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How to check the version of your ProtonVPN app

With each new release of a ProtonVPN app, there are improvements, bug fixes, and new features that improve the user experience. It is therefore essential to always update your ProtonVPN apps to the latest version. Additionally, if you need assistance with any of our apps, it’s very important to share the ProtonVPN app version you are using with our support team in order for them to provide the best assistance possible.

Here is how you can check the current app version of ProtonVPN’s apps.


1. Log in to the ProtonVPN Windows application,  click the burger menu icon in the top-left corner  About.

2. In the About window, you can see the Current Version number.


1. Log in to the ProtonVPN app for macOS, go to ProtonVPN in the macOS menu bar About ProtonVPN.

2. A new window will be open showing the Current Version of the app you are using.

Android (also our Chromebook and Android TV apps)

Log in to the ProtonVPN for Android app, click the burger menu in the top-left corner About. You can see the app version in the top-right corner of the app menu.

Alternatively, you can find the ProtonVPN app version if you tap Account in the app menu.

iOS and iPadOS

Log in to the ProtonVPN for iOS app and go to Settings (at the bottom of your screen). You can see the current Version number at the bottom of the Settings window.


Open the Terminal and enter protonvpn-cli -v  to show the Linux app’s version number.

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