Our newest VPN servers are coming to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

Posted on October 31st, 2018 by in Service Updates.


The demand for safe, private Internet browsing has been increasing all over the world but especially in Europe. This has been driving our expansion. We will not stop until everyone has access to our secure and fast VPN service. We have now introduced new VPN servers in Luxembourg.

The four new VPN servers will be housed in Bissen, Luxembourg. Users with one of our paid plans will have access to them.

?? LU #1 is available for Basic plans
?? LU #2-4
are available for Plus and Visionary plans

Why servers in Luxembourg are useful

Luxembourg is one of the financial centers of Europe and the home of many prominent banks and financial institutions. All this money can attract the attention of hackers, which, in 2015, led a local paper to characterize Luxembourg’s cybersecurity landscape as a “warzone.” Our VPN servers offer advanced online security to Luxembourgers, allowing them to protect their personal data from hackers.

Luxembourg also sits at the heart of Europe, and many Luxembourgers travel to neighboring countries for work and pleasure. With these new servers, they can access their favorite Luxembourgish sites with a Luxembourgish IP address, thereby avoiding any geo-blocks on content.

In addition to having exclusive access to these new servers in Luxembourg, users with Plus or Visionary accounts will have access to our Secure Streaming feature. This allows our users to access streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5, and others without sacrificing their online privacy and security.

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Our mission is to provide our users security and privacy in their online activity. Thank you for your support. Keep an eye out for new developments on our social media pages below.

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.

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