Get started using VPN on your mobile devices

Protecting your online privacy and bypassing censorship by using a VPN on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device has never been more important.

With Proton VPN, you can stay private when browsing on your mobile devices using our free VPN apps for iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

  • Connect your mobile device to an encrypted VPN server
  • Encrypt the connection between your device and the VPN server
  • Unblock social media and other geo-restricted or censored apps

Why use a VPN on your mobile device?

As mobile device usage has overtaken desktop usage, protecting your mobile data from prying eyes has become more important than ever. A VPN prevents your ISP and mobile network provider from seeing your information, and so prevents untargeted mass surveillance by your government.


A VPN prevents your ISP or government from seeing your online activity

Defeat censorship

A VPN can help you defeat censorship by "spoofing" your location

Prevent tracking

A VPN prevents websites you visit from seeing your real unique IP address

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Get a secure VPN for Android or iOS

  • Proton VPN secures your device's internet connection with advanced encryption, allowing you to access blocked apps and bypass censorship.
  • If you're looking for more privacy, we also offer Secure Core, which routes your traffic through VPN servers in countries with strong data protection laws before connecting you to another VPN server and then your desired website.

How to get Proton VPN for Android or iOS

    Why use Proton VPN?

    Bypass censorship and access blocked content

    Use Proton VPN to connect a VPN server in another country to bypass local internet blocks and censorship. With over 1,300 servers in over 60 countries, our global network of servers ensures you can access blocked apps and websites no matter where you are.

    Privacy-first VPN protection

    Using Proton VPN lets you protect your privacy with multiple layers of security. We use only VPN protocols with no known vulnerabilities at their highest encryption settings to protect your privacy.

    Free no-logs VPN

    Get unlimited browsing with Proton VPN’s Free plan. We’re the only free VPN that keeps your online activity private without logs, ads, or malware. Our Free VPN plan allows everyone to unblock the internet and start browsing more freely.

    High-speed connections with VPN Accelerator

    Proton VPN offers unparalleled speed performance thanks to our use of a combination of 10 Gbps servers, advanced VPN protocols like WireGuard, and VPN Accelerator technology that can improve the browsing speeds on your mobile by over 400%, even over long-distance connections.

    NetShield Ad-blocker

    When using a VPN, your ISP can’t see which websites you connect to and websites you connect to can’t see your real unique IP address. Proton VPN’s NetShield Ad-blocker feature on iOS and Android blocks DNS queries to tracker and malware domains, and is effective at blocking many other ways of tracking you online.

    How Proton VPN ensures privacy and transparency

    No logs

    No logs

    Unlike ISPs and mobile network providers we keep no logs that can compromise your privacy

    Based in Switzerland

    Based in Switzerland

    We are based in Switzerland, which has some of the strongest data privacy laws in the world

    Secure VPN protocols

    Secure VPN protocols

    We use only the most secure VPN protocols, with strong encryption and forward secrecy

    Smart Protocol

    Smart Protocol

    Our Smart Protocol feature allows you to connect to Proton VPN even when some protocols or standard ports are blocked

    Secure Core

    Secure Core

    We offer a specially hardened Secure Core VPN service for those who need it

    DNS leak protection

    DNS leak protection

    All DNS lookups are handled exclusively by Proton and no data is ever routed outside the VPN tunnel

    Audited and open source

    Audited and open source

    Our apps are fully audited and open source, so anyone can check them

    Alternative routing

    Alternative routing

    Our alternative routing feature helps you access our service even when connections to our servers are blocked

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, but not too much. Encrypting and decrypting your data requires processing power, which, in theory, can slow down your internet connection. In practice, even low-end modern smartphones can handle VPN encryption with no noticeable slowdown.

    A bigger issue is how far your data travels. Connecting to a VPN server adds another “leg” to its journey, which inevitably slows it down. This is particularly true if the VPN server you connect to is located on the other side of the world from you.

    If you connect to a VPN server fairly nearby, (for example, anywhere in Europe if you are based in Europe), it is unlikely you will notice any slowdown. In addition to this, our unique VPN Accelerator technology can increase speeds by over 400% under certain conditions and is particularly effective at mitigating speed loss when connecting to geographically distant servers.

    Learn more about VPN Accelerator

    Another factor to consider is the “server load” of the VPN server you are using. That is, how many people are using it at the same time as you and thus making demands on its resources.

    This is the only reason that our free servers, which can get a little busy during peak times, do not always allow the speeds that are available when using our Basic and Plus servers, which tend to be less busy.

    Proton VPN uses the OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols for its mobile apps (plus IKEv2 in our iOS app), which experts agree are the most secure VPN protocols yet devised. We also implement these at their strongest encryption settings.

    Our open-source apps feature kill switches to protect you against VPN dropouts, and built-in DNS and IPv6 leak protection ensure there is no possibility your privacy can be compromised.

    Our servers are all “hardened” with multiple security layers and failsafes, in addition to using robust physical security measures. Where security is of paramount importance, you might like to consider using our special Secure Core service for additional protection.

    Using a VPN on your mobile device is completely safe as long as you use a trustworthy VPN app. Unfortunately, there are lots of untrustworthy apps on the App Store and Play Store that will keep logs of your activity and sell your data.

    Proton VPN keeps no logs that can compromise your privacy, is based in Switzerland, home of some of the strongest data privacy laws in the world, uses only the strongest VPN protocols and encryption suites possible, and makes the source code of all our apps freely available for anyone to audit.

    We have commissioned professional third-party audits of all our apps, the results of which are publicly available.

    When using a VPN, DNS queries are supposed to go through the VPN tunnel so that only the VPN service can see and resolve them. A DNS leak occurs when a DNS request is somehow routed outside the VPN tunnel so that it can be seen by (and usually also resolved by) your ISP.

    There are a number of reasons this can happen, and while Windows is typically the worst offender, it can happen on any platform. DNS leak protection solves the problem by using firewall rules to ensure no traffic can leave your device outside the VPN tunnel.

    Proton VPN keeps no logs of your activities that could at a future point compromise your privacy.

    Other than payment details, which are never tied to your online activities, Proton VPN keeps no logs whatsoever. And under Swiss law, we cannot be compelled to start logging.