How to watch the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest online

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Dare to dream… to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online? No matter where in the world you are, you can easily live stream the global phenomenon that launched the careers of ABBA and Celine Dion with Proton VPN.

This safe online streaming guide will help you watch the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest without compromising your privacy and security.

When does the Eurovision Song Contest start?

The 64th Eurovision Song Contest is being held in Tel Aviv, Israel, this year.

The first semifinal will begin at 9 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time), or 7 PM UTC, on Tuesday, May 14.

The second semifinal will begin at 9 PM CEST on Thursday, May 16.

And the Grand Final will begin at 9 PM CEST on Saturday, May 18.

What is the Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision is one of the most watched programs in the world, with the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest attracting over 186 million viewers worldwide. Countries send musicians to represent them and viewers then vote on their favorites until there is only one left. (Viewers are not allowed to vote for performers from their own country.) This year, over 41 countries will be sending artists to represent them in the competition, including Darude (of Sandstorm fame) for Finland, Hatari for Iceland, and Katie Miller-Heidke for Australia (it is still unclear how Australia qualifies for Eurovision). You can see all of the artists that will be competing in this year’s contest here. The playlist of this year’s Eurovision songs is available here.

How to watch the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest live online with Proton VPN

As supporters of catchy music and a free, private Internet, we believe everyone should be able to watch Eurovision with the security and privacy of an encrypted Internet connection.

By using Proton VPN, you can watch Eurovision online securely from anywhere in the world. You will need to subscribe to one of our Proton VPN paid plans — Basic, Plus, or Visionary — which start at just $4/month. If you’re a free Proton VPN user, click the Upgrade button and choose any paid plan. For new users, click the sign up button.

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Where to find the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest live online

In an exceptionally progressive move that recognizes its status as a truly global event, Eurovision provides an official stream (without commentary) of its events on YouTube that is accessible from almost anywhere — except Canada and the United States. For American or Canadian users to access these feeds, they must connect to any of our paid servers that are outside the United States or Canada.

Official streams

Semifinal 1:

Semifinal 2:


How to watch Eurovision on different devices

Don’t miss out on Eurovision just because you’re not at home. By downloading our Android or iOS app, you can still stream Eurovision live wherever you are. Below are links to download and install our apps:


If you need help setting it up, read our Android support article.


For help, here’s the Windows support article.




Enjoy the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest!

Thanks for reading our secure online viewing guide for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. We hope your favorite singer wins! Let us know what you think of this year’s competition using one of our social media links below.

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