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Proton VPN Human Verification

To maintain the integrity of our service, Proton VPN must take measures to avoid the creation of accounts by bots. Such fake accounts could take up network bandwidth, slowing down all our real users’ connections. To prevent the creation of accounts by spam bots, Proton VPN uses two different human […]


How to pay for Proton services in Russia

We will keep this page updated with the latest information in response to the ongoing international situation.  Читайте эту статью на русском. While many companies have announced that they will no longer serve Russian customers, at Proton, our mission is to defend online freedom, anywhere in the world, and we […]


Proton VPN coupons

We sometimes offer coupons for Proton VPN. Coupons are special subscription discounts that we may apply to your account if you signed up for a special promotion. Our Customer Support team may also give you a discount coupon for special situations, for example, to rectify a billing mistake. We may […]


Two-factor authentication on Proton VPN

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security to your Proton VPN account by requiring a second round of verification to the login process. To use 2FA, you must have a device with an authenticator app installed on it. The authenticator app creates a one-time, 6-digit code to use […]


Account credit, proration, and coupons

Proton offers a variety of subscription plans, and you can activate, change, or cancel subscriptions at any time. If you change or cancel your Proton plan, the value of any unused subscription days is added to your account as credits, except for when you are cancelling a Proton VPN Plus […]


How to reset the Proton VPN account password

Proton doesn’t have access to your password, so we can’t reset it for you if you forget or lose it. But you can reset your password yourself if you’ve set an account recovery method. Important note: If you reset your password, you won’t be able to read all your existing […]


How to create a free VPN account

Our mission at Proton is to make security and privacy available to all. That’s why Proton VPN will always offer a free plan to support those who need a VPN the most. If you want to create a free VPN account, follow the simple steps below. Create a free VPN […]


How to fix common problems signing in to Proton VPN

In this article, we look at some common problems you might have signing in to Proton VPN servers and provide tips on how to resolve them. If you are experiencing connection issues, we suggest trying these fixes before you contact our support team. In most cases, it will be faster […]


Payment options

We offer paid Proton VPN plans if you wish to support Proton and enjoy premium features and advanced security. You can purchase a Proton VPN Plus plan when you first sign up for Proton VPN, or you can upgrade an existing plan at any time. How to purchase Proton VPN […]


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