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Italian VPN servers are now available in Proton VPN!

Posted on June 5th, 2018 by in Service Updates.

Illustration of Italian VPN servers


UPDATE March 19, 2020: In response to high demand during the coronavirus lockdown, we added eight more Italian VPN servers today to keep our community connected and safe online. Here are the new servers:

IT #5-7 are available for Basic plans.
IT #8-12 are available for Plus and Visionary plans.

We’re continually improving and expanding Proton VPN. Whether it’s our new macOS VPN app or the launch today of Italian VPN servers, we are committed to giving our community a better and better service.

Italy VPN servers were in high demand from users. With this latest addition, Proton VPN now offers servers in 15 countries on four continents, and we’re working to add more all the time. The four servers are in Milan and available to those with paid plans:

IT #1-2 are available for Basic plans.
IT #3-4 are available for Plus and Visionary plans.

By securing your Internet connection through our Italy VPN servers, you will not only be able to browse with an Italian IP address, you will also be able to access more content online. We have tested streaming on Hulu, HBO GO, ZDF, Channel4, and Channel5, and all are accessible via our new Italian VPN servers.

Learn more about how VPNs work.

Because our top priority is security, the Italian servers can be used with Secure Core, our advanced security feature designed to defend users against network-based attacks. A sophisticated attacker, such as a state surveillance agency, can easily monitor a user’s Internet activity by gaining control of a VPN server or its upstream network. We mitigate this threat by first passing users’ connections through a Secure Core server that we control in Iceland, Switzerland, or Sweden, countries with very strong privacy laws.

Learn more about Secure Core.

We’re proud to be a community-funded project, and we take your feedback seriously. As we continue to expand into other countries, please let us know in the comments what country you would like us to add next.

Still don’t have Proton VPN? We’re a free VPN service created by the same team that built Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider. Signing up is easy. Click the signup button below to get started. Or if you already have an account and want to upgrade to access our Italy VPN servers, click upgrade.

Sign Up Upgrade

Our VPN works on various desktop and mobile clients: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS. You can download all applications here.

Thank you for supporting Proton VPN and our mission to provide a secure and private Internet to all. Keep an eye out for more product announcements via our social media pages below.

Best Regards,
The Proton VPN Team

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Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.


  1. pollos

    all IP are detected by netflix and d’ont allow me to watch stream movie

  2. Augustinas

    Hey Pollos, at first, please check our Secure Streaming article on our Support page here: https://protonvpn.com/support/watch-netflix-with-vpn/. If that won’t help, please get in touch with our support team via https://protonvpn.com/support-form and they will assist you with that. There is a chance that you are connecting to an incorrect server or your device/computer might need some adjustments.

  3. Dara

    Add servers in Norway ;)

  4. Anonym Anonymovich Anonymovsky

    Your dedication is great. I haven’t got any recommendation for the next country to pick, I am sure you are going to choose the best one.

  5. Qwerty

    We would really like to see servers in Eastern Europe.
    Recently, the Internet in Russia has become very bureaucratic, and servers in Estonia, Latvia and so on would help reduce ping from Russia.

  6. Augustinas

    Thank you for the feedback, we will see want we can do about it!

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