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How to log in to Proton VPN

You can access Proton VPN using two sets of credentials, your Proton VPN login credentials, and OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials. This article explains the difference between Proton credentials and OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials, what they are used for, and where you can find them.

Proton credentials

Your Proton credentials are the username and password you choose during signup. They are used to log in to all Proton services (such as Proton VPN and Proton Mail). For Proton VPN, you use your Proton credentials for:

Note: For existing Proton Mail customers, your Proton credentials are your regular Proton Mail username and password.

To log in using your Proton credentials, go to or visit and click Login in the top right hand corner.

log in to protonvpn

OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials

Your OpenVPN/IKEv2 credentials are automatically generated. They are used together with third-party VPN clients, such as Tunnelblick on macOS, or the older community OpenVPN package on Linux.

Note: The new official Linux and macOS clients use your regular Proton credentials.

For detailed guides on how to connect to Proton VPN in these ways, check out our step-by-step installation guides for macOS and Linux (note: where possible we recommend using the official Proton VPN clients for Linux or macOS instead).

If you have trouble logging in with third-party OpenVPN applications, click here to solve the problem.

Finding your OpenVPN / IKEv2 credentials

1. Log in to the web-based dashboard at using your account credentials (the ones you set during account creation).

log in to protonvpn with credentials

2. In the menu on the left, select Account > OpenVPN / IKEv2 username

OpenVPN/IKEv2 username and password

From here you can copy your OpenVPN / IKEv2 username and password.

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Unable to connect

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  1. Chas M Bicking

    I can access most sites with protonVPN app running on windows 10, but I am unable to connect to

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Chas, please contact our customer support team and we will surely do our best to help you out!

  3. Dan Stefan

    I have a question,
    please tell me if the protonVPN platform is GDPR compliant?
    If so, can you send me a DPIA?
    I need for my clients, I can advertise.
    Thank you!

  4. ProtonVPN Team
  5. MC

    Does ProtonVPN work for Chrome OS? I own a Chromebook and Chromebox for work, but attempts to bolster my privacy with services such as ProtonVPN or even the LastPass Secure Note feature don’t work with Chrome OS. Sigh.

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. We do not currently officially work with ChromeOS and there is no time span on when we will since its a bit complicated.

  7. John Smith

    You can use the Android app

  8. Jo

    Since the update of OpenVPN I’ve not been able to get access- says authentication failed. Try to log in and am told username and password don’t match, when try to get reset I get error code saying internet connection seems to be offline. Can you please advise. Thanks

  9. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jo, where did you try to log in? The OpenVPN app update caused the usernames and passwords to disappear from the application and it has to be re-entered manually in order to connect successfully. Please contact our customer support team here for further troubleshooting.

  10. TBoE

    I can’t connecting to server & when you gonna make an app for the iPhone?

  11. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, please contact our customer support team with detailed information on what has been used to connect.

    Our iOS application is planned to be released late Q3, or Q4 this year.

  12. TQ

    Hi, I just logged in to ProtonVPN but i’m confused with what i need to do next? How do i know if it is working?

  13. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Simply click the quick connect button, get the message that you are connected and your are good to go. Whenever you dont want to use VPN, just disconnect it by clicking the disconnect button in the application.

  14. Will

    Help, Open VPN just updated it’s app and no longer works.
    It won’t establish a connection to any of the servers and is asking for a certificate

  15. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Will, no certificate is needed, make sure your username and password is entered before connecting since new updates has caused its deletion.

  16. Neil

    Hi Team, Can you advise when the ProtonVPN will be available for iOS devices. Im currently using the OpenVPN which is not ideal and would like to switch the the Proton version as soon as possible.
    Keep up the good work!!

  17. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Neil, iOS application is really close to be released in to closed beta, so we expect it to be in the apple app store by the end of Q3.

  18. Ahmed darreer

    i change my vpn password after payments is it enough or more

  19. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ahmed. Sorry, enough for what, security? Changing password after the payment is done has no effect security wise.

  20. Apicem

    I have just changed my Protonmail password, and now I am not able to login to the VPN. Does the VPN password change when the email password changes? I ask because I am using the correct credentials of my Protonmail username, and the associated password. I am using a Chrome browser.

  21. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey, Protonmail and ProtonVPN credentials are the same for the website or application logins.

  22. JAngel

    Hi, I find it should be more convenient using my VPN connection just loging in, without the need to install programs on my computer. Is it technically possible? Thanks.

  23. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Technically its impossible since the VPN tunnel has to go trough a virtual adapter , otherwise its just a proxy which does not provide that level of security.

  24. pipixia

    Hello, how can we solve the problem that we cannot connect to the server from China? It can be used normally before, but it cannot be connected these days.

  25. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out!

  26. TomXian

    I have the same problem.
    No connection to any of your Servers now …. after it has worked for almost 2 years from China.

  27. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please test out our newly released servers in Poland and Czechia as they could still be not blocked.

  28. ceo.

    its not connecting

  29. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ceo, please contact our customer support team with detailed information about your current issue and we will do our best to help you out!


    How can i use VPN on Xiaomi r3 router?

  31. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. We are sorry to say but we do not have a tutorial for your router, thus we didn’t even find if it is supporting openvpn connections since we do not cover L2TP/PPTP connections

  32. TMs

    Hi! Trying to configure OpenVPN on an iPhone. All steps worked except I cannot get my username or password to stay in their respective boxes, even when enabling the Save button. Any workaround?

  33. TMs

    Update: I was able to login after changing one of the credentials. Thanks! :-)

  34. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, please contact our customer support team with the screenshots to identify your issue more respectively and we will do our best to help you out!

  35. Michael Clayton

    The instructions seem to be clear, but the web page does *not* behave as it should. It keeps telling me my login credentials are incorrect, when in fact I’m copying them from the page. Plus, within OpenVPN, it keeps resetting my user ID or password, depending on whether I’m trying to update the OTHER value. Very frustrating and useless.

  36. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Michael. From what page are you copying the credentials and what application/connection method you are using? Our website does not reset the other value while you are updating the different one. If you mind, we would like to see how to replicate that in a video which you could send to our support team to be investigated :

  37. bagus ardi

    hello, protonvpn exe cant support on windows server 2012 r2 x64

  38. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our support team for the detailed investigation on what could be wrong.

  39. ProtonVPN user

    Hi, could you shed some light on connecting to VPN servers in “5 eyes” or “14 eyes” countries?
    How is one’s privacy/security effected exactly when connecting to a server located in these countries?

  40. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. All servers are configured the same way regardless of the country and it is done by working with trusted data centers in order to ensure that no data is being logged on them. However, if you are concerned about privacy laws in certain countries, the best solution is to use our Secure Core servers which we physically own.

  41. hadi

    I recently started using proton VPN. It is great.
    As long as 5 devices can use my account VPN, I decided to install the Proton VPN on my father’s Cellphone, but vpn password is the same of that with my Email. The problem is that I do not know how to make the pass in my vpn different from that of my Email. I was wondering if can get help.
    In addition, I was also wondering if even I can give my father another usename.

  42. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Hadi, we are sorry to say but the accounts are tied together, so you cannot split the password/username in to two when its for one single account.

  43. A Friend

    Try setting up your proton account with a 2 password system. that way your dad can login to the vpn, but you can protect your mailbox with a separate password.

    Also, if your dad uses android, download open vpn for android client and set up the open vpn files in that and use the open vpn credentials which are separate from your mail login.

    Just some thoughts.

  44. L

    Hi – Congrats on a fantastic and intuitive, simplified service that did not exist back in 2003 when I first started raising a red flag about Google’s invasiveness, both as a search engine and a newly-born email service, as well as questioning Facebook and its privacy aspects.
    Can I humbly suggest that you take the post from the following person (below) and turn it into an FAQ about how ProtonVPN works. I was looking everywhere for just this basic understanding about whether my connection current browser are automatically protected, or if there is a *special window* to begin accessing the VPN.
    April 15, 2018
    at 2:35 pm

    Thanks for an awesome service!

  45. Kingsley

    Love, love, love this stuff! Slight snag: I’ve got an ‘authentification fail on my iOS device. I followed your steps above, but cannot get in. Where might I have gone wrong? It all works fine on my laptop, so I know my VPN credentials are changed: what might I have missed? Thank you!


  46. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Kingsley, Thank you for your heart-full feedback! For the iOS, are you sure you are using the OpenVPN credentials from your account page? Also, it depends on what plan you have right now, if its free, you can only have 1 device connected at once. Also, you can check if the server you are connecting to suits your current subscription plan here –

  47. Steve

    I need help understanding how I use VPN to protect my browsing. If I open IE or Chrome, are you saying that because I have Proton mail my browsing is then protected? Do I have to be logged into my mail for it to be working? Do I need to buy Proton VPN to get that kind of protection? Do I need to log into a VPN in order to protect any browsing I do? As a final comment, I don’t trust anything that goes through Google anymore since we now KNOW they are capturing and exploiting EVERYTHING that goes through Google. This is the basis for m question. I’m trusting Proton to keep me safe with VPN because Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook have all broken our trust. FYI, I hope this is a windfall for Proton and I’m talking you up. Thanks…

  48. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Steve, First of all, any for of registrations does not simply create secure connection instantly. VPn is a software related security, its a program, that you have to install on to your device, choose a country where to connect and then connect to that country servers to achieve the security on the internet. Currently, we have macOS, windows, and Android applications, that you can install on to your device and test it out with free servers. (macOS is not available for free right now as its in beta testing). When the VPN connection is established, all of the network traffic on that one device where its connected, is secured. That means, all browsers, all apps, all torrents, everything. Our personal suggestion would be to check what the VPN is and how it works. For example simple explanation here –

  49. Mark

    I subscribed to 1 year plan which includes 5 devices. Shall I use the same vpn login for all devices or I may create new for every device?

  50. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mark, you have to use the same credentials, for all deviecs, that you use for and you dont need to create new accounts.

  51. gerald gunia

    So correct me if i am wrong, it is my understanding that once signed in additional log in is not required for secure access? If browser is closed , or computer shut down , connection needs to be manually reestablished? Also does browser selection change anything. Which browser is recommended? You’ve done a smashing job with all of this. Thank you..

  52. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Gerald, ProtonVPN application operates independently to other programs or browsers. That being said if you turn off your browser, you don’t need to re-establish a connection, its still connected. But if you will restart your computer you will need to make sure you are connected, as it works as a normal program, if its not open and connected after the restart , you will have to do that manually. You can enable auto-connect and start on boot in the application preferences. For the browser, we usually recommend simply using Chrome, but if you wish to be extra secure, you can try using Epic browser. :)

  53. Thomas

    Where do I find my authentication information password for connections using Mac OS beta app?

  54. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Thomas, MacOS beta application credentials are the ones that you use for ProtonVPN. There are two types, Openvpn credentials and Protonvpn credentials, so Protonvpn (the ones you use to sign in to our website) are the ones that you need to use.

  55. noop

    your Proton credential is your regular ProtonMail
    your ProtonVpn credential is your regular ProtonMail typo

  56. Teresa

    Hello! So if I understand correctly, there is still no ProtonVPN for iOS (Apple iPhone)? Thanks!

  57. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Teresa.
    Yes, you are correct, we are focusing on developing this application now but sadly we cannot tell you any ETA for that.

  58. Mel

    How do I share my proton VPN plus to family I don’t want to give them my full credentials. How do I invite members I have up to 5 shareable?

  59. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mel,
    We are sorry to say but currently there is no way to share the connections without sharing the account itself with your family members. Also, as a security company we do not advise account sharing for various security reasons.

  60. Mel

    Thank you for the reply and answering my question. I’m very satisfied with the service and you’ve gained yourself a long term customer.

  61. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Mel,
    We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with our services, this is what we strive for and always will!

  62. Podesta

    It would be great if we could also have the openvpn password available on the protonmail settings page. It would avoid the hassle from having to login into the openvpn site separately. Is there any security concern as to why it is not available there already?

  63. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Podesta,
    Thank you for pointing that out, we seem to have missed that as it was our foult on not making it the same on both pages. The issue is registered and changes should take place this week.

  64. patrice

    bonjour je sui sur mac OS 10.13.2
    j’ai chargé tunnel blick , j’ai un code utilisateur open vnp
    j’en suis là …
    je crée un mot de passe opne vnp validé par mon mot de passe proton
    mais ensuite , comme utiliser tunelblick il demande des fichiers ? Proton ?
    merci pour votre aide

  65. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Patrice,
    Please log in to and click on macOS beta section. If you have a paid VPN account , you can download macOS beta application for better user experience.

  66. Fabrizio

    Since a couple of week I have trouble connecting to the protonVPN. It has always good worked since an update of a few weeks ago. I can successfully connect to the the protonVPN with my HTC smartphone. I can access without problem my @protonmail email adress but impossible to access the protonmail with my laptop (a Thinkpad Yoga 15 on W10)
    I ve already looked on your support hints.
    Every time i give my credentials a red label says “Error occured”
    SW version 1.3.3

  67. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Fabrizio,
    Could you please contact our support and inform about the situation?

  68. Nemo

    What’s a different between TCP and UDP? Thanks

  69. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Nemo,
    To be short, there is no real big difference in these protocols. The security level stays the same, what can change or fluctuate is speed and stability. UDP is know to deliver better speeds while TCP is know to provide more stable connection with slightly higher ping.

  70. macos

    Hi, the Mac Version of ProtonVPN should use Tunnelblick as a connecting client, but recently it always shut down and, cannot change the OpenVPN account info at ProtonVPN’s dashboard page. When will you publish a MacOS version app on MacStore? It should be much better.

  71. ProtonVPN Team

    Our current macOS beta app is released for all of our paid users. You can check it out on your protonvpn dashboard – macOS beta tab and download it.
    If you have any further issues or questions, feel free to drop us a line here: :)

  72. Stang

    I have downloaded and installed the Proton Email and Proton VPN (free one).

    Once I log in to the VPN and connect, do I have to restart my Google Chrome Browser or use a specific (Proton) friendly browser?



  73. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Stang, once you connect to a VPN server, you don’t have to do anything else. You can simply continue using the internet as usual, no restarts are needed.

  74. Stang

    Thanks for the fast help and great service!

  75. ProtonVPN


    You are most welcome!

  76. Adam

    When i try to connect with the VPN app and choose a server only the cancel button works, the ok button will not register my clicks no matter what. Why is this?

  77. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Adam, most likely you either have another VPN profile with Always-On VPN feature turned on (you can check it in your phone VPN settings) or you are using an app which is drawing over our app.

    Usually this occurs when some application (ex. Twilight has the permission to draw over the
    screen. In this case the user is not permitted to grant any permissions, since the window describing the risks may have been altered by the application drawing over it.

    Note, that if an application has the permission to draw over other apps, it is only relevant for permission granting if it is active.

  78. Struggling

    How to I know where to find my openvpn credentials, i dont understand.

  79. ProtonVPN


    You can find your OpenVPN credentials if you log-in to, and navigate to the Account category. You’ll need to use those credentials for the OpenVPN platform.

  80. steveo

    The instructions for linux are good but it only works on the command line.
    OS: Xubuntu 17.04
    After setting the password in network manager and hitting ‘save’ nothing happens. ‘use vpn’ ticked in ethernet connection.
    Clicking back into edit the vpn, the password field is now blank. Changing any option on the right including ‘ask for password’ does nothing and produces no errors. Using sudo to open network manager has same result.

  81. ProtonVPN

    Is the save button enabled when pressing? Some distributions have problems reading the OpenPVN config files and prohibit saving because of it.
    We do recommend the CLI version at the time due to potential DNS leaks in previous network manager versions.

  82. Edgar

    How convert “OVPN file” to a “ONC file” for Chromebooks???

  83. Robert

    I’ve tried running Android version of ProtonVPN on my Chromebook and it crashes instantly. Too bad, other VPN apps work just fine.

  84. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Robert. We are sorry to say but our application was not designed for chromebook devices , thus we do not guarantee its functionality. We will do our best to proceed with the development and support as many devices as possible.

  85. proton fan

    Support from me regarding Chromebook! Would be fantastic.

  86. Paul

    Another +1 for Chromebooks and Neverware

  87. Janek

    Do your servers use `auth-user-pass-verify` option? I am trying to authenticate with `auth-user-pass` option and it doesn’t work for me. Not sure if this is fault of your servers or Debian openvpn client.

  88. Mike

    Hello, I am clearly aware there is one login for the ProtonVPN account that is the same as my login for Proton Mail and a second login when trying to connect to the VPN. It was working fine in the beginning for several weeks but recently it would not connect and would say that user and password were not accepted by the remote server. I double checked everything and it still wouldn’t go through. So I went into the Proton VPN account settings and changed the password. Even after doing this and inputing the updated password I would get the same error message. Help please!

  89. Javlk

    Settings L2TP protokol xiaomi mi wifi router

  90. Thomas

    I notice that my apparent public IP address is the same every day when using your VPN. With other VPN services, they change the IP address each time you log in (even if it is logging in to the same distant country). If I have the same apparent IP address with protonmail vpn every day, can’t someone see the patterns in my internet use or otherwise track my usage, etc.? If so, do you recommend that I manually change which of the countries I sign in to every day? Or, is having the same apparent IP address not a problem security wise?

  91. ProtonVPN

    Hi, you can chose your IP address by chosing a specific VPN server (each of our VPN servers has a specific address). Even if you use the same IP address every day, third parties will not know it is you because 1/ they do not receive information who requested the content, all they see is the IP of the VPN server, and 2/ this IP would be shared with all users who are connected to that server. Example: 100 users are connected to server CH#1 and surf on the intternet, third parties will not know which of the 100 users requested which website.

  92. Jesus

    What the mean 27%, 3%,10% or 26% in a country?

  93. ProtonVPN

    this represents how heavily loaded the servers are. The higher the load, the slower the average speed

  94. Richard Pettigrew

    Can I connect to the van service directly using my router or my firewall?
    I would prefer to secure my home connection by using my own equipment, is this possible?

  95. Andrew Holdun

    Installed ProtonVPN on Windows 7 – How do I access internet

  96. ProtonVPN

    in the ProtonVPN application, simply select a country to connect to. Once succesfully connected, simply use your internet like always. All your traffic will be automatically encrypted in the background

  97. Vic.

    Another vote for Chrome OS Support.

  98. Ted

    doesn’t work on iPhone. I followed the instructions to the letter, installed OpenVPN, installed the scripts that should have worked. I set up user and pass as instructed and time after time “authentication failed.” I have noticed a red seal below the external certificate profile that reads “none selected and will not let me do anything when I try.

  99. ProtonVPN

    sorry to hear that this is not working for you at the moment, please drop us a line at, ideally with screenshots /logs from the app so that we can verify and dig out the cause

  100. Jackson

    Most vpn services in our country doesn’t work when mobile networks once they recognise their network have been used for the vpn,
    blocks ports for free Internet offered by these vpn services, always the service is available just for sometimes before later got blocked..
    How reliable is ProtonVPN?

  101. ProtonVPN

    we offer two ports 1194 (for UDP protocol) and 443 (for TCP protocol). Generally 443 will be harder to block as its also used for regular traffic. Give it a try and let us know

  102. proto user

    Need it on Chromebook

  103. Dan

    Hi, I have no VPN Password for Tunnel, only a button to change it, but I have no old password then to type in. Everything else is working.

  104. ProtonVPN

    you do not need your old openvpn password. you will need your account login to authenticate the change request

  105. Risborough berry

    Can’t find login details anywhere. I go into settings but no credentials

  106. Craig

    Cannot get this damn thing to work on my Mac. Config files are in Tunnelblick. OpenVPN login credentials good. OpenVPN password fail. Now I’m trying to change OpenVPN password in Protonmail VPN settings but can’t. Saying current password is wrong. There’s no way for me to reset password.

  107. ProtonVPN

    please make sure, you need your old _account_ password, not the old openvpn pw to make a change (we’ve tweaked the UI to emphasize this). this is because you use your account pw to authenticate any changes to your account details

  108. arno

    What is the difference between the native client and OVPN?

  109. Stevie Graham

    Another for Chromebook support

  110. Harsha

    Setting VPN on my android device and using the documentation here but I am not sure where I find my current OpenVpn password under settings.
    There is a set/open password option but that seems to assume I am trying to change my password and prompts for my current password when trying to set a new password.

  111. ProtonVPN

    yes, there is no way to reveal your current openvpn password. you can simply set a new one without knowing the old.

  112. Jens Oliver Meiert

    Can you share a bit more how security of mail accounts is maintained when mail account credentials (at least for Visionary accounts) can also be used to log into ProtonVPN?

    Wouldn’t it be safer to separate the two, so that any compromised security wrt ProtonVPN doesn’t also mean a compromise for one’s ProtonMail account?

  113. ProtonVPN

    For this, we have two separate credentials which are used when connecting to the VPN servers, such that in the case of a VPN server compromise, it is not possibly to compromise information about the Mail credentials (short writeup right above)

    Additionally, there is always the possibility of creating a separate standalone VPN account not linked to your Mail account.

  114. LT

    Can not open the link. 403 Forbidden

  115. My

    you totally copied an admin link, we cannot use.

  116. ProtonVPN

    thanks for flagging, fixed

  117. Bill

    Do i need to pay for this vpn or its free to use.

  118. ProtonVPN

    There will also be a free version of ProtonVPN at launch, stay tuned

  119. Jason

    Can I use the VPN from from my iPhone?

  120. ProtonVPN

    yes, check out our guide here

  121. Nello

    Can protonVPN be setup at the router level?

  122. ProtonVPN

    yes it can, we’ll update with guides in the near future, stay tuned

  123. Suzanne

    I’ve installed and logged in, but how do I use it? I use the internet via google chrome. Is it automatically securing my use of Chrome?

  124. ProtonVPN

    once you have established a connection to a server of your choice, it automatically secures all of your internet traffic. If something is unclear, drop us a line via the support form ->

  125. Gianni Lupindo

    I’ve just signed up ProtonMail for free but I cannot find any ProtonVPN Login credentials in my account because it says: “ProtonVPN beta is currently available for Visionary users.” Why that?!

  126. ProtonVPN

    Hi Gianni, currently we’re running a closed technical beta for our Lifetime, Visionary, and Plus users. We’re moving closer to a public release at which point it will be available to everyone. If you really want to beta test, consider a Plus subscription. Stay tuned.

  127. Matthew

    I am also seeing the following message, though I have a Plus account:

    “ProtonVPN beta is currently available for Visioniary users. If you’re interested in participating in the ProtonVPN beta, consider upgrading to a Visionary plan.”

    To confirm, is ProtonVPN available to Plus subscribers, or only Visionary?

  128. ProtonVPN

    Hi Matthew, ProtonVPN is available to Plus users during the beta. Try a hard refresh of your ProtonMail page to clear that message. [ctrl]+[f5] on Win & Linux, [cmd] + [shift] + [R] on Mac.

  129. Matthew

    Success! Thank you for the tip

  130. Christian


    I successfully manged to get ProtonVPN running on Linux (Fedora) and Android.

    I cannot get it to connect on my Chromebook though:

    I imported the ca.crt file via chrome://settings/certificates to the “Authorities” foldler and set the trust switches. Then I added a VPN entered the IP address in the Server Hostname field, entered the ProtonVPN username & password but it does not connect.

    I also tried putting the hostname in with the port but this doesn’t work either.

    Is there any way I can get this working with chromebooks?

  131. ProtonVPN

    Hi Christian, we’ve not fully tested ProtonVPN on chromebooks yet, and are considering supporting it in the future. Stay tuned

  132. Christian

    Cool, thanks!

  133. James Warp

    I just wanted to second the idea of Chromebooks! I’m planning to get one as my main PC and support for it would be great!


    Support for ProtonVPN on Chromebooks is critical for me also. I hope the task of setting up the capability and publishing a “how to” guide is given priority.

  135. Brent

    I’d like to third this request!

  136. John Mason

    I would like to ‘third’ the idea for extending your reach to chromebooks. Linux and Android work really well.

  137. geminiimatt

    +1 protonVPN on chromebooks

  138. AG

    Chrome os support is vital please ensure its possible.

  139. James Kahan

    Yes please! My pixelbook needs a real VPN.

  140. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello! We are still working on this project, but for now our main priority is iOS application.

  141. Wilf K

    Hello Christian! Just trying to setup PrptpnV6eoth OpenVPN, on my Android. I am getting promoted for a Certificate. Did this happen to you? How did you resolve it?

  142. geminiimatt

    +1 for protonmail vpn on chromebook.
    As a digital security consultant i recommend chromebooks as a possible solution to solve certain challenges my clients may have. whether a vpn providers works on my chromebook is a criteria i use for recommending them.

  143. Max Lazzje

    And on Android? :)

  144. Eugene

    Here is the client and use the same ProtonVPN config set

  145. ProtonVPN

    Hi Max, check out our Android guide here:

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