Welcome our new VPN servers in Czech Republic!

Posted on July 20th, 2018 by in Service Updates.

With this latest addition, Proton VPN now offers VPN servers in 17 countries. The four new servers are in Prague and available to those with paid plans:

CZ #1-2 are available for Basic plans
CZ #3-4 are available for Plus and Visionary plans

If you’re concerned about your security while accessing streaming content, our Czech Republic Plus servers work on Hulu, HBO GO, ZDF, Channel4, and Channel5 (please note that to stream Hulu you will need a Hulu subscription).

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During last few months we’ve added quite a few new servers around the world: Australia, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and more. We aren’t slowing down, and our goal is to expand to at least 20 countries by the end of the year. Our aim is to grow more, but we want you to tell us how. Help shape the Proton VPN servers map by participating in our poll!

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