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Payment options

ProtonVPN offers premium plans to users that want more features (like P2P file sharing or Secure Streaming) and more advanced security (like Secure Core). There are several ways to pay when you upgrade to a premium plan.

ProtonVPN accepts payments via credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. If you have a Free plan and would like to upgrade, or if you have a premium plan and would like to change your payment method, you need to go to your account Dashboard.

To access the Dashboard, log in to your existing ProtonVPN account and then click Dashboard.

This will take you to a screen that will allow you to upgrade your current plan.

Once you select the plan that interests you, you will see the following screen where you can enter your payment information.

Credit/Debit Card

To pay with a credit card you need to:

  1. Select the New card option in the dropdown menu (this is selected by default)
  2. Fill in the details of the card
  3. Click Submit

Please be sure to review your payment credentials prior to selecting Submit.

Once you click Submit, your card will be charged the Total amount. If the charge succeeds, your account will automatically be upgraded and you can access the premium features.


  1. Select the PayPal option from the dropdown menu
  2. Click on Check out with PayPal.
  3. In the pop-up window log in with your PayPal account

Once you log in on PayPal, and confirm in the pop-up window, you will be brought back to the ProtonVPN account screen and your account will be upgraded.


To use Bitcoin as a payment option, you must first have an existing ProtonVPN account. If you do not have a ProtonVPN account and you want to pay with Bitcoin, create a free account first at Then follow the instructions here.

For more details on upgrading with Bitcoin or if you have any questions, you can also contact us by clicking this link:


Yes, you can pay for ProtonVPN with cash. But before you send in your payment, you must first have an existing ProtonVPN account. Create your free account at

Once your account is set up, you must contact the ProtonVPN support team to arrange a payment with cash. You can either send an email to or use our support form, which you can access by following this link: Be sure to specify your login name and the plan you wish to subscribe to. Our support team will respond to you with details about next steps.

If you would like more information about upgrading your account with Bitcoin, paying with
cash, or answers to any other questions, contact us using our support form:

You can upgrade or cancel your account at any time and receive a prorated price based on your existing account level or a prorated refund.

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