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Can you watch Hulu with ProtonVPN?

Can you watch Hulu with ProtonVPN? ProtonVPN users can access HD streaming of Hulu shows using certain VPN servers located in the US. Using ProtonVPN to stream Hulu allows you to benefit from the security and privacy of a VPN while watching your favorite shows. A VPN protects your Internet […]


How to bypass UK Internet service provider blocks and access ProtonVPN

In 2017, the UK passed the Digital Economy Act that requires Internet service providers (ISPs) to block adult websites unless they receive verification that the user is over 18 years old. The regulatory body governing the block, the BBFC, stated that VPN services should not be affected by this block. […]


What browsers can I use with ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN supports most popular Internet browsers. However, ProtonVPN uses cutting-edge technology that is only supported in the latest versions of these browsers. To maintain the level of security expected by our users, we occasionally need to drop support for outdated browser versions that do not have the security features we […]


Can you watch Netflix with ProtonVPN?

Can you watch Netflix with ProtonVPN? Yes! ProtonVPN users can watch US, UK and German versions of Netflix! To watch US Netflix: Connect to any Plus server located in the United States. Plus servers have a “P” icon next to them. To watch UK Netflix: Connect to any Plus server […]


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