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Support Center / General Information / Does ProtonVPN store user information?

Does ProtonVPN store user information?

ProtonVPN respects its users’ privacy and enforces a No Logs policy. This means your VPN connections remain private and we do not store information about your connections or the websites you visit.


For the purpose of securing your account and making sure it’s you who is signing in, we store a single timestamp of your accounts most recent login. Here again, we do not store any information about where you signed in from, how long you were logged in or where you logged in from.



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  1. Mr.nobody

    I would like to know how can you avoid to log data as it is compulsive under Swiss law.
    As a matter of fact, a retention law exists and obviously applies also to VPN. SwissVPN located in Zurich clearly states that logs are kept accordingly to Swiss legislation, therefore how can you bypass that if you’re located in Geneva ?

  2. ProtonVPN

    hi, we’ve previously written a blog post on this topic and have updated again in 2017 with the latest info:

    short excerpt:” … As a participant in these discussions, we can confirm unequivocally that upon implementation, the provisions regarding data retention introduced by the BÜPF will exempt companies like ProtonMail and ProtonVPN which are not major telecommunications operators. This is in addition to the points in the article below, which still hold. … ”

  3. John Rambo

    What is your policy regarding bittorrent downloads and do you provide port forwarding?

  4. ProtonVPN

    we do not provide port forwarding, p2p traffic is allowed on designated servers in p2p friendly countries

  5. brack

    Hi, this might be not the right place to ask, but I am very much interested if you are planning to set up servers in Austria.

  6. viktor

    What is your clients will use your vpn for bad deals, like carding, hacking etc. How will you stop this if you don’t know what they are doing?

  7. John Doe

    How can you ensure BÜPF (Bundesgesetz betreffend die Überwachung des Post- und Fernmeldeverkehrs) if you not store meta data for the ÜPF (Überwachung Post- und Fernmeldeverkehr)?

  8. ProtonVPN

    we do not have to store any data to comply as we do not fall under its blanket

  9. Matt

    What server location (countries) ProtonVPN provide?

  10. ProtonVPN

    for now check this support page for a list of countries; we will have a separate servers page soon as well

  11. Antonio Maltese

    Regarding user information and logs, I assume that you contract VPN providers in various countries. How is the no logging policy enforced at the local level?

  12. ProtonVPN

    We do not contract VPN providers. All the infrastructure is hosted only for ProtonVPN and not shared with others. We configure the hardware when setting them up and therefore set up the no log policy ourselves (-> /dev/null)

  13. Richard Hulsebos

    Works great! very easy to get it working. i was supprised to se that netflix was working seeing as they block all vpn services, whats the general idee from protonvpn to using netflix streaming and or torrents and other items in that catacory

  14. hello

    Can you provide the step-by-step process to setup the VPN on iOS 10.3 on an iPad Pro? I just checked the vpn settings in general settings and it needed more information than just my email and password. I’m not comfortable using OpenVPN where unknown people with unknown political positions will be ‘verifying’ a VPN is working. Thanks for any feedback.

  15. ProtonVPN

    check out

  16. ProtonVPN Rocks!

    The last sentence states the same thing twice:

    Here again, we do not store any information about where you signed in from, how long you were logged in or where you logged in from.

    – “we do not store any information about where you signed in from”
    – “or where you logged in from”

  17. Jeff

    Are you able to see what sites we visit?

  18. john doe

    When you say – “…we store a single timestamp of your accounts most recent login.” How long is that kept?

  19. ahn557

    As a protonmail user I assume that it is a column in the DB which is rewritten the next time you log in: the timestamp of the most recent login. When you log in again, it gets rewritten.

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