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How to enable VPN connections 

If you have a Proton for Business or a Visionary account, you can create an organization and add users to it (up to six users). By default, each user has 10 VPN connections. This means they can each connect up to 10 devices to Proton VPN at the same time.

As the organization administrator, you can disable these VPN connections for each user. To do this:

1. Log in to your Visionary account at and go to SettingsGo to settingsOrganizationUsers and addresses. Select the user whose connections you wish to edit, ActionEdit

Edit user

2. Toggle the VPN connections switch off (or on to re-enable VPN connections if you have previously disabled them) and click Save. You may be asked to re-enter your Proton Account password. 

Toggle VPN connections switch

The user will now have no VPN connections and will not be able to connect to Proton VPN using this account.

View user connections

Note: If VPN connections are enabled but unavailable to the user, toggle the VPN connections switch off and then on again

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