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Paying for Proton VPN with Bitcoin

If you’re looking to keep your payment history out of your bank’s hands, you can use Bitcoin to pay for your Proton VPN paid plan.

Bitcoin is not available as a payment method during account sign-up, though it can be used to purchase account credits once you have created your account. You can then use those credits to purchase your Proton paid plan.

To purchase a Proton plan with Bitcoin:

1. Sign up for a Proton VPN Free plan at if you haven’t already.

2. Click the Upgrade button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. 

Proton VPN Upgrade button

3. Select the subscription period and click Select… on the plan you want and continue to the checkout.

Dashboard showing Proton VPN plan options

4. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

Option to select Bitcoin as your payment method

This will bring up a QR code, BTC address, and the total Bitcoin due for your upgrade transaction.

Bitcoin QR code

If you’re using a mobile Bitcoin wallet, you can scan the QR code displayed to automatically process the payment.

If you don’t have QR scanning ability within your Bitcoin wallet, you can manually submit the transaction using the provided BTC address. To do so, copy the BTC address into the recipient address of your wallet and select the amount of BTC displayed next to the BTC amount in the payment module. (For example, the above amount is 0.0072601 BTC.)

Important: Please do not re-use the same QR code/BTC address from previous payments. Due to a limitation of our API, subsequent payments to the same address will not be recognized. So you must begin the payment process again for each new payment.

5. After you’ve successfully sent the Bitcoin transaction, a confirmation message will be sent to your Proton Mail address letting you know the transaction has been confirmed by the Proton system.

Since the system requires several confirmations for the payment to be verified, it may take up to 12 hours until you receive your confirmation message in your Proton Mail inbox.

6. Once the account transaction is verified, you’ll have Proton credit in your account. You can verify this by going to Dashboard → Credits.

Credits section showing unused credits

7. Now it’s time to upgrade your account using your new Proton credit. To do so, click the Upgrade button at the top right of your screen.

Proton VPN Upgrade button

8. Click Select… on the plan you want and continue to the checkout.

Dashboard showing Proton VPN plan options

9. Check the Payment Summary. You’ll see your credit automatically applied to the amount due. Select Pay… to confirm the payment and complete your upgrade. 

Payment summary showing credits applied to your order

Note: Bitcoin payments currently don’t have the ability to turn on Autopay. To avoid interruptions to your Proton services between billing periods, we recommend that you make your Bitcoin payment at least 24 hours before your bill is due. The credit you receive in your Proton Account when paying with Bitcoin never expires.

You can also pay for your Proton plan with cash.

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  1. Donald Kemmerer

    I just sent $41.36 in bitcoin to you guys from Wallet Address: 3MPAYLs4NyQX3hPd4UfY6wezW7nZvFwb4a. Hope to hear from you guys soon. I’m looking forward to using your services.

  2. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Donald. Please ensure our customer support team are aware of this.

  3. naveen

    HI, is there any chance others would know that bitcoin address I am sending the payment to belongs to protonvpn?

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Naveen. That’s a negative since all of the bitcoin payments are anonymous. So even if someone would know the ProtonVPN walled address, yours is still anonymous and cannot be tied to any person.

  5. MP

    Thank you for the information. I can’t remember if I have sent bitcoin to the VPN, but I know that I have sent a substantial amount to protonmail itself. Not like it matters but you should check and make sure that you received it. It was done through the Blockchain under
    PS the step by step guide really helps with the guidance throughout the entire process. Thank you.

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ken,
    We did not disable bitcoin payments. Please contact our support team and we will help you solve this out!

  7. QuinoaTech

    Why don’t you offer payment in bitcoin jet? Please use coingate or shapeshift/shifty as payment processor. These work the best.

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, we do accept BitCoin. If you want to pay with BitCoin, you have to register for a free account, then subscribe inside user dashboard.

  9. Oliver Isaacs
  10. BRDwe

    Cannot finish bitcoin payment

  11. ProtonVPN


    We apologize for the late response. Can you please tell us if you are still experiencing the issue? Which method have you used to send the BTC amount?

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