How to download WireGuard configuration files

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Download and installation

WireGuard is a secure and fast VPN protocol, now available in our Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS/iPadOS apps.

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If you are on one of these platforms then we strongly recommend using WireGuard via our apps as this is the easiest way to use WireGuard, and it allows you to benefit from many of Proton VPN’s advanced features. For example:

However, Proton VPN’s implementation of WireGuard follows the official open-source specifications for the protocol. This means that advanced users can use any WireGuard client that also matches official specifications to connect to Proton VPN servers using WireGuard. This includes WireGuard clients built into routers. 

To configure a third-party WireGuard client for use with Proton VPN, you need to download a WireGuard configuration file. 

How to download a WireGuard configuration file

1. Sign in to and go to DownloadsWireGuard configuration

Configure your WireGuard preferences

2. Create a name for the config you are about to generate and then select:

Click Create.

Note that if you are on a Free plan, the only VPN option available to you is VPN Accelerator. To access more advanced features, you can upgrade. To do this, log in to and go to SubscriptionPlans.

3. Wait a few seconds for Proton VPN to generate the WireGuard config file. Click Download to save the configuration file as a .conf file. 

Download the generated config

You can now use this file to configure any WireGuard client that conforms to the open-source WireGuard standard for use with Proton VPN.

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How to use our WireGuard configuration files

You can use our WireGuard configuration files to manually configure any third party WireGuard client that accepts standard WireGuard configurations. The following guides (which mainly use the official WireGuard apps), can be used as examples:

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