

    Hi, when will this workaround be availiable?

  51. ProtonVPN

    OpenVPN Connect is now supported. Be sure to download from the dashboard at > Downloads and select Android as your OS. The generated files will be compatible with OpenVPN Connect

  52. Philip

    This way does not currently tunnel ipv6 traffic and allows it to pass in the clear. This means that if you visit a site that has an ipv6 address, the traffic will not be protected by the VPN.

  53. David

    Will this work with free protonmail users?

  54. Chapa

    I think it won’t. With my free account it won’t let me download the config files.

  55. ProtonVPN

    make sure to check the server config download and check under United States, Netherland and/or Japan

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