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How to log in to ProtonVPN?

This article explains the difference between Proton credentails and OpenVPN credentials, why they are used are and where you can find them.

Proton credentials vs. OpenVPN credentials

There are two sets of credentials for ProtonVPN, this adds privacy and security for our users, especially when combining services of ProtonVPN and ProtonMail.

  1. The Proton credentials: These are the username and password chosen during signup. They are used to log in to all Proton related services (such as VPN and Mail). For ProtonVPN, your Proton credentials are used for:
    • The user dashboard available
    • When logging in to our native clients
    • Note: For existing ProtonMail customers, your Proton credential is your regular ProtonMail username and password.
  2. The OpenVPN credentials: These are automatically generated and can be changed manually. They are used together with third party VPN clients, such as Tunnelblick on MacOS or the OpenVPN package on GNU/Linux.
    • For detailed guides on how to connect to ProtonVPN, check out our step-by-step installation guides for Mac and Linux.

If you have trouble logging in with third party OpenVPN applications, click here to solve the problem.

Finding your OpenVPN credentials in the ProtonVPN dashboard:

  1. Log into the web based dasboard at using your account credentials (the ones you set during account creation)
  2. In the menu on the left, click on Account and find the OpenVPN section
  3. Optional:Set your OpenVPN login to something memorable.
    Note: We strongly recommend to use a non-descriptive name which is not related in any way to your ProtonMail login!
  4. Set your OpenVPN password by clicking ‘Set OpenVPN Password’ and following the prompts.
    Note: We strongly recommend to use a long, unique password which is not used anywhere else!

Exsting ProtonMail user: Finding your OpenVPN credentials in the ProtonMail dashboard

  1. Log into the web based dasboard at using your ProtonMail account.
  2. Go to Settings and find the VPN entry on the left.
  3. Optional:Set your OpenVPN login to something memorable.
    Note: We strongly recommend to use a non-descriptive name which is not related in any way to your ProtonMail login!
  4. Set your OpenVPN password by clicking ‘Set OpenVPN Password’ and following the prompts.
    Note: We strongly recommend to use a long, unique password which is not used anywhere else!

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  1. steveo

    The instructions for linux are good but it only works on the command line.
    OS: Xubuntu 17.04
    After setting the password in network manager and hitting ‘save’ nothing happens. ‘use vpn’ ticked in ethernet connection.
    Clicking back into edit the vpn, the password field is now blank. Changing any option on the right including ‘ask for password’ does nothing and produces no errors. Using sudo to open network manager has same result.

  2. ProtonVPN

    Is the save button enabled when pressing? Some distributions have problems reading the OpenPVN config files and prohibit saving because of it.
    We do recommend the CLI version at the time due to potential DNS leaks in previous network manager versions.

  3. Edgar

    How convert “OVPN file” to a “ONC file” for Chromebooks???

  4. proton fan

    Support from me regarding Chromebook! Would be fantastic.

  5. Paul

    Another +1 for Chromebooks and Neverware

  6. Janek

    Do your servers use `auth-user-pass-verify` option? I am trying to authenticate with `auth-user-pass` option and it doesn’t work for me. Not sure if this is fault of your servers or Debian openvpn client.

  7. Mike

    Hello, I am clearly aware there is one login for the ProtonVPN account that is the same as my login for Proton Mail and a second login when trying to connect to the VPN. It was working fine in the beginning for several weeks but recently it would not connect and would say that user and password were not accepted by the remote server. I double checked everything and it still wouldn’t go through. So I went into the Proton VPN account settings and changed the password. Even after doing this and inputing the updated password I would get the same error message. Help please!

  8. Javlk

    Settings L2TP protokol xiaomi mi wifi router

  9. Thomas

    I notice that my apparent public IP address is the same every day when using your VPN. With other VPN services, they change the IP address each time you log in (even if it is logging in to the same distant country). If I have the same apparent IP address with protonmail vpn every day, can’t someone see the patterns in my internet use or otherwise track my usage, etc.? If so, do you recommend that I manually change which of the countries I sign in to every day? Or, is having the same apparent IP address not a problem security wise?

  10. ProtonVPN

    Hi, you can chose your IP address by chosing a specific VPN server (each of our VPN servers has a specific address). Even if you use the same IP address every day, third parties will not know it is you because 1/ they do not receive information who requested the content, all they see is the IP of the VPN server, and 2/ this IP would be shared with all users who are connected to that server. Example: 100 users are connected to server CH#1 and surf on the intternet, third parties will not know which of the 100 users requested which website.

  11. Jesus

    What the mean 27%, 3%,10% or 26% in a country?

  12. ProtonVPN

    this represents how heavily loaded the servers are. The higher the load, the slower the average speed

  13. Richard Pettigrew

    Can I connect to the van service directly using my router or my firewall?
    I would prefer to secure my home connection by using my own equipment, is this possible?

  14. Andrew Holdun

    Installed ProtonVPN on Windows 7 – How do I access internet

  15. ProtonVPN

    in the ProtonVPN application, simply select a country to connect to. Once succesfully connected, simply use your internet like always. All your traffic will be automatically encrypted in the background

  16. Vic.

    Another vote for Chrome OS Support.

  17. Ted

    doesn’t work on iPhone. I followed the instructions to the letter, installed OpenVPN, installed the scripts that should have worked. I set up user and pass as instructed and time after time “authentication failed.” I have noticed a red seal below the external certificate profile that reads “none selected and will not let me do anything when I try.

  18. ProtonVPN

    sorry to hear that this is not working for you at the moment, please drop us a line at, ideally with screenshots /logs from the app so that we can verify and dig out the cause

  19. Jackson

    Most vpn services in our country doesn’t work when mobile networks once they recognise their network have been used for the vpn,
    blocks ports for free Internet offered by these vpn services, always the service is available just for sometimes before later got blocked..
    How reliable is ProtonVPN?

  20. ProtonVPN

    we offer two ports 1194 (for UDP protocol) and 443 (for TCP protocol). Generally 443 will be harder to block as its also used for regular traffic. Give it a try and let us know

  21. proto user

    Need it on Chromebook

  22. Dan

    Hi, I have no VPN Password for Tunnel, only a button to change it, but I have no old password then to type in. Everything else is working.

  23. ProtonVPN

    you do not need your old openvpn password. you will need your account login to authenticate the change request

  24. Risborough berry

    Can’t find login details anywhere. I go into settings but no credentials

  25. Craig

    Cannot get this damn thing to work on my Mac. Config files are in Tunnelblick. OpenVPN login credentials good. OpenVPN password fail. Now I’m trying to change OpenVPN password in Protonmail VPN settings but can’t. Saying current password is wrong. There’s no way for me to reset password.

  26. ProtonVPN

    please make sure, you need your old _account_ password, not the old openvpn pw to make a change (we’ve tweaked the UI to emphasize this). this is because you use your account pw to authenticate any changes to your account details

  27. arno

    What is the difference between the native client and OVPN?

  28. Stevie Graham

    Another for Chromebook support

  29. Harsha

    Setting VPN on my android device and using the documentation here but I am not sure where I find my current OpenVpn password under settings.
    There is a set/open password option but that seems to assume I am trying to change my password and prompts for my current password when trying to set a new password.

  30. ProtonVPN

    yes, there is no way to reveal your current openvpn password. you can simply set a new one without knowing the old.

  31. Jens Oliver Meiert

    Can you share a bit more how security of mail accounts is maintained when mail account credentials (at least for Visionary accounts) can also be used to log into ProtonVPN?

    Wouldn’t it be safer to separate the two, so that any compromised security wrt ProtonVPN doesn’t also mean a compromise for one’s ProtonMail account?

  32. ProtonVPN

    For this, we have two separate credentials which are used when connecting to the VPN servers, such that in the case of a VPN server compromise, it is not possibly to compromise information about the Mail credentials (short writeup right above)

    Additionally, there is always the possibility of creating a separate standalone VPN account not linked to your Mail account.

  33. LT

    Can not open the link. 403 Forbidden

  34. My

    you totally copied an admin link, we cannot use.

  35. ProtonVPN

    thanks for flagging, fixed

  36. Bill

    Do i need to pay for this vpn or its free to use.

  37. ProtonVPN

    There will also be a free version of ProtonVPN at launch, stay tuned

  38. Jason

    Can I use the VPN from from my iPhone?

  39. ProtonVPN

    yes, check out our guide here

  40. Nello

    Can protonVPN be setup at the router level?

  41. ProtonVPN

    yes it can, we’ll update with guides in the near future, stay tuned

  42. Suzanne

    I’ve installed and logged in, but how do I use it? I use the internet via google chrome. Is it automatically securing my use of Chrome?

  43. ProtonVPN

    once you have established a connection to a server of your choice, it automatically secures all of your internet traffic. If something is unclear, drop us a line via the support form ->

  44. Gianni Lupindo

    I’ve just signed up ProtonMail for free but I cannot find any ProtonVPN Login credentials in my account because it says: “ProtonVPN beta is currently available for Visionary users.” Why that?!

  45. ProtonVPN

    Hi Gianni, currently we’re running a closed technical beta for our Lifetime, Visionary, and Plus users. We’re moving closer to a public release at which point it will be available to everyone. If you really want to beta test, consider a Plus subscription. Stay tuned.

  46. Matthew

    I am also seeing the following message, though I have a Plus account:

    “ProtonVPN beta is currently available for Visioniary users. If you’re interested in participating in the ProtonVPN beta, consider upgrading to a Visionary plan.”

    To confirm, is ProtonVPN available to Plus subscribers, or only Visionary?

  47. ProtonVPN

    Hi Matthew, ProtonVPN is available to Plus users during the beta. Try a hard refresh of your ProtonMail page to clear that message. [ctrl]+[f5] on Win & Linux, [cmd] + [shift] + [R] on Mac.

  48. Matthew

    Success! Thank you for the tip

  49. Christian


    I successfully manged to get ProtonVPN running on Linux (Fedora) and Android.

    I cannot get it to connect on my Chromebook though:

    I imported the ca.crt file via chrome://settings/certificates to the “Authorities” foldler and set the trust switches. Then I added a VPN entered the IP address in the Server Hostname field, entered the ProtonVPN username & password but it does not connect.

    I also tried putting the hostname in with the port but this doesn’t work either.

    Is there any way I can get this working with chromebooks?

  50. ProtonVPN

    Hi Christian, we’ve not fully tested ProtonVPN on chromebooks yet, and are considering supporting it in the future. Stay tuned

  51. Christian

    Cool, thanks!

  52. James Warp

    I just wanted to second the idea of Chromebooks! I’m planning to get one as my main PC and support for it would be great!


    Support for ProtonVPN on Chromebooks is critical for me also. I hope the task of setting up the capability and publishing a “how to” guide is given priority.

  54. Brent

    I’d like to third this request!

  55. John Mason

    I would like to ‘third’ the idea for extending your reach to chromebooks. Linux and Android work really well.

  56. geminiimatt

    +1 protonVPN on chromebooks

  57. AG

    Chrome os support is vital please ensure its possible.

  58. Wilf K

    Hello Christian! Just trying to setup PrptpnV6eoth OpenVPN, on my Android. I am getting promoted for a Certificate. Did this happen to you? How did you resolve it?

  59. geminiimatt

    +1 for protonmail vpn on chromebook.
    As a digital security consultant i recommend chromebooks as a possible solution to solve certain challenges my clients may have. whether a vpn providers works on my chromebook is a criteria i use for recommending them.

  60. Max Lazzje

    And on Android? 🙂

  61. Eugene

    Here is the client and use the same ProtonVPN config set

  62. ProtonVPN

    Hi Max, check out our Android guide here:

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