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When my iPhone goes to sleep it stops running Proton VPN

On some devices, when your iPhone or iPad goes to sleep, it causes Proton VPN to stop working. This will typically cause the device to disconnect from your WiFi network. We have identified that the problem lies with iOS and is outside of our control. Thus, unfortunately, we cannot fix it at this time. This bug also affects other VPN clients and providers, as shown in this issue opened on GitHub on Dec. 1, 2019.

Once you wake up your device (i.e., once you unlock its screen), it will immediately reconnect to the VPN. We have already contacted Apple to report this error, and we are actively working with the Apple team to find a solution to this widespread bug.

If you have grave security concerns, you can fix this error by restoring your iPhone or iPad to its factory settings and reinstalling the Proton VPN app. This will remove all data from your device. We only advise that users who have a high threat model consider taking this step.

When Apple releases an update that fixes this bug, we will communicate it immediately via social media or our blog.

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