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Troubleshooting and general information


What is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is a VPN protocol and is considered to be one of the most widely used VPN software solutions. It is also an open source software which means that everyone can freely use it and modify it as needed.   OpenVPN uses a custom security protocol which relies on SSL […]


Why is Quick Connect not working?

The Quick Connect function connects you to your default profile with one click. If you have not changed it, your default profile will be the “Fastest” profile. The “Fastest” profile will establish the fastest and most stable connection depending on your location, distance to nearest server and server load.   […]


How to activate DNS leak protection?

Whenever a web connection is made, a computer will first translate a domain name into an IP address. This lookup is done via DNS servers. Thus, DNS lookup records also contain a log of all websites visited. To activate ProtonVPN’s DNS leak protection, please follow these steps:   Open the […]


How do I change VPN protocols?

ProtonVPN adheres to OpenVPN standards and supports both UDP and TCP protocols. We talk more about OpenVPN here. Per default ProtonVPN uses the UDP protocol. Unless you have a reason to change protocols, we recommend keeping this setting on default.   If you would like to change VPN protocols, please follow […]


How do I check for updates?

We will notify you when new updates become available but if you would like, you can check for updates by following these simple steps:   Open the ProtonVPN app Go to Settings and press account Locate ‘Software Version’ Press ‘Check for Updates’     Related questions How to check that […]


How do I disconnect the VPN connection?

You can disconnect your VPN connection by following these steps:   Option 1 Open the ProtonVPN app Press Disconnect in the currently running connection   Option 2 Navigate towards the ProtonVPN icon in the systems tray section. Right click the icon and press Disconnect     Related questions How to […]


How to quickly connect to ProtonVPN through Systems Tray option?

The ProtonVPN symbol in the Windows systems tray serves as a shortcut to the application. To quickly establish a VPN connection, right click on the icon and press Connect.   Tip: when ProtonVPN is minimised, you can also connect by using the Quick Connect button.     Related questions How […]


My status is unprotected

Your status is showing as unprotected when your device is not connected to ProtonVPN. The following article describes the easiest steps to connect to ProtonVPN. If you are still unable to connect, please take a look at our list of most frequent connectivity issues.     Related questions Unable to […]


How to disable IPv6 on Windows?

To disable IPv6 on your Windows device, please follow these steps: Click the start button and go to Control Panel Type in Network and Sharing Click on the connection you are using Click Properties Uncheck “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) in the list.  Click OK and close.     Related […]


Unable to connect

In cases ProtonVPN can’t connect, please refer to the following list of solutions. Most of the steps described here can be done without direct support from our support team, but in case you get stuck or don’t know how to handle certain things, we will be there for you.   […]


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