Where should Proton VPN go next? Vote to choose our next server locations!

Posted on July 18th, 2018 by in Articles & News.

It has been a busy year for Proton VPN. We’ve launched two new native apps, including Android and macOS (and yes, iOS is on its way!), and a command-line tool for Linux users.

We introduced dedicated Plus servers for streaming Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime where our users can enjoy their favorite content without compromising their safety online. We have also added dozens of new servers in Australia, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Spain and more. As we push to bring VPN servers in 20 countries online by the end of the year, we’re asking for your help to prioritize our locations. Our first Twitter poll was a huge success, so we’ve decided to go bigger and host a new poll here on our blog for everyone!

Vote in the Proton VPN server poll

Here’s how it works. Below you will find a list of countries to choose from. We’ve excluded countries where we already have servers (you can check our existing servers list here) or countries where it may be exceedingly difficult to get servers. As we add new servers over the next few months, we’ll prioritize the countries that get the most votes in this poll. You can only pick one country. The poll will be active for at least two weeks, so you have plenty of time to decide. Please feel free to share with friends; anyone is eligible to participate. The poll is closing on 30th July, so hurry up to vote for your country!

Poll is already closed. Thank you for voting! Results are coming out soon!

A note about some of these countries: In our previous poll, users expressed doubts about having Russia on the list of options, given the government’s attitude toward privacy. While some countries on this list could be risky, we will connect to them through our Secure Core network, which would make them safe to use.

Once the results are tallied, we’ll post an update with the winners and get to work expanding our server offerings.

As always, thank you all in advance for your help in making Proton VPN the best VPN available!

Best Regards,
The Proton VPN Team

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  1. Oscar

    Please i want a server in Chile.

  2. Richie Koch

    Our ultimate goal is to have secure VPN servers in every country. Once we have installed servers in all the countries voted on in this poll, we will hold another so the community can share which countries we should prioritize. Vote for Chile to move it up our list!

  3. Racso

    Chile please.

  4. raul

    Argentina please

  5. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello, we will consider adding servers in Argentina, thanks for the suggestion!

  6. null

    Please we need an endpoint in Greece

  7. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. We might add servers in Greece in the future! Be sure to follow our social media channels for all the news and updates.

  8. Incognito

    Ukraine because of it’s great internet laws and no-spy policy

  9. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! We do plan to add servers in Ukraine, however, we cannot give you an exact ETA at the moment. Please follow us on our social media channels for all the news and updates.

  10. Muhammad

    Palestine and Taiwan, please!

  11. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Thank you for your suggestion! We are planning to install our servers in Taiwan soon, so make sure you follow us on our social media channels for all the news and updates.

  12. Staff Member

    Anywhere that is NOT a 14Eyes signatory nation.
    Czech Republic
    Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Israel are all cooperating in UK/USA agreement.

  13. Roy

    Israel, please!

  14. Richie

    Hi! There is a high chance that we will add some servers there in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion!



  16. Arfi

    Puerto Rico

  17. Rouuu


  18. John snow


  19. Gustav

    South America and Brazil, please


    HI, please arab server, any country with arab language !! i need this, help me !!

  21. John


  22. Tony Blanco

    Latvia, Estonia

  23. Michał


  24. Emirykol

    i vote for Belgium

  25. Emirykol

    Belgium please

  26. Random

    Belgium, UK, India

  27. Chirag Patel


  28. Aleksandr

    Don’t forget of my Ukraine, please.

  29. Dave

    India / Singapore / Hong kong

  30. Eric

    Panama, Lichtenstein, Russia, all south american countries.

    A- the 5 eyes:
    1. Australia
    2. Canada
    3. New Zealand
    4. United Kingdom
    5. United States of America

    B- the 9 eyes:
    6. Denmark
    7. France (and I’m french)
    8. Netherlands
    9. Norway

    C- the 14 eyes + non democratic regimes:
    10. Belgium
    11. Germany
    12. Italy
    13. Spain
    14. Sweden

  31. Berti


  32. Marijana


  33. John


  34. Goose

    Thailand. Obviously.

  35. SEETHE


  36. Issa

    England and Netherland

  37. Malkhaz Khapava

    Georgia is the crossroad of east-west & north-south

  38. George Diamond

    Czech Republic

  39. Lv

    CHILE and CUBA

  40. George


  41. csizilaci

    My vote is Hungary. Thx

  42. ng

    Please open in Indonesia, I want to be able to watch Netflix

  43. Pascal F

    Belgium please !

  44. Emirykol

    belgium +1

  45. p j


  46. Ivan Carmichael

    Ireland is a really good choice. The authorities don’t offer up people the way they do in the US, UK and EU and they will come talk to you before handing you even with a warrant. None of this no-knock-warrant stuff. They aren’t likely do let another country push them around either. Internet speeds in Ireland are lightning quick as well for what its worth.

  47. Jan

    I hope to have China, but I am very sad that I have not seen it. I know that we have the country because it is not worthy of our government. In addition, we need to remind that the hackers of the Chinese government military have used the protonmail mailbox as the focus of the attack. I hope that you will strengthen the defense function. I would like to send the email to you when I saw the news. I am sorry. I am deeply sorry about what the Chinese government is doing. This is the link http://www.ntdtv.com/xtr/gb/2018/07/10/a1382895.html

  48. Jon

    Hoping I see Georgia on the map soon…

  49. switch

    I dont really feel I have the right to vote because a.t.m. I’m only one of the freeriders. I made up the account because I was curious and because I think it’s a great project. Don’t worry, I hardly don’t use it for now. So I don’t create costs for paying users. Maybe I’ll sign up, not decided yet. Protonmail is the same for me, I like it and maybe I’ll use it for more than just enthusiasm/curiosity in the future.
    Located in germany, I would have voted for CH (which is not on the list) because I think, there is quite a good privacy settlement (applying to protonmail too) and because I guess that the netspeed would be quite well.
    Seeing useres vote for PL (which I have a lot of sympathy for) just made me remember what a coworker from poland some time ago told me: in PL there is no way to sign up anonymously for a mobile phone contract and people are rushed to use their plan within some weeks. So freedom and anonymity seems to be not so high. (NL still is free according to mobiles)

  50. Ivan

    Please Russia, guys
    Also Finland would be great.

  51. Anonymo

    When choosing a country to host a VPN server, the most important criterion should be the privacy laws of that country and its general reputation for having (or not having) respect for it’s citizens’ privacy rights. Given this, my choice is Romania. I hope you will research, come to the same conclusion I did, and vote for Romania as well.

  52. Jordi

    For future polls, I would like to propose Andorra, a small land locked Catalan speaking country in Europe and not part of the EU.

    Internet connection in Andorra is the same quality as in any European country and prices towards high end but cheaper than Asia, so I believe it is realistic. Being a very small country there are no huge Internet companies in Andorra, only one or two but they do exist.

  53. Hidayath Mehdi

    I Prefer India, because a large number of Indian community are using VPN & DNS to stream contents from India like Hotstar, SonyLiv, Voot and Starsports.

  54. bharat

    Please open in India(Bharat)

  55. Hidayath

    I prefer India, because a large number of Indian communities using are using VPN and DNS to access Hotstar, Starsports and sonyLiv. etc.

  56. Capredfish

    I voted for Moldova. Few Americans know where it is or anything about it. I think it would be a good choice between the other former Soviet Union countries and help a small country get noticed on the world stage. I love the open forum you use.

  57. Bob

    Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary where they challenge the EU bureaucracy.

  58. mre

    racja :)
    I mean – goog choice!

  59. Daniel

    yey Poland, vote for poland :)

  60. the.rural.retreat.va

    I voted for the country of the origin of my ancestors, Ireland.
    So interesting, prolific, literate, intelligent.

    I have no bias.

  61. Alistair MacDonald III

    ProtonVPN in either a low earth orbit or geosynchronous orbit with a wireless remote uplink/downlink for use in the Maritime environment and arctic would be great. Lets be the first private sector VPN in space!
    Kind Regards;

  62. User

    Checking out the comments, to me it seems you might add them all

    As a very ordinary computeruser without any special IT-skills I spend time in internet for getting informations, communicating with others, exploring new things and exciting stuff – just for fun – the same way other people usually do. For me ProtonVPN and the other Proton services are good enough just as they are!

    Regarding my poor-IT-knowledge it would take me a lot of lifetime to understand, implement and use often complicated and only with a lot of special knowledge understandable high-tech security tools just for giving myself an idea to feel more or less safe. Even more I think anyone might agree, that any security tool anywhere can theoretically be hacked from any IT-specialist owning needed special knowledge and skills at anytime from anywhere all over the world. According to that, it is just logical for me that any private or not private professional provider or developer of security(software) basically could be able to check out every step anyone is doing in the www no matter which competitive security tools are developed or used. Worldwide internet security or notsecurity does not stop at country-borders. The reason and the intention for possible controlling- or transparency-interest could be discussed and even this for me personally is not important at all, because – even if wanted – normal ordinary people like me couldn´t influence, avoid, change or prevent any kind of (unasked) hacking/protecting IT- investigations from anyone with any reason anyway.

    Nevertheless, sometimes in life people might need protection and in fact I decided to use Proton to help through. So for me any country you add or not is quite good – I just correspond with people who wish to feel more secure.

    By the way: I sympathize with the philosophy and the way Proton Mail enables me to use their complex stuff in a very easy and for me understandable way. By the way I adore the significant perfect fitting Proton-Mail-layout and logo! :-) (Great marketing-team(?)-result!) And I do have tremendous respect to all the professional knowledge and great efforts the whole Proton-Mail-Team investigates for the stuff offering us! Bravo and THANK YOU PROTON-TEAM for taking care and supporting me! <3

  63. Augustinas

    Hey! Thank you very much for the good words, it really means a lot to us <3

  64. Colin F

    I chose South Korea because their network is very fast.

  65. Marck

    BRAZIL Please!!!!!

  66. Zheng

    Oh,so China government still banned our rights.:( Dear free world people :We live in a place that give us no fair rights or freedom,save us in anyway please.And I am so glad to have your tools,thanks!Dont forget us—the 1,400,000,000 populations of most are live poor and not freely .You are Gods! Chris Saves us !May god with us!

  67. Pearl

    I voted Russia, after all the stupidity in Helsinki recently. I feel sorry for the people there (Russia). Everything they do is monitored. and I’ve experienced that. Which is why I have Proton mail, and I don’t have the free version. At least I know I can get email without being surveilled now, unlike all other e mail accounts I’ve had.
    and the Russian people deserve at least that!

  68. Mary Fox

    Can you guys add a server in my basement, that would be awesome :)

  69. Mika

    I voted Poland, their government doesn’t have any politically correct privacy constraining laws and it’s one of the most privacy conscious nations I ever saw, literally allergic to all forms of censorship and privacy restrictions

  70. Russian Bot, just kidding. ;-)

    Same here.

  71. Tom


  72. Mika

    I voted Poland…their government doesn’t have any politically correct privacy restrictions. And it’s one of the most privacy conscious nation I ever met, literally allergic to all forms of censorship and privacy monitoring

  73. Mika

    I voted Poland….their government doesn’t have any politically correct privacy controlling regulations and it’s one of the most privacy conscious nation I know, literally allergic to any form of censorship and freedom restriction

  74. Wescley Castro

    please come to Brazil! …thnx for great work with email and vpn! oh yeah we need a virtual drive too rs.

  75. Snowden

    Edward Snowden fled to Russia from the surveillance of Western fake-democracies. It is time for the server in Russia.

  76. DR

    Two very important sites, libgen and sci-hub are run from Russia, and libgen is located there. sci-hub is peripatetic, but as pressure increases, Russia may ultimately be the only place to reach it. I suggest Russia. As for security implications, I don’t see that they are worse than the US, who has the most efficient system for digital subversion in the world.

  77. gatinhonico

    RUSSIA, BRAZIL, HUNGARY servers please
    More SecureCore please

  78. Manmeet

    India Will be the best for you as indian government doesnt track even criminals in country. so all data will be safe.

  79. Harold P. Sjursen

    I use the VPN primarily when I am in China. I voted for South Korea because of it’s geographic proximity, advanced cyber-technology and (I believe) strong internet privacy policy and practice.

  80. Petrus Toxy

    When you grow. Avoid Big5, Germany, France, Russia, China and Sweden as first nodes in your secure core. The main reason to use Proton is that you have your main servers in CH and not in Big5, Sweden,
    Denmark, China, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey or in dictatorships in Middle East. Proton is all about security and integrity. Those above mentioned countries are all about risking your security and integrity. Soon also Holland and Spain are one of these countries to avoid as your entrance node. At least if you have noticed what have happened to servers used as nodes in e g the Tor Project.

    CH, Iceland and Finland are still good choices for the first node in the secure core. Probably also Luxembourg. At least if you are interested in your customers security and integrity.

    I would also like to see a real Proton VPN chain. Secure core is a good start. But today not enough.

  81. aqua

    Any country that doesn’t geo-block eurovision:) I rely on ProtonVPN to watch it every year!

  82. Chris

    I would like to suggest Ireland for the next ProtonVPN server location. Ireland is a stable, modern, Constitutional Republic with access to one of the newest, fastest and most reliable transatlantic broadband Internet backbone cables in the world.

    Proton Technologies is a great company providing wonderful and needed services. I’m a long-time loyal paid subscriber for this reason but ProtonVPN should follow ProtonMail’s lead by utilizing a 4096-bit RSA key exchange or at least offering customers an option to use the stronger/larger key as other competing VPN’s have done successfully.

    On the ProtonVPN webpage, under features, it inaccurately states that only the highest strength encryption is used (AES-256, Key Exchange 2048-bit RSA, and a SHA256 HMAC). I agree that it a strong encryption combination but that is NOT the highest strength encryption available. 4096-bit RSA for the key exchange, AES-256 and a SHA256 HMAC would be the strongest. This is not an attempt to be snarky or call you guys out but the 4096-bit RSA key exchange is considerably more difficult to defeat as it offers superior protection from quantum computer attacks and serves to future-proof captured data from retroactive cracking attempts.

  83. A

    I agree with the hi standarts with encryption..
    And i should sugest portugal we have a set of legislation when is comply make very dificult to legal break vpn proton, the secret services in this country is a joke, and is democratic and the are democratic country that secret service is not a joke like spain or france… Or ireland or united kingdon… So choose a country, we are more safe that protecion of vpnproton is not break.for instance if choose china or russia is a matter of time that secret service break the encryption, you can sure about that!

  84. S

    If you place a server in Russia, it will only be a matter of time before the GRU/ FSB corrupts your entire network. Kindly let those of us who are more security minded know prior to installing a server there so that we can cancel services with proton. Thank you.

  85. DR

    Dude, they’ve got one in the US, the world’s most efficient corrupter of digital communications.

  86. Wilson

    UAE please

  87. guillermo

    bring us back the ad-block feature, that was one of the reasons I purchased the service months ago.

  88. Augustinas

    Hi! We are currently figuring out how to make it work with IKEv2 protocol (ad-blocking capability requires custom DNS), but it is definitely on our to-do list.

  89. Maksim

    Just curious what is the reason to have vpn server in specific country?
    I’m happy with any, as my internet become more open with any option.

  90. Augustinas

    Hey Maksim, there are many different reasons for that – some users want to benefit from privacy laws in a specific country, some users want to access specific content, etc.

  91. Dimi

    I voted for Russia. Missing servers is the only reason for me to use another VPN service. Knowing government privacy policy we should use VPN but for some resources you should have Russian IP.

  92. Takimiku

    I voted for Russia
    Slav country = Slav internet
    Slav Internet = very fkin’ fast
    Think like true slav, blin!

  93. Sky

    Would love to have China !

  94. Petrus Toxy

    China is a big no no if you are interested in your personal security and integrity.

  95. Aoi Hikari

    As a Russian user, I use ProtonVPN to bypass the ban of many sites by Russian government. So if there’ll be a server in Russia, would I be able to do the same only with better ping? I guess there are two things to clarify here:
    1. Some sites ban Russian IPs by themselves not to get in trouble with Russian governmebt, if I use the Russian ProtonVPN server, will it show as me having a Russian IP?
    2. VPN services that don’t restrict their Russian users access to the sites banned by the Russian government get banned themselves. What are you doing about that risk? Actually, now that I think of it, it doesn’t have anything to do with having a server in Russia, they can ban access for Russian users regardless, but having a server in Russia might bring additional attention from Russian government.

  96. Augustinas

    Hello! Yes, if you would connect to a Russian server, your IP will be shown as it is from Russia. Latency depends on the distance between the server and your original location, but it is possible to get a better latency even when connected to a VPN server.

  97. Mohammed

    I voted for Egypt as it’s the closest county to mine, if a new server is placed there, it will be the first Arabic country to be on the proton VPN grid, also Jos, my vote is somewhat based on language as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  98. Mal Mind Owner

    I’m voting for Chile. On this region, I’m not sing for exists someone VPN servers. Also, I’m errors, please, include this region at some new servers. Thanks for the Proton sevices, this is ONCE until this, who helps stay connected to internet via VPN.

  99. Ahmad Jouda

    I voted for New Zealand, being an English speaking country in a remote area. I didn’t search for my vote. It just made good sense to me!

  100. Souraneel Senguptai

    I vote for UAE

  101. OMAR

    United Arab Emirates
    but I want Saudi Arabia Server

  102. steve sumner

    From the U.S. & didn’t feel qualified to reply the first time. Never been abroad. But checked Ukraine this time because we have a neighbor from there. All I can say is I use their VPN & Protonmail. Think it’s great.!

  103. Great Trochantor

    I voted for Taiwan hoping that the server would be geographically and linguistically accessable to Chinese citizens oppressed by thr Great Firewall.

  104. Rebelhawk

    I Vote for Estonia, The Baltic Region is good supplied with Broadband Internet, good Speed can be exspected and it will not cost too much either.
    Also the.. lets say Gouverment rules are not too harsh at all, so it seems for me a good Place for a VPN Server.

  105. F

    Taiwan is not a country. And why no choice for China?

  106. j

    Are you from China? Only China want Taiwan is not a country. Taiwan has own government, currency etc. Taiwan’s democracy is far better than China.

  107. Nicolás R

    Taiwan may be bullied by most UN states but is in fact a country by definition.

  108. Alex

    Finland, being top in the world for so many important aspects of life, would seem to be the most logical choice. Also, they are continually monitored by the Big Brothers next door in Russia. The region would seem to be much less important, this is the web after all!

  109. Thor Rett

    Left a vote for my own country. ‘This documentary connot be shown abroud’ is the reason.

  110. MAGA

    I chose Finland. If #Helsinki2018 was good enough for POTUS, then it is good enough for me. Peace for all, worldwide.

  111. Gustavo Oliveira

    Votes Brazil server.

  112. Robert Kenneth Ogwang

    I voted South Africa because ProtonVPN does not have a server in Africa and yet ProtonVPN is the most cherished VPN service amongst elite Africans.

  113. Szilárd

    Hungary! East Europe! Logical! ;) Cheers!

  114. Me

    Go wherever u want. U’ll be welcome everywhere. I am just glad we have you guys here.

  115. Andre Tchen

    How about taking care of some streaming sites in the UK? In particular I really wish you can have the various BBC programs available there. When using the UK location it seems that the BBC recognizes the Proton VPN as not natively/ genuinely UK based.

  116. Augustinas

    Hello Andre, this particular streaming service tends to block VPN IPs basically on sight. We will see what we can do about it, but unfortunately, it’s not something that we can control.

  117. bob

    bonjour,la république tchèque me semble être bon un choix !

  118. Kevan

    F this why are the swissies not on the list. I want Switzerland.

  119. Augustinas

    Hello Kevan, this is a poll for new countries, we already have servers in Switzerland, including Secure Core :) You can check full server list here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

  120. Ray

    Taiwan is not member country of 5-eyes, 9-eyes, or 14-eyes surveillance.

  121. Xav

    I voted for Luxembourg cause it’s a good meme giving one of the smallest countries a VPN of its own

  122. Jonny Zuhalter

    Considering privacy laws versus bandwidth, I strongly urge everyone to vote either Norway, Romania, or Malaysia, depending on your particular geography.

  123. Oblivion

    I voted Brazil. We want Proton VPN operating there. So many people usually will be with us. Nice

  124. Kas

    I vote for USA

  125. Jack

    I voted for South Africa since I‘m from there and would like to use some of their services.

  126. Anderson

    Voted for South Korea.
    Since they are not among the 14 eyes and need a connection to the nearest non 14 eyes in Asia.
    Thank you.

  127. osy

    yes, also i would like to see the Philippines on this poll………………….

  128. FARIS

    In face I need new server in Saudi Arabia but not available in this list..
    I’m voting for Russian

  129. franz

    What about China? Pls. setup up servers there.

  130. Ck

    Taiwan is a free democratic nation with an open internet. A server in Taiwan would help users in China as it is relatively close to China.

  131. Alexander

    No Montenegro. Why? But you offer every other country around it.

  132. Master-Blaster

    I voted Estonia, any place that is not part of the 14 Eyes pact will do.

  133. Apostle Robert Muli

    I have chosen Egypt because we have no servers in Africa and Egypt is the best Location for us here in Africa. Kindly consider Egypt. Do not just look at how many votes a Country has, consider also how effective it will be to have servers in a particular Country which may have less votes than others.

  134. Claudio Rodriguez

    Soy argentino y me gustaría que Uds. ampliaran sus servicios colocando sus servidores en mi país. Gracias por esta encuesta.

  135. Gabriel

    I hope that some South American country is chosen. The connection via Proton VPN is still very slow here.

  136. Juan

    Due to the connections in Latin America mostly arrives to Miami, it would be convenient to add servers in this city to increase the performance for users who are located in these countries.

  137. Ian

    I opted for Hungary because of a less globalist government there. A lot of countries don’t have great internet speeds, or aren’t on major overseas cable connections. I’d love to have somewhere that avoids the 5 Eyes. Whichever country is selected, I hope that it will also be allowed for p2p traffic, or else some more existing countries be made available for p2p. At present there are only three listed [I think there used to be more? Like Canada?], and every time I try the Netherlands I get a popup saying I can’t use p2p on the connection, so I guess there are only two – Sweden and Singapore.

  138. candaules

    I vote for Finland because goverment seems not to control internet (?). Perhaps…

  139. Louw Cilliers

    South Africa. You need presence on this continent.

  140. Fabian

    I would suggest luxembourg. Not so many country left where people think that private sphere is important.


  141. Martin

    Airline pricing algorithms give best quotes for requests from POLAND.

    As a European, you might easily save protons yearly subscription costs in one go.

    To bad it’s not offered yet…

  142. Russian

    Totally not Russia.

  143. Roberto

    I think that we not have to do the obvious. Explore new ground and Russia is perfect. The non Google way.
    Don’t be scared for Russian laws, any other country is a more political risk. So let’s not isolate the land of opportunities.

  144. Patricia

    I wonder why Sweden is not un the lista. Is there any reason? Than you.

  145. Augustinas

    Hello Patricia, this is a poll for new countries, you can check our full server list here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

  146. Fisher

    Please consider adding a server in mainland China. This might sound odd, considering Proton’s focus on digital freedom, but it would be useful because Baidu cloud currently bans IP addresses from Taiwan. I’ve also noticed that some streaming services operate very slowly unless connecting from within China.

  147. someone

    What about Honduras, Panama, Bolivia, or Peru? I would prefer more options of connecting through the other Americas instead of crossing the ocean to Europe. Brazil is a great start but don’t stop there!

    I voted Mexico.

  148. Andy

    What about a setup in Iceland?

  149. Augustinas

    Hey Andy, we already have servers in Iceland, please check our full server list here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

  150. Art

    I chose Azerbaijan. Its govt just implemented serious net restrictions so the Azerbaijanis need some help. Plus Azerbaijan has become very tourist friendly lately and hosts a F1 racing week. Best wishes to its beleaguered citizens. We hope their efforts to overturn the new rules are a success.

  151. LZ

    Recently, I was in China for business. As you know, everything that is Google (and more) is blocked by the authorities. I was VERY disappointed by the dismal performance of ProtonVPN. It’s good to increase the number of your servers, but it would be better to make sure that ProtonVPN works flawlessly everywhere…. as advertised.

  152. Augustinas

    Hello, if our applications do not work (the main reason for that is that certain ports might be blocked, or like recently, individual server IP addresses are blocked as well). If you have difficulties connecting, we strongly suggest to contact our support team for further assistance: https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  153. Isabel

    I voted for Estonia, but actually, it would be wise to choose a non EU country. Iceland is a safe bet (not on your list).
    Avoid servers and VPNs in the “14-eyes” countries
    5-eyes: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
    These five countries make up the core of the UK-USA Agreement. That is to say, they are the main entities spying on everyone, including their partners listed below.

    9 eyes: Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway
    These are third-parties with whom the NSA cooperates, but also spies upon. Denmark for example has allowed the NSA to install surveillance equipment on international fiber-optic cables for data leaving and entering the country under the Rampart-A program. In the return, the NSA assists the Danish intelligence services in various ways including access to NSA hardware, and allowing them access to the surveillance equipment installed on the fiber-optic cables. Germany, too, is part of this program.

    14 eyes: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden

    Belgium has actually been targeted by the U.S and U.K of the 5-Eyes. Articles here and here. Sweden has access to XKEYSCORE, a very powerful tool of the NSA.

    TL;DR – The 5 are the main spies, the rest are enablers that also spy on each other, with help they receive from taking part of in this intelligence sharing program. Your internet traffic will most likely transit through one of these countries anyway, but if you avoid make sure your traffic doesn’t originate from one of these countries, you’re better off as far as privacy goes.
    See: https://www.reddit.com/r/VPN/comments/345nep/psa_avoid_servers_and_vpns_in_the_14eyes_countries/

  154. Augustinas

    Hello Isabel, we actually do have servers in Iceland and we physically operate and own them. You can check our full server list here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers and I would also suggest to check out our Secure Core article here: https://protonvpn.com/support/secure-core-vpn/

  155. Didi

    Choose Latvia. Best country evah!

  156. Rolv

    My favour would have been Austria but since they blocked Generation Identitaar accounts even in neighbouring Hungary, thus breaking my trust for protecting absolute freedom, knowing that I am left France for good for the very same reasons. France being in much more advanced stage of dictatorship, with censorship and intrusion in individuals’ life and thinking.
    I therefore voted differently and chose Russia as they are not necessarily free but they are opposed to our pseudo “elites”. I am not sure anymore of what is right and wrong.
    Could we think about hosting in international waters (Seasteading – Peter Thiel, Autonomous “French” Polynesia), land (Antarctica) or even space ?
    Please contact me for developing these options…
    We should get “Individually Sovereigns”

  157. Emilio

    we need a server in a stable country in south america.

  158. Sen

    I’ve voted for Poland, because I’ve “read somewhere” that their privacy laws are relatively strict. Can’t hurt to terminate the VPN where data collection is low anyway, but I haven’t done extensive research and don’t have the time at the moment. Can somebody confirm that?

    Second guess would be Norway, but even they won’t beat Iceland’s privacy policies, probably.

  159. Olympia Elis

    Macedonia is not a country, you rather mean FYRoM, Macedonia is the Northernmost Region within Greece https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macedonia_(Greece) where we vote for ProtonVPN to go next, as its excellent service is much needed.

  160. Max

    Philippines would be great to have in the list. Protonmail works fine for me there but latency is an issue. A local server should improve that.

  161. Aphids

    I voted Argentina. Like Australia, far away. Nothing yet in South America. Considered Brazil (recent drugs and porn raids there a bit too spooky) and South Africa (…is to Europe as Florida is to Canada, tourist flood), not far enough away for me. Did not see Antarctica there, or Santa’s shack. Moldova interesting as East/Central Eurasian online culture is rare where we live, Turtle Island.

  162. JW

    Yes, Austria would be a good idea. Many content from ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) is geoblocked- Even for .de users.

  163. Veli

    I vote for Finland, because I want to be able to see net TV broadcasts without limitations abroad.

  164. John

    Thank you kindly for maintaining and expanding the abilities of ProtonVPN.

    I have a question, will there be a possibility to pay for VPN service with PaySafeCard of Bitcoin?

  165. Augustinas

    Hello John, you can pay via BitCoin. In order to do that, either create a free account or log in to ProtonVPN website with your existing one and you will get the option in the dashboard.

  166. Jeff

    I’m learning Russian and have friends there, but I share the same concerns about security. I’d want security many times stronger for Russia

  167. Johncitizen

    Maybe look at countries that offer tax advantages for hosting there with decent privacy laws.

  168. Pterodactyl

    If there is Russia, then my choice is Iran, North Korea, Somalia.

  169. Petrus Toxy


  170. Giovanni

    Voted for Romania as I know they have some fast internet and may be a cheap place for serves as well.

  171. Daniel

    I voted for Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Let’s get VPN Bosnia servers ready!

  172. Sam

    Which countries would offer P2P servers? Nothing is specified in the list and you only offer three countries now as it is. You obviously need more. Please update the list to note which ones would have P2P servers if added.

  173. Augustinas

    Hello Sam, indeed we have to update the P2P list since you can use P2P traffic in more countries. We will update the list very soon!

  174. Sam

    Mexico would be ideal as they have no restrictions and that would give North America a “local” P2P VPN instead of having to use servers in Northern Europe or South East Asia.

  175. Ed

    I think ppl should only pick a country where the servers are safe. Where the laws are stable and where privacy is guaranteed. That makes for very few countries!

  176. Dakableguy

    I voted Israel

  177. Ralph

    Russia on this list gives me the chills. Please, don’t do it.

  178. rberndt

    We just have have seen a big technical summit in Ghana / Accra. Google facebook and SAP were there. Google has created a lab vor AI. And there is not one African country in your list. Why ?

  179. Derick

    Thailand… I forget the perimeters but putting it wherever the country doesnt allow govt or tech comps to practice 4th amendment (US) violations should be fine.

  180. Angelo

    I voted for Cyprus. Any offshore company established there where succesfully grown.

  181. Pop

    Vietnam for me, not enough representation in the Oceana.

  182. Robert Waldron

    I just voted for Mexico, because it’s close to Texas, and Texas’ server must suck. My VPN is down more often than up, and technical support has been no help. So, Mexico has earned my vote.

  183. John

    I voted for Mexico! My choice was Mexico. By choosing Mexico the rest of Latin America will open up I’m sure of it.

  184. Surya Narayana Murthi Duggirala

    I voted for Finland as it requires servers being a remote region.

  185. LinuxPusher

    I Voted Norway because my search showed Norway to be a bit better than Finland and Switzerland for their internet privacy laws.
    Mind you I just did a fast Startpage search.

  186. JT

    Stay away from Russia and any country likely to be influenced by its leaders. The risk of penetration (to say nothing of crime and political instability) is too great.

  187. Linguist

    Independent spirit burgeons in Austria. They should be “IN” on the VPN secure comm side.

  188. Bruno


  189. Lionel

    I voted for Mexico as it is cheapest country where you can get Netflix

  190. ABC

    South America, please.
    Brazil: D

  191. Ahmad

    I’m a paying customer for both proton vpn & mail ( plus tier at least with some extra addon features ) from the start in July 2017 for a couple different accounts in an annual plan
    i hate to see some protonvpn servers in some countries in the this list for humane reasons and privacy
    concerns , i hope i don’t have to cancel or move my business email account and my personal one to
    another providers ( i know i wont find any one, near good as proton )
    the countries i have trouble with ( for humane & privacy concerns not racism ) are Israel , united Arab
    emirate & Russia. i cant pay money that some how will find it way to benefit their governments in
    case they hosted the servers especially Israel & United arab emirate because i will be partner in
    funding their crimes.
    I’m hopeful that you will understand and respect my concerns, and apply some ethics in your business
    decisions making, it is not just a mere business, it’s funding them to continue do what they are doing against human beings. for the privacy reasons C’mon it’s the mossad ! i don’t think I have to spell it for you !

  192. Mattias

    Taiwan! This vibrant island nation is a bastion of free speech and free thinking in the Chinese-speaking world!

  193. Joël

    Taiwan to skip the internet great wall when you are in China….

  194. Juan

    Latin America will be an excellent place because of the communism government that tries to manipulate the internet connection when the people wants to share the reality. The internet has to be free and open don’t manipulate by some’s.

  195. Julio César

    Mexicooooooooo ?? Please

  196. Rine

    It should be obvious which countries should be voted in. Non-members to Five-, Nine-, 14 Eyes alliances.

  197. Jacoby Miladi

    Malaysia seems to be the best secured with many inputs should any fail. Not sure of the politics, but it is robust with its many telco pops both from the east and the west.

  198. Lex

    I voted Russia. As far as I can see, Protonmail doesn’t have a single server in Eastern Europe which is something we who live here would appreciate.
    Russia is also a country where you need a VPN the most.

  199. Audric

    panama and or other offshore sites would be great. I dont see the point in having vpns in sites like UAE where a lot of sites are blocked

  200. Shark Finn

    Finland would be a great addition. A Nordic country with the best privacy laws and cheap+reliable internet connections. Also a fibre cable from Japan to Europe (in 2020 or so) will be connected to Finland so the latency to Asia would be minimal.

    Proton is covered in central Europe so well and it’s time to get that sweetness to northern Europe!

  201. Sam

    I vote for Cyprus because it can serve the Middle East and Mediterranean without Proton having to operate in Israel or the UAE, both countries with severe records of privacy abuse. Israel constantly surveils its Palestinian population, who need the security of ProtonVPN the most (not to mention that doing business in Israel sends a message that Proton doesn’t care about Israel’s oppression of Palestinians). While the UAE punishes people for connecting via VPN, which makes that an ironic choice. Cyprus is a safe option that does not come with the political baggage.

  202. SteppeTrade

    The ProtonVPN server is used for (business) communication between Europa (The Netherands) and Central Asia (Mongolia).
    At this moment the route is Amsterdam-Sweden-Japan (or HongKong)-Ulaanbaatar. HongKong works very well, Japan not always works.
    We are always looking for minimising risks in communication, because off the money-value talks.
    The speed of the route is not always as could be expected. Is there a ‘more speed connection’ ? It is very well possible we are doing something wrong.

  203. Jith

    I chose India because it’s bang for the buck and you will not spend lot of money with resources.

  204. Pete

    Hi, re. Which country? – I vote for the country with the most usefulness for things like bypassing geographical restrictions on permitted internet access. Like ‘you can’t watch this video in this country because of local censorship / copyright restriction laws’. Also the country that’s least likely to help the NSA / 5 / 14 eyes plug right in. I don’t know which country that is but expect you guys do.
    Also, where do you get your actual machines? (I’m not asking you to tell me). And can you negate hardware added by the manufacturer on behalf of NSA, etc.? Because, let’s face it, what are the odds they’d not try to do that if they know it’s you buying them? Not that I’m claiming to have any understanding of the technical issues. – Are you even talking about buying physical servers or renting virtual ones? Again I’m not asking you to tell me, just checking you’re as paranoid as I am.


  205. Augustinas

    Hello Pete, we are only partnering with trusted data centers and we only use bare metal servers – no VMs. Usually, they only have vanilla Linux installed on them and after the server is rented, we proceed with installing our full software suite and security measures.

  206. Frank

    I wish me a Russian connection, between europe and asia. A worldwide closed net is a good target.

  207. mike

    CATALONIA servers

    BARCELONA servers

  208. Jesse

    I voted for South Africa. As living there myself the latency of connecting to European or American servers adds to our already slow Internet connection. Having a server closer to home would make the experience a lot better as well as make you stand out from the rest with your competitive pricing :)

  209. Harald

    Austria = my home country
    Philippines = home country of my wife.
    There are about 5 millions of Filipinos living abroad. That could be a very good business for you to have Filipino IP’s that that people could watch Pinoy TV.

  210. Mitzsch

    Finland is a very digital and save country. So I voted for this country and hope that also Finland gets a chance in this poll.

  211. Vitor

    Portugal is a very good option. And servers and comunication are protected. No govern or police interference, and if, the parlment will now why and stop it. And to access your data is needed a court decision. This is why I think a good country for next servers.

  212. Tony

    If it would be Russia (I am Russian), would it be safe enough for data to put a server here?

  213. k

    let’s Russia in from the cold

  214. Steven

    Not sure Russia’s approach to privacy is any worse than any of the Five Eyes nations, given they all tap the cables and share whatever with the US spooks. Mind you, no country is safe from their spying eyes. Would I trust them with my data more than I’d trust the Russians? Ha, not in this lifetime.

  215. Pablo

    Dear Augustinas,
    First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to advice on the next place to locate ProtonVPN server. It is not an easy solution. There are different alternatives attending to area not covered yet, population, need of secure connection in some countries and other issues, such us language or cultural relationships. For me, and it’s my only opinion, there are several regions to choose from before picking a country:
    1. South America
    2. Central America
    3. Eastern Europe
    4. Central Asia
    5. Far East
    6. Africa, there are no server yet!
    At the end I picked Indonesia, attending only for population issues and putting aside other criteria, such as language or cultural relationship.
    Best regards,

  216. Augustinas

    Hey Pablo, thank you for your suggestion! South America is one of the most requested regions, so most likely we will cover it next.

  217. Edmund

    Consider also Estonia – this is e-services aware country (check yourself: https://e-estonia.com/ , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Estonia), having strong capabilities in cyber security: in Estonia is located the NATO CCCDOE (https://ccdcoe.org/) and estonians are organizing cyber olympic games and different events (https://sites.google.com/view/kyberolympia/eng/about-the-project).

  218. Pascal Munerot

    hello. why is France missing from the list?


  219. Augustinas

    Hello Pascal, this is a survey for new countries, we already have servers in France. You can check our full server list here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

  220. Reverend John Marsburg


    I voted for Israel because they are constantly under malicious attacks and I am sure this will include internet related predatory behaviour. Proton mail and VPN is superb and I would not use any other, I also recommend it frequently. Cutting edge top of the pile facility. Well done Proton.
    Rev John

  221. Igor

    Hello. If it possible please add Ukraine (will be very cool add couple sity). I use only your service because you most trusted service in the world. Take care Proton) Thanks.

  222. binary_value

    Costa Rica gave me good vibes to be honest, although I doubt many countries still truly value privacy

  223. B

    I voed forum Turkey…People there can use some security and privacy from government over there.

  224. Flight


    for most Europeans, booking flights gets cheaper if done via a POLISH IP. It might easily cover your yearly Proton subscription costs. So sad not to have that option at the moment.

  225. Mal Mind Owner

    Security likely me, but my not like my internet speed, it very much slow. I’m gets fast ISP at world average rate. But, VPN gets connections problems. I’m forced disabling to secure zone for completed my actions.

  226. Vaquero

    Your service and constant improvements are to be commended. ProtonVPN is such a natural compliment to ProtonMail and in my experience it works flawlessly. (Well ok, there are occasional minor hiccups.)
    Looking at the map and country list, it appears that servers might be well place on the continents of South America and Africa. Europe, Asia and Australia seem to be well represent at the moment. I would suggest that you consider Brazil, Argentina and South Africa as starting points.

  227. W A S

    I assumed the most secure nations already have servers, so I voted for South Korea as Koreans abroad and Korean Music fans may find it helpful and perhaps a marketing ploy.

  228. A

    I think expanding to Africa and South America are two interesting paths. My vote went for South Africa as I thought there will be plenty of people to vote for South American countries.

    Good luck!

  229. Marius

    I voted Romania, this country badly needs help. Every newspaper, evry TV channel, every radio station is controlled by former Securitate members, who were never charged for their crimes during the so called “Revolution” and before. Constant tapping, pressures, leaders assasinations.
    A golden vpn will be one of the first bullet in Dragnea’s propaganda, who is backed by Soros Billions and Co. All educated Romanians are fleeing thr country leaving its richness plundered by criminal gov and international organized plunders, China, France, Austria, Canada, Hungary and others, to not cite them.
    The president Iohannis, German, is struggeling to bring the country back to the Romanians, may God help him.
    The first time I tried to post this msg it strangely failed, loosing the data, wifi was cut, trying again with vpn.

  230. César Zapata

    I’d love to have a server in the US Pacific Northwest. The closest ones are in CA.

  231. Joo

    Please consider adding a VPN exit in the Seattle / Tacoma / Portland area (Pacific Northwest).
    Keep up the great work.
    -Paid ProtonMail / VPN user.

  232. ?

    Consider BRICs countries and others with large populations in non EU/North America regions as they may offer a different idea of what is meant by “digital” privacy and can be an idea of the amount of state sponsored meddling. Given the population and growing economic parity, may be something to monitor.

  233. Will

    So much going on and huge investment in Cyprus these days. So that got my vote! Thanks.

  234. Joshua Hopwood

    “We gave you the great pyramids so you could reach the stars, but all you did was trash them. So now we’re going to trash you.”

  235. Be Etchi

    The people of communist Vietnam need a reliable VPN.

  236. tom jennings

    mexico: it would serve the Americas overall, and us norte americanos especially. and some of us may increasingly need to rely on additional non-US servers…

  237. Richard

    With all Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, Fourteen Eyes activities, e.g. and based on the records of Freedom House, I assume that the Czech Republic would rather be a good choice. (Aggregate Score: 93/100(2018))

  238. Ruca

    How about servers in Seattle, WA?

    One of the major hubs of the internet and commerce, and the nearest servers are in Canada and California.

  239. AF

    secure core for russia, please


    Based on my own personal experience of Norway Country and on my personal friendship with mr Tahir Mahmoud ( Governmental Ptime Minister counseller ) and sir Rob Wainwright ( past EUROPOL great director ) I judge NORWAY the most safe location where to base your servers. Cybersecuriy is threat no1) nowdays… you just went through a DDoS attack… a strong one… you need a a STRONG country where copperation at that level would be 1st priority in order to prevent TERRORISM use PROTON as many skilled users have already spoken about… and NORWAY… is precisely the only Country where a COUNTERTERRORISM CYBERG PROGRAM is already In place since many years.
    I reccomend you to refer yourself to prof Tahir Mahmoud about whom I can give you all the infos and reference and data.
    I would in contemporary take away Italy from your list… you made a huge mistake underestimating what the various planetarian mafia are plotting in there.

  241. Srslywow

    Voted for Mexico because a) plenty of Government spying on its citizens going on there, too, and b) US customers in the Southwest could do with a few speedy VPNs as the California ones inevitably will be overloaded. Already noticing much higher latency and some speed issues (even at low load %) compared to a year ago.
    I still don’t understand why PVPN has not put in boxes in Phoenix, AZ. PhoenixNAP is there, it’s got great connections to most of Cali, etc etc.

  242. Kyle

    I voted Argentina – likely no relationship with 5, 9, or 14 eyes.

    Can we get Liechtenstein as an option? That country is essentially a libertarian republic.

  243. Peter Luttmer

    There are tens of thousands of expat Canadians, Europeans and Americans in Mexico. I am one of them. It is by far the largest expat community in the world. It would be nice to have a close access point to speed things up. I can’t see the Mexican government being worried about invading anyone’s privacy in the future like Russia. I would rather use a Mexican access point than one in the U.S. or Canada for the same reason.

  244. wardaddy


  245. Miguel de Sousa Pires

    Austria, forthe same reasons as the fellow above. Nice and secure.

  246. Stephen Judge

    Will we ever see a native GUI client for Linux?

  247. Augustinas

    Hello Stephen, we will see after iOS release. Meanwhile, please check out our client tool for Linux here: https://protonvpn.com/support/linux-vpn-tool/


    And France ? (…)

  249. Augustinas

    Hello, the poll is for new countries – we already have servers in France, you can check our full server list here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

  250. Thomas

    I would absolutely want Russia as an option. How can we be certain or even confident these supposedly privacy focused countries aren’t compromised by US security services? The FSB may well spy on Russian servers but at least Russia has an incentive to keep US intel out. This should be an option for those of us more concerned with US spying than with Russian.

  251. Anonemouse

    As a US citizen, I want servers that won’t cooperate with US intelligence easily, so I chose Russia. I don’t care if Russians spy on me, they can’t imprison me, LOL.

  252. efbdeafefc

    Voting for Thailand, whom is instituting some draconian data retention and anti-privacy laws.

  253. Greg

    I voted for Russia. I’m not too bothered if they’re spying on me but so would like the opportunity to keep away from increasingly oppressive Western governments.

  254. jane smith

    Improving the speed of the Secure Core, along with app development, would be my priorities. Whenever I connect through any server but the fastest, my connection feels really slow.

  255. Ronnie Watson

    I picked Czech.

  256. Hanahoe

    Ireland all of the way!

  257. Deepan

    Would Kenya be available at all? Some interesting technological advancements made there and one of the major isp back hauls / IPX sites is around there if I’m not mistaken.

  258. Peka

    I voted Russia. They have many services, that are useful but unavailable outside the country.

  259. Claudio

    We need servers in South America, c

  260. HSM

    TAIWAN is my choice because it is one of the few places independent from both China and the West (no extradition treaties etc). Also Taiwan itself stands for freedom against the Chinese dictatorship so we must support them with our business.

  261. emiliano austinus

    all of your competitors offer 36 above countries with wide range of server access.
    you have to expand it.
    my vote is for india, because i have to watch tv shows on hotstar

  262. acho

    I voted for Bulgaria, because in my opinion it will be or maybe it already is the Silicon Valley of Europe. I think you should check it as a possible server location – it’s still in Europe but the IT is at its best! :)

  263. Chris

    I’d like to suggest that Northern Ireland and not just Ireland be added to the list. Also, would you guys mind adding Scotland to the list please? The lucky bastards who install and maintain the server will never complain about having to visit the server site. Have you Proton folks ever had Scottish food? Stornoway black pudding, Lorne sausages, haggis, oatcakes, Ayrshire middle bacon, tattie scones and Cullen Skink soup. Yes, it’s part of the UK for the time being but Scotland has it’s own laws and courts. You’d be hard pressed to find nicer or harder working people then the Scottish. The server could be placed in Isle of Skye, Scotland which has one of the fastest and newest transatlantic fiber-optic cables in the world nearby.

  264. Luciano

    ARGENTINA NEEDS a server!

  265. South American

    Europe has fast Internet, its countries are close together and have similar laws. Expanding to South America would provide a greater improvement to the service availability.

  266. Panamá, República de Panamá)

    Panamá, serwer ?

  267. Jus

    I voted for Austria with shakey logic. I figured the country with privacy laws similar to the Swiss makes the most since and I did not feel like researching before voting. So , I picked a German speaking country and made my vote purely on language. Verstehen sie ?

  268. Rebelhawk

    I wouldnt count on Privacy in Austria, its EU and throwed their standards of keeping Privacy away a long time ago.

  269. Julian Lugod

    I also want Philippines in this Poll.

  270. Michael Bøcker-Larsen

    I second the Philippines

  271. Max

    I agree! Philippines should be on the list. I voted for Indonesia instead but just because its “close” to Philippines

  272. Elle

    Please add Philippines to the poll <3

  273. Rein Deer

    Yes. I want Philippines to be added in the poll too! However, not sure if we will win with the highest vote anyway~ Lol hahaha

  274. Rubens Turkienicz

    Dear Augustinas,
    Am thrilled to learn the news of your expansion and happy to vote for Brazil.
    Kindly check your backlogs for our previous exchange on developing business in Brazil for Proton.
    As I understood then, such a possibility would be duly addressed when Proton would be ready to extend its reach to new countries – which seems to be the case right now.
    Your kind response and engagement in dialogue with me will be duly appreciated and immediately pursued.
    Staying at your disposal, let me thank you in advance,
    Rubens Turkienicz
    in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  275. Augustinas

    Hey Rubens! South America is one of the most requested regions. While we haven’t decided which exact country we will cover first, but it shouldn’t take long for us to deploy our first servers there.

  276. Luciano


  277. Matt

    Have you taken a long look at Equador? There is a reason Edward Snowden was trying to get there before being trapped in Russia.

  278. Rubens Turkienicz

    Kindly check the size of the Brazilian internet – volume, communications (including mobiles) and e-commerce – and its potencial for rapid growth. Am ready to discuss this possibility with you in private – as it fits.

  279. G

    be ware of the impostos, be sure you have a damn good Brazilian tax attorney…. not sure about internet services, however taxes in Brasil run 20-60% on products and services (have seen as much as 3000% on imports), double, triple, quadruple, up to 6 times on the taxation as well (taxes on imposed on top of each other).

  280. Adam

    Brazil. South America needs representation. They have sound privacy laws that make it a logical choice to move from Europe and Asia. South Korea was my second choice, but their governments flip-flop on privacy too much depending who is in power. While NK/SK are in peaceful talks now, the instability of NK makes it too shakey for full privacy.

  281. Guilherme

    You should definitely have a server on South America so we can protect ourselves without paying too much network latency for it! Currently, we have to “travel” half world and come back if we want to access something from Brazil.

    So, I would vote for Brazil or any of our neighbours!

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