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How do I install and uninstall Proton VPN on Windows?

The following instructions are applicable for Windows versions 7,8 and 10.

Proton VPN’s native client app is the simplest way to install Proton VPN on your device. To guarantee the protection of your data we use OpenVPN protocol by default. Once installed you can start using Proton VPN right away. If you don’t yet have a Proton account, you can sign up for a Free plan for Windows. Below we also explain the steps you can take to uninstall Proton VPN.


Installing Proton VPN

To install Proton VPN, please follow these steps:

    1. Download the Proton VPN Windows app
    2. Go to your downloads folder and double click the protonvpn.exe installation file
      1. If a new window pops up asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”, click ‘Yes’
      2. If installing for the first time, the OpenVPN TAP adapter installation will appear. In the window, click ‘Next >
      3. During the installation process, installation of Windows .NET might be required as well. If prompted, follow the instructions to install Windows .NET as well.
    3. Click I Agree and then Next>
    4. Finally click Install
    5. Once the installer window is open, click install on the first screen. The installer will proceed with the process automatically
    6. Once installed, the Proton VPN application will start, and appear in a new window. A shortcut to the application will also appear on your desktop for the ease of access.



Uninstalling Proton VPN

You can uninstall Proton VPN by following these steps:

  1. Right click the start button and press Programs and Features (located at the very top of the list)
  2. Locate the Proton VPN app and press Uninstall
  3. When a pop up window appears asking if you are sure you want to uninstall, click Yes



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  1. fdasfasd

    When I try to install it says it is for the x86. I have x64. Where is the download file for win7 x64?

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Our application installation file is for both of the operating system versions, so there is no other file to download, this will do the job.

  3. Tom Roche

    Installed but refuses to connect – waste of time ¬

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Tom, please contact our customer support team if none of your read articles helped you. We will need the connection logs to see what is failing on your system and fix it.

  5. Newbie

    I am planning to install ProtonVPN on my virtual machine and need advice if it will work without compromising any security.
    I am using a Mac Book Pro 2017 with 10.13.6 OS and am running VMWare Fusion 11 and Windows 7 Pro.
    I would like to install ProtonVPN on my Windows 7 Pro Virtual Machine and my primary use will be to post anonymously to blogs. Any guidance will be appreciated.

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. There is no special treatment for VM`s , just install on it simply as it was a windows machine and it should work just fine.

  7. Bill

    Installed version 1.6.3. on Windows 10, 64bit OS and has been working without any problems from day 1.
    Primarily using AU servers. Very fast..

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Bill. We are truly happy to hear that you are satisfied with our software and we hope to keep it that way!

  9. Stewart

    Service “ProtonVPN Service” ( ProtonVPN Service ) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services.

    This was on an upgrade from 1.5.1 to 1.6.1. I am the system Admin and user account has admin privileges. This didn’t happen on the same machine until this last update. Do you have a ProtonVPN uninstaller utility like most major companies have ( a la ESET ) when faced with things being impossible to install for unknown reasons ?

    I just tried Windscribe, their service installs with no issues whatsoever.

  10. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Stewart, please contact our customer support team since we will need more details on solving this issue :

  11. Steven

    After uninstalling it some websites are still blocked.What should I do?

  12. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Steven, please try to restart your machine and if that did not help contact our customer support team for further investigation –

  13. Michael Clayton

    I get an error saying “Error installing the TAP device driver”. After I click OK the installation finishes, but I’m not able to connect to any of the servers after logging in.

  14. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Michael. TAP installation issues are related to your machine not managing it somewhere or if its corrupted at some point. Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to investigate and find where the issue might be.

  15. VPNinstaller

    Whenever I try to install it on my Windows 10 machine, it asks me to download another encrypted file that need to be decrypted with GPG. Is this normal? I’m unable to connect to the server to download that attachment and install ProtonVPN

  16. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. We do not request you to download anything that is encrypted and then decrypt to install it. All of our applications are stored under our website, so please make sure you are entering the correct website and downloading the official application.

  17. new user

    I’m currently trying out the free plan before I decide whether to upgrade. Please would you indicate which of the paid plans include the kill switch, preventing internet traffic if the VPN drops out (I see it can’t be activated with the free plan)?

  18. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. ProtonVPN offers Killswitch and all of the features that other subscription type customers get for all of the customers. You can find them in the application settings, top left corner 3 horizontal lines -> settings -> general.

  19. Marc

    hey, i have installed protonvpn everytime i try to connect to a server i get stuck un assigning ip and after a few seconds the connecting message disapears and im not connected

  20. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Marc. Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out!

  21. bulkerfleet

    Hi, I been trying to install and run ProtonVPN on Windows XP, but it doesnt work. Pls help or advise. Thank you

  22. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, Sadly we do not support windows XP/Vista platforms due to the security issues that it has as Microsoft has stopped the support for it. Our application support windows 7 and above. To use it on windows XP you will have to use the OpenVPN gui.

  23. DW

    Hi All,
    My OS is Win 10 v.1709 I would like to install ProtonVPN but I have a few questions:
    1) Will installing ProtonVPN have any affect on my modem/router?
    2) Will I need to change any settings in my Internet Security software? I am using BitDefender 2018.
    3) Is ProtonVPN native to you or are you using another package such as Hotspot like BitDefender is using?
    4) Does ProtonVPN have a EULA and/or a privacy agreement?
    5) Will I need to modify any browser settings? I primarily use FireFox v. 59.0.2.
    Best Regards,

  24. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello DCW,
    Here are some answers to our questions:
    1 – It has no affect on the routers or other devices connected to that PC.
    2 – You have to observe if the BitDefender will show any pop ups, as it could block the connection of ProtonVPN.
    3 – We are using OpenVPN connection protocol and IKEv2 also. We built our application on these protocols , since they are currently the most secure ones out there.
    4 – and other privacy related articles could be found at the bottom of our page in Legal section.
    5 – No modifications needs to be done to use ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN will be installed on to your system with a tunneling adapter, to route all of your device traffic trough the VPN.

  25. Ivan Zbiral

    Hello !
    I am trying to install VPN sevice and I am getting msg “Proton VPN Service failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privilages to start system services? What do I do? Thanx

  26. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ivan, please make sure that you have all of the latest windows updates installed, additional ones too, excluding language packs. If that did not help, please contact our customer support team –

  27. doarez

    i want uninstall ProtonVPN but it always failed

  28. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Doarez,
    Have you tried uninstalling it from control panel uninstall programs? What exactly fails? Please contact our support with more detailed information.

  29. cpteblackadder

    I’ve been trying to install the tap driver but keep getting error messages.

  30. ProtonVPN Team

    That means there is something worng with your current operating system , or its configured or missing some of the required components, that TAP driver requires for the installation.
    Please contact our customer support team to help you out with this issue.

  31. Erica

    I’m using your tor enabled VPN, I was able to connect via iOS, using open vpn, but I’m having issues on my windows laptop. It will connect but almost immediately it says in red connection broken you are not secure. Any suggestions/guidance would be appreciated. Ty. Oh and I used the native client app.

  32. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Erica.
    Could you please contact our support team regarding your issue? We are certain that we can help you out. :)

  33. Arcon

    Hi, i have tried free proton VPN but everytime when I connect, I recive info that peer-to-peer is not supported, so, I am not able to access to any website. Why, what does it mean? I dont use P2P; so, why am I recive this message?

  34. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Arcon,
    Could you please contact our support with all detailed information, like your application list, what servers are you trying to connect and what OS are you using?

  35. John

    Like a similar comment earlier, I have uninstalled ProtonVPN ,as I kept getting a message stating that I was disconnected from the Dutch server because I was using P2P. I turned off U torrent but it continued. After uninstalling ProtonVPN, however, I still get the message about being disconnected as the first webpage when I click on and open up Internet Explorer. Is there an easy way to fix this? Why is there still a link when I have uninstalled? I have deleted all cache memory and temporary internet files and cache history already.

  36. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John,
    Could you please contact our support team with all of this detailed information? We`ll do our best to help you out.

  37. Paul

    I tried ProtonVPN for a bit and uninstalled again.
    The problem is, the program has hijacked my browser. It’s no longer running and I can’t find it anywhere. But certain websites redirect to the ProtonVPN warning page. What the f- guys this can’t be real.
    Please tell me how to remove it.

  38. ProtonVPN

    Hello, could you please provide a better clarification regarding the issue? The VPN Windows application cannot influence the existence of your browser in any way. Please create a ticket through the following link for our support team, so we can assist you in resolving the issues:

  39. Mark

    I can’t install the driver “TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Provider V9” because my OS cannot verify the digital signature (Code 52)
    I can disable this check, but is there another way?
    (Windows 7)

  40. ProtonVPN

    Hello, we can send you an individual file for the TAP adapter, so you can try that way. Please contact our support team through the following link for easier correspondence:

  41. bob

    I recently uninstalled Proton vpn from my machine because it wouldn’t allow me to access certain sites it wrongly identified as p2p sites without upgrading to pay. I’m STILL getting the same message after the uninstall of all proton garbage. Why?

  42. ProtonVPN


    Could you please tell us which platform/OS you were using for ProtonVPN, as well as to which servers you were connected at the time? You’ll get the P2P error message if you are accessing P2P traffic, or if you have P2P applications running in the background of your system while you are not connected to a ProtonVPN P2P server.

  43. Livingroom

    Hello, I seem to be having an issue with connecting to a server. Login in just fine. I can see the list of servers but cannot connect to any of them. Is there something wrong with my paid account? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  44. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, we need to see connection logs first in order to troubleshoot your issue. It would be great if you could send us an e-mail via and our technicians will help you out!

  45. Dare

    When i try to connect VPN service it seem all good but at the end it doesnt connect anything there is no error. I check log files it said there is no tap-network but i can see on network adapters screen etc. what is my problem please help.

  46. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Dare, please write us an e-mail via and attach your log files as well, we will check where the issue might be.

  47. David

    Are the server_configs, country_configs, and securecore_configs .zip files made available for download because they are necessary for setup in Windows? If so, how do I use them?

  48. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello David, config files are only required if you are using an OpenVPN client in order to connect to VPN. If you are using ProtonVPN application, config files are downloaded automatically.

  49. TC

    Hi. I DL’d mail a few months ago and just DL and installed your VPN with no problems. Thanks for making the internet more secure for us. : )

  50. Eugene

    Please make an app for WindowsPhone.

  51. Ben

    Could you please advise how to install the on a Windows 7 machine where I do not have admin rights? My work laptop unfortunately does notgive me these rights. Many thanks…

  52. George

    I cannot install ProtonVPN. I tried it several times. Also with system restart. I use Windows Vista.
    I try it as administrator.
    At first, it is installed “OpenVPN TAP adapter driver Windows Vista”. That seems to be ok.
    After that, it begins to install ProtonVPN. But then comes the message:

    “The ProtonVPN Setup Wizard ended prematurely.
    ProtonVPN setup ended prematurely because of an error. Your sytem has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again.
    Click the “Finish” button to exit Setup Wizard.”

    I finish then.
    A second question please:
    For the free account waiting list is required an Email-Address.
    Must it be a ProtonMail Email-Address or can I use an arbitrary Email-Address?
    Thank you!

  53. ProtonVPN

    We don’t have good compatibility with Window Vista, we recommend trying to use a third party OpenVPN client:

    You can use any email for the waiting list.

  54. George

    Thank you very much for your answer and the link. I need a bit of time, but I will try it.

  55. Faisal

    my support request has gone unanswered for 5 days now, going on the 6th day…

  56. k.g.

    uninstalled several times. I have only successfully connected to a server once. All links timeout constantly in Win 7 client.

  57. ProtonVPN

    hi, please make sure that you are connecting to servers that are available to your subscription. For a list of available servers see If this issue persists, please drop us a line via the support form (at bottom of this page)

  58. Faisal

    Getting “Error 1001.” when trying to install prontonvpn on windows. Please help

  59. Yihuang Wu

    I got the same problem as xiejp’s. An “Error 1001” occurred and the installation process was ended prematurely. What am I supposed to do with that?

  60. ProtonVPN

    Please make sure you are installing with administrator privileges and make the required restart if there are prerequisites being installed before the actual installation of ProtonVPN. If this issue persists, please drop us a line via and include a screenshot of the situation

  61. WilsonLu

    I use Win7 and I login as a administrator and still suffer this error1001 for several times. I also make the screenshot but dont know how to send to you.

  62. ProtonVPN

    Hi, pls drop us a line via and you will be able to attach screenshots in the following email thread

  63. Alexey

    Hi, I have bought PLUS account, but I can’t install! not get any answer to my mail and bug report. I had message “Service ProtonVPN failed to start” during installation. I have administrator rights. I can’t start service via windows console either. What to do? Now, I use OpenVPN, but it isn’t comfortable.

  64. ProtonVPN

    sorry for the inconvenience. Please make sure that, during the installation process, if there are “Prerequisites” being installed, they often require a system restart whenever a new component is installed (often not explicitly labeled). Please make sure that you do so. After the reboot, simply start the installation again, and the prerequisite should be successfully installed and the problem should be solved.

  65. Jean-Pierre

    Hello. As I did not get ANY answer to my 2 mails from the last 7 days I post this claim. Since I bought and installed your PROTONVPN PLUS on June 22 I cannot use it : no connection, to ANY country. I had the obligation to use my current browser (Firefox) and furthermore I got problems. Then I was obliged to uninstall your VPN in order to find a normal access to internet. So please give an answer to this claim because I pay VPN for nothing… Thank you. Kind regards. Jean-Pierre

  66. ProtonVPN

    Thanks for the support and apologies for the delay, we’re still catching up on support inquries from launch (we’ve gotten around 800 inquries per day split between Mail and VPN). Which step of the installation have you gotten to?

  67. Jean-Pierre

    I don’t understand very well the terms of your question… There is only one step for installation of your VPN. We download your program .exe (windows 10 for me) and then we click on install. Finally, without any other manipulation on our side, your application is automatically opened in a new window on the screen.The message : “your system is not protected” is in red on the top of VPN window. Then, when we click on any country, system is turning, for nothing…

  68. Barbara

    I recently purchased the basic software, and I’m having the same problem. It installed, but when i try to use it, it says my connection is not secure. I’m running the latest version of Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 3 with Kaspersky Internet Protection. At first I thought there might be a conflict with my security package, but then I saw this on the Proton site and gave it a shot.
    I can’t attach a screen shot, but on the screed that says you are not protected, to the upper left side of the screen, you’ll see an on/off slider for Secure Core. Push that to off and you’ll have a list of secure servers you can use. I’m not sure what the next step is for accessing my accounts in the US, but this is at least a step in the right direction.

  69. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Barbara, please contact us via our support form here and our tech team will try help you out:

  70. zxcvvv

    ücretsiz kayıt için ne kadar süre beklemem gerekiyor

  71. Ding Fu

    when i install the vpn client, it tells me error and says my system has not been modified. But my system is the latest(Win 10). Please tell me how do it.

  72. JP

    Is there a tutorial for setting protonvpn? Because nothing is explained after installation …

  73. JP

    Is there a problem with an IP in Greece ?

  74. xiejp

    What’s the meaning of “ERROE 1001”,and how can I fix it when I was installing on my window7?

  75. CootaZ

    Does ProtonVPN work on Win XP ? In which protocols it works? PPTP too, or only OpenVPN?

  76. ProtonVPN

    Currently, we only support OpenVPN and support for XP has not been tested

  77. Anton

    Is it possbile to connect with a pptp client? thx

  78. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Anton, we currently support OpenVPN UDP/TCP and IKEv2 protocols, PPTP and L2TP are not supported.

  79. CTRLxT

    So as of now there is no support for Windows Phones?

  80. Dustin Knudsen

    I tried to install the ProtonVPN and got an “Error occured with TAP device driver” message. This is after downloading the installer, and clicking “Install.” Then it just says it was unsuccessful and I click “Finish” and that’s that.

  81. ProtonVPN

    just to confirm , you a re installing this with admin privileges?

  82. Anon

    I currently have another VPN service installed on my PC, which I have been evaluating. Is it necessary to fully uninstall this VPN prior to installing ProtonVPN?

  83. Marc

    How many computers can I connect? I would need at least 2 (desktop and laptop).

  84. ProtonVPN

    You will be able to have more than 2 connections with a paid plan – more info on the plans coming with the launch soon

  85. SR

    ** NOTE**
    All was working fine on Win7, then after I installed one of the Windows Security Updates, could no longer get the ProtonVPN to work!

    Had to Uninstall that update to get it working again. No longer have that computer so couldn’t tell you exactly which update caused the problem, but seems like it was one of the April/May 2017 updates. Suggest that people with ProtonVPN connection problems consider experimenting by uninstalling one MS Security Update at a time to see if that restores functionality to their ProtonVPN.

  86. Tafta

    HI, I got the same problem as others trying to connect on win 7. Your support form doesn’t work either,
    what’s going on with you ?

  87. ProtonVPN

    Does this problem still persist for you? What app version are you running on (latest one is v0.9.7).

    We had received your support ticket and answered within a few minutes(should be in your email inbox). If this problem persists, please follow up on the ticket.

    Happy testing

  88. Trav

    So currently no support for Windows Phones? Native of course?

  89. ProtonVPN

    Hi Trav, curretnly not but we’re already developing mobile applications and will evaluate if/when to add support for Windwows Phones.

  90. anthem

    I am praying that soon(er or later) we will have ProtonVPN app and support on all Windows Phone (10) ?

  91. steve

    I am having a problem setting up on WIN7 64.
    Install runs fine, all 3 prerequisites are present.
    When I try a quick connect or any other connect it just cycles with busy trying to connect.

    Here is log information for ProtonVPN and ProtonVPN Service:

    [admin edit: moved log to pastebin due to excessive length]

  92. ProtonVPN

    Hi steve, please reach out to support via

  93. Anonymous

    Same problem here on my desktop in the office, running Win10 64. Any advice?

    (It worked fine on Win10 64 on my personal laptop at home. I wonder whether it could be some kind of VPN blocking by my system administrator)

  94. Kesen

    The link you keep posting for support is missing the r in protonvpn

  95. ProtonVPN

    Thanks for spotting this, we’re not safe from the occasional typo :)

  96. Brian Hill

    Hi, trying to load on Win7…just keeps stalling during the install. Here is a copy of the log…

    [admin edit: moved log to pastebin due to excessive length]

  97. ProtonVPN

    Hi Brian, if the issue persists please contact our support team at

  98. ⒶF

    Beta testing Proton VPN v0.9.3 on Windows 7 x64

    Config =Start minimized with OS, auto connect to profile
    Profile = Secure Core IS-NL#1

    Everything seems to run smooth. There’s a splash/ loading window making the “start minimized” pretty useless, but everything else is cool. Good work.

  99. Samson


    For Windows 10, which type of VPN should we select when configuring (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2)? Having no issues connecting to the proton server, but can’t get the VPN to connect through my computer in order to use.


  100. ProtonVPN

    Hi Samson, ProtonVPN is based on the OpenVPN protocol which Win10 does not support natively. We recommend using the ProtonVPN native application for proper configuration of the VPN tunnel.

  101. Luke

    1. Is the ProtonVPN native application open-source?
    2. Can we have instructions how to set up ProtonVPN using some generic OpenVPN application for those who don’t like surrendering their systems to custom executables?

  102. ProtonVPN

    The application is not yet open-source but we plan to do so in the future, just like with ProtonMail. Instructions as to how to use config files to set up coming in the near future (current config files for Mac do not protect Windows users from DNS leak)

  103. Perta

    Hi can you explain how can we connect throw ProtonVPN under Android ?
    Thanks a lot.

  104. ProtonVPN

    Hi Perta, check out the Android guide here

  105. ProtonVPN

    Hi Perta, check out the Android setup guide

  106. joey

    i have the same problem.

  107. Paul

    I have downloaded & installed ProtonVPN for Windows 7 but when I attempt to log in using my ProtonMail Plus credentials, it bombs and cancels. I uninstalled ProtonVPN, ran Windows Update, rebooted, redownloaded ProtonVPN and installed it again and it still bombs when I try to log on.

  108. ProtonVPN

    Hi Paul, could you please contact our support team via the support form and we’ll look into whats causing this for you. Thanks!

  109. J.L.

    I have the same frustrating problem. I’ve repeatedly downloaded ProtonVPN, followed all installation instructions & heeded the scant troubleshooting info…but cannot get it to work, to stop crashing. (IF ProtonVPN for Windows has been designed to work only with #!%!# Windows 10 — Microsoft’s terrible non”upgrade” — I won’t buy it. I would, however, PREFER to buy VPN from the ProtonMail company/affiliate, so I hope they soon make a USABLE version for customers using Windows 7.)

  110. ProtonVPN

    Hi J.L. ProtonVPN will work with Win7/8/10 and perhaps also older versions which we haven’t tested for. Please drop us a line via the support form with some more details as to where in the installation process you get stalled. Thanks

  111. maytk

    Hello, I would like to know the installation program’s hash, please tell me, thank you.

  112. ProtonVPN Team

    Please contact our support for the programs hash .

  113. Nick

    Hi, I really like your VPN.

    I would like to know its price in the future.
    Since I already bought a subscription to ExpressVPN for half a year.
    And I’ll try to give it up in favor of yours if you have a normal price.

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