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Posted on July 18th, 2018 by in Proton Stories.

It has been a busy year for Proton VPN. We’ve launched two new native apps, including Android and macOS (and yes, iOS is on its way!), and a command-line tool for Linux users.

We introduced dedicated Plus servers for streaming Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime where our users can enjoy their favorite content without compromising their safety online. We have also added dozens of new servers in Australia, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Spain and more. As we push to bring VPN servers in 20 countries online by the end of the year, we’re asking for your help to prioritize our locations. Our first Twitter poll was a huge success, so we’ve decided to go bigger and host a new poll here on our blog for everyone!

Vote in the Proton VPN server poll

Here’s how it works. Below you will find a list of countries to choose from. We’ve excluded countries where we already have servers (you can check our existing servers list here) or countries where it may be exceedingly difficult to get servers. As we add new servers over the next few months, we’ll prioritize the countries that get the most votes in this poll. You can only pick one country. The poll will be active for at least two weeks, so you have plenty of time to decide. Please feel free to share with friends; anyone is eligible to participate. The poll is closing on 30th July, so hurry up to vote for your country!

Poll is already closed. Thank you for voting! Results are coming out soon!

A note about some of these countries: In our previous poll, users expressed doubts about having Russia on the list of options, given the government’s attitude toward privacy. While some countries on this list could be risky, we will connect to them through our Secure Core network, which would make them safe to use.

Once the results are tallied, we’ll post an update with the winners and get to work expanding our server offerings.

As always, thank you all in advance for your help in making Proton VPN the best VPN available!

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The Proton VPN Team

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