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How to unblock Disney+ with Proton VPN

Disney+ is a video-on-demand streaming service from The Walt Disney Company. It focuses on family-oriented entertainment and will be the home of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars franchise, National Geographic shows and documentaries, Pixar movies, old Disney films, and content from 21st Century Fox, like The Simpsons. If […]


How to access Max and HBO Max with Proton VPN

In the United States, HBO Max has merged with Discovery Plus to become simply Max. Along with this rebranding, Max has introduced much stricter login requirements to use the service. To watch Max, you must have an HBO Max or Max account registered in the United States and paid for […]


How to install the new beta Proton VPN app for Linux

Proton VPN offers both a Linux app with a graphical user interface and a Linux CLI. In this article, we explain how to install and use the early-access version of our Linux CLI. The early-access version of the Proton VPN Linux CLI is available for many Linux Debian-based distros and […]


How to use VPN Accelerator

VPN Accelerator uses a combination of advanced VPN technologies to improve connection stability and, in some cases, increase your connection speed by over 400%.  VPN Accelerator is enabled by default for all users in our Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android apps. It can be enabled or disabled in each app’s […]


Always-on VPN

You can protect your data with the always-on VPN feature. With this feature, if your device is disconnected from one of our VPN servers, the app will automatically re-establish a secure VPN connection. The always-on VPN feature is permanently activated on the iOS app. If you use Android, you must […]


What is a kill switch?

Important note: As we have reported, Apple’s macOS and iOS operating systems don’t close all existing connections when you connect to a VPN, specifically certain DNS queries from Apple services. But if you use Proton VPN while connected to public WiFi, your sensitive traffic is still safe. We are aware of this issue, […]


How to access the Tor network using Proton VPN

Proton VPN offers a Tor over VPN feature that lets you connect to the Tor anonymity network, including .onion websites (the “darkweb”) in your regular browser without the need to download or install additional software (such as Tor Browser).  Learn more about why use Tor over VPN Tor over VPN […]


How to use NetShield Ad-blocker

NetShield Ad-blocker is a feature that protects your device and speeds up your browsing by blocking ads, trackers, and malware. When enabled, it offers you two levels of protection: NetShield Ad-blocker is available to everyone on a paid Proton VPN plan and can be enabled on any device: Get Proton […]


How to use Proton VPN on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

The Proton VPN app for Android TV protects your privacy and allows you to access blocked content and stream your favorite shows and movies on your smart TV.  Install the Proton VPN app free from the Amazon app store on your Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick (also known as […]


How to use the Proton VPN app for Windows

In this article, we look at how to install and use the Proton VPN app for Windows 7+. How to install Proton VPN for Windows By default, Windows 10 and 11 only allow apps to be installed from the Microsoft Store. To install the Proton VPN app, you’ll need to […]


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