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How do I download Proton VPN?

These are simple instructions on how to download Proton VPN software to your device.






Proton VPN offers an official Linux app that supports most recent Debian and Ubuntu-based distros, Fedora 31+, and Atchlinux/Manjaro. We also offer a Linux CLI tool.

Android TV


You can secure your internet sessions on your Chromebook using our Android app, which has been optimized for use on Chrome OS.

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  1. Henry

    what do i do when i get this error message from proton vpn Service ‘protonVPN service’ (ProtonVPNService) failed to start.Verify that you have sufficient Privileges to start system service

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Henry, please contact our customer support team as we need a detailed investigation in this case.

  3. Max

    Can we have a direct download link to the android app? Don’t have access to the GooglePlay store via mobile devices here. Need to download the android app install file directly.

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Max, please contact our customer support team and we will provide you with the link to the direct download of our protonvpn application for windows :

  5. Nicholas

    I have a problem and a question, might as well hit 2 birds with 1 stone:
    When I opened the program in Windows 7 (I think 32-bit but kinda-sorta found out accidentally; I sound more skilled than I am sometimes), I saw that there’s a link to download an update. When I did, the little green VPN icon disappeared from the clock area and it started to download in two windows, one where there was no progress in the progress bar and the other that said it was downloading something with configuration and that one went so far (about 2/3) and sat there for about 4 hours. I eventually had to do CTRL+ALT+Delete to close both down and opened Proton VPN back up and connected to CH#2 and came here.

    What happened and what is the “for dummies” way to fix it? I’d like to have the latest of everything to make sure I’m protected.

    As for separate the question, I sometimes need to go to the library to work because they have excellent resources that I can’t begin to afford. Is there a way to browse within the browsing? I obviously can’t install your program on their computers and simply take it back off when I’m done to leave it as I found it. Is there a url or something to open to browse within your security, like a mini-browser inside it. Go there, and log in and do all the clicking within what’s pulled up, a second address bar and etc., and that way have my cake and eat it too: have the security of a private computer on a public machine. If that’s too confusing to follow or if I need to put that in an electronic suggestion box, I’d be happy to email you.

    Nicholas ____

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Nicholas. First of all, this update issue that occurred might be because of that you were connected to the VPN when updating it and when the application updates, it removes itself first and then installs it again, so removing with active VPN connection might have caused networking issues or some sort of similar problems. We would suggest to disconnect form the VPN and then try to perform the update. As for the second question, sadly this is not how VPN works and we do not provide any secure browser. Also there are no magical links that add security. The security is only added when there is a connection established to the server, and for now, the easiest method would be a proxy extension, but we do not offer that yet sadly.

  7. yujc

    HI,Every time I setup ProtonVPN_win_v1.0.3 for my computer,it showed ERROR 1001. What should I do for it ? I have downloaded the exe files several times .

  8. ProtonVPN

    Please submit a support request here:

  9. heros

    hello,i have a problem with the setup protonvpn, when i start to setup the program,the program tell me this problem,i execute the program with admin & telling me the same.

    infeccion idp.alexa.51 (avast antivirus)

    [installing proceed]

    service’protonvpn service'(protonvpn service) failed to start. verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

  10. ProtonVPN

    thanks for flagging this issue. It is a false positive and we have reported this to avast.

  11. Omar

    Even after disabling Avast antivirus, still this error shows.
    protonvpn service'(protonvpn service) failed to start.
    What to do about it? I am unable to install ProtonVPN. Kindly resolve.

  12. ProtonVPN

    during installation of prerequisites, you may need to manually restart your pc once after each component (such as ProtonVPN service, or MS .Net framework). Once restarted, simply restart the installation and it will detect that the component has been properly installed. If this issue persists, please drop us a line via the support form

  13. scantora

    Is it possible to use proton vpn with a visionary account on a chromebook?
    I assume open vpn would not be possible, but what about L2TP/IPSec?

  14. ProtonVPN

    At this point we have not yet tested compatibility with Chromebooks; Generally speaking any device that supports OpenVPN protocol should support ProtonVPN ovpn config files (it seems that a search for Chromebook OpenVPN yields basic instructions from Google). We plan to publish proper instructions in the future

  15. Alex


    I configured my OPNSense router (using OpenVPN protocol) without any problems: do you use 2.4 version on your servers?


  16. ProtonVPN

    yes, servers running OpenVPN2.4

  17. Theriam


    I’m a visionary member, and I’m testing the app for windows. Is there anyway to set up protonVPN at Router level? My router accepts it, so I would like to know if these feature is supported by protonVPN.

    Best Regards,

  18. ProtonVPN

    Router configs and guide are in the works and will be released in the near future, stay tuned.

  19. Camille McLaughlin

    Hi I will like to participate on the beta of proton VPN I have Windows 10 x64 please let me know.

  20. Edgardo Ortega

    Hi I will like to participate on the beta of proton VPN I have Windows 10 x64 please let me know.

  21. ProtonVPN

    Hi Edgardo, we’re currently running the beta for our Lifetime and Visionary supporters. Follow us on social media to stay up to date about any new developments! Find us on Twitter (, Facebook ( or Reddit (

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