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You asked us for Denmark VPN servers — they’re now available in ProtonVPN!

Posted on July 5th, 2018 by in Service Updates.

With this latest addition, ProtonVPN now offers servers in 16 countries, and we are working to add more. If you missed the opportunity to vote in this round of polling, don’t worry. Your opinion matters to us and there will be more opportunities for you to weigh in soon, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and watch this space for upcoming blog posts.

Thank you all for the great turnout in our most recent Twitter poll! Denmark edged out Ireland and defeated Russia and Brazil as the top result. We’re ambitiously expanding our server offerings this year, with four VPN servers in Denmark recently going online.

protonvpn servers poll 2019

The four servers are in Copenhagen and available to those with paid plans:

DK #1-2 are available for Basic plans

DK #3-4 are available for Plus and Visionary plans

You can view all of our servers and locations here.

Why VPN servers in Denmark are useful

Internet users in Denmark enjoy a great degree of online freedom. So if you’re in a country that imposes Internet censorship, then routing your web traffic through an encrypted connection to Denmark will help you unblock websites.

Additionally, some websites block users with foreign IP addresses. For instance, you may experience limited or blocked streaming programming on Hulu, HBO GO, ZDF, Channel4, and Channel5 if you are outside of Denmark and not connected to a Danish VPN server. Using a VPN server in Denmark allows you to browse with a Danish IP address and unblock your favorite streaming sites from anywhere in the world.

And most importantly, ProtonVPN protects your Internet connection and encrypts the data you send and receive online. To learn more, check out our articles about how VPNs work and why you should use one.

Still don’t have an account?

Signing up is easy. Click the signup button below to get started. Or if you already have an account and want to upgrade to access our Denmark VPN servers, click upgrade.

Sign Up Upgrade

Our VPN works on various desktop and mobile clients: AndroidWindowsmacOSLinux, and iOS. You can download all our native apps here.
Thank you for supporting ProtonVPN and our mission to provide a secure and private Internet to all. As always, you will find more news and product announcements via our social media pages below.

Best Regards,
The ProtonVPN Team

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  1. Mihail Tariev

    Hi there! Thanks for the new servers! 🙂
    I would be grateful for adding a few Russian P2P-servers (if it is profitable – because Yarowaya law came into force on July 1 and this is can be a problem).

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