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Support Center / Android VPN problems with permissions and Always-On VPN

Android VPN problems with permissions and Always-On VPN

Why am I unable to use multiple VPN applications on my Android?

There is a limitation within the Android operating system (OS) that prevents you from using multiple VPN applications because of how Android handles network profiles. Additionally, there is an Always-ON feature that is available on the Android 7.0 OS. If the Always-ON profile is activated for another VPN application, you will not be able to establish a VPN connection with the ProtonVPN app, even if you are not actively using the other VPN app at that moment. If the Always-ON profile is enabled for the old ProtonVPN application, you will not be able to connect with the new ProtonVPN application that we have recently released.

To resolve this issue, you need to disable the Always-ON option for all of the other VPN applications installed on your Android device, including the old ProtonVPN app. You can disable the Always-ON option by following these steps:

– Select Network under Settings on your device.
– Navigate to the VPN category.
– Tap the gear/options icon next to the installed VPN profiles on your device.
– Ensure that the Always-ON option is not activated for any additional profiles except the new ProtonVPN application.

Note that these steps are general ones and may vary depending on which Android device you own.

Once you have disabled the Always-ON feature for your other VPN applications, you can establish a VPN connection using the new ProtonVPN app.

Why do I have to give permissions to ProtonVPN?

The first time you attempt to connect to one of our VPN servers, a Connection request window will pop up with the following message:

You need to tap the OK button in order to proceed with the ProtonVPN connection.

ProtonVPN has a strict no-logs policy and we do not log your data. This message is a generic Android notification that is shown whenever an application needs access to your device’s network. Since ProtonVPN protects and encrypts your entire Internet connection while you are connected to our servers, our application needs access to your device‚Äôs network connection. This request will pop up only on your first connection attempt. Once you tap OK and give your permission, you will be able to connect to ProtonVPN servers and encrypt your Internet connection.

If the pop-up window is not responding when you try to tap OK, it means that some application is interfering in the process. The cause of this behavior may be a display application, such as Twilight or f.lux. If the OK button does not respond, please disable your display applications and try again.


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