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How to log in to Proton VPN

You can access Proton VPN using two sets of login credentials: your Proton VPN login credentials and your login OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials. This article explains the difference between Proton credentials and OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials, what they are used for, and where you can find them.

Proton Account credentials

Your Proton credentials are the username and password you choose during signup. They are used to sign in to all Proton services (such as Proton VPN and Proton Mail). For Proton VPN, you use your Proton credentials for:

Note: For existing Proton Mail customers, your Proton credentials are your regular Proton Mail username and password.

To log in using your Proton credentials, go to or visit and click Sign in at the top right-hand corner.

The Proton VPN home page

OpenVPN / IKEv2 login credentials

Your OpenVPN/IKEv2 username and password are automatically generated. They are used together with third-party VPN clients, such as Tunnelblick on macOS, or OpenVPN GUI on Windows.

Note: The new official Linux and macOS clients use your regular Proton credentials.

For detailed guides on how to connect to Proton VPN in these ways, check out our step-by-step installation guides for macOS and Linux (note: where possible, we recommend using the official Proton VPN clients for Linux or macOS instead).

If you have trouble logging in with third-party OpenVPN applications, click here to solve the problem.

How to find your OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials

1. In a browser, sign in to using your Proton Account username and password (the ones you set up during account creation – see above).

Sign in to your Proton VPN account

2. In the menu on the left, go to Account → OpenVPN / IKEv2 username

From here, you can copy your OpenVPN / IKEv2 username and password.

Does Proton VPN store user information?

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