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What is Smart Routing?

Smart Routing is a technology that allows us to offer VPN servers in countries we might not otherwise be able to due the sensitive nature of those locations. Instead of running servers physically inside those countries, we use servers that are, in reality, located elsewhere.

These Smart Routing-enabled servers behave just like the other servers on the Proton VPN network do. They are also run on our own bare metal servers, so they are equally secure. 

When using a Smart Routing server, you will appear to access the internet from that location, and will benefit from all the features and security advantages of using Proton VPN. 

How to use Smart Routing

To use Smart Routing, simply connect to one of our Smart Routing locations or individual Smart Routing servers. Smart Routing locations are clearly marked in our apps with a globe icon.

Smart routing icon

Which locations use Smart Routing?

Below is a list of locations that use Smart Routing, together with the locations of the bare metal servers they are housed on:

  • Cambodia → Singapore
  • Chile → Miami
  • Costa Rica → Miami
  • Ecuador → Miami
  • Egypt → Bucharest
  • Georgia → Bucharest
  • India → Singapore
  • Indonesia Singapore
  • Malta → Marseilles
  • Mexico → Miami
  • Myanmar → Singapore
  • Nigeria → Madrid
  • Peru → Miami
  • Philippines → Singapore
  • Puerto Rico → Miami
  • South Korea → Singapore
  • Thailand → Singapore
  • Vietnam → Singapore

We are also using Smart Routing technology to double our server capacity in some countries where we also offer physical servers:

  • Argentina → Miami
  • Brazil → Miami 
  • Taiwan → Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates → Marseilles

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