Stream content on your big screen with the Proton VPN Android TV app

Posted on December 17th, 2020 by in Releases.


Today we’re excited to release our first-ever VPN app for your television. With Proton VPN for Android TV, you can protect your privacy and access blocked and censored content while using your smart TV. 

This means your internet service provider and other third parties will not be able to monitor your streaming activity, see your location, or abuse your data. In addition, Proton VPN supports a large number of popular streaming services.

We’re constantly making it easier to protect your privacy anywhere, on any platform. In recent months, we’ve launched a brand new Linux client, and a Chromebook app to make it easier to protect all your internet-connected devices at home. Our new Android TV app provides a simple and convenient way to watch your favorite streaming content on your big screen TV.

In this article we discuss what the Android TV app does, and take a quick look at how to use it.

Android TV explained

Android TV is an operating system for smart TVs, similar to the version of the Android operating system usually found on smartphones and tablets. The difference is that its user interface is redesigned for use on large screen TVs. 

Larger icons and other interface changes make Android TV convenient to see and interact with from your sofa. It is also designed to be operated using a TV remote control, rather than the usual touchscreen interface.

Android TV is built into some TVs and is used by a wide selection of streaming sticks and boxes that can plug into any TV with a spare HDMI port. If you don’t have an Android TV, you can find some examples and learn more in this article.

The Proton VPN Android TV app 

Just like the Android TV operating system, our new Android TV app uses a redesigned interface appropriate for TVs. You can get Proton VPN for free on Android including Android TV devices. Once set up, paid users can simply select which country to connect to, and can then access all supported streaming services in that country.

Android TV connect page

Free users can connect to our servers in the usual three countries (United States, Netherlands, and Japan), which provide fast speeds and a private internet connection. Only our VPN Plus, Proton Unlimited, and Visionary (legacy users only) plans offer our fastest speeds and guaranteed access to streaming services.

The app is available for all devices running Android 5 and above. It features DNS and IPv6 leak protection to ensure your IP address is always hidden.

How to download the Proton VPN app for Android TV

1. Install the app using your desktop browser from our Google Play Store page. Choose your Android TV as the device to install to. The Android TV version of the app will automatically install to your Android TV device.

Download Proton VPN for Android TV

Alternatively, search for “ProtonVPN” in the Play Store on your Android TV device.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions on your Android TV device to sign-in to your Proton VPN account.

Android TV sign in

How to use the Proton VPN app for Android TV

Simply select the country the service you want to watch is based in. 

Android TV select country

If you have a VPN Plus, Proton Unlimited, or Visionary (legacy users only) plan, once you connect to our servers you can start streaming content through the Android TV app for Netflix, Hulu, or any other services we support. You can also save your favorite countries for easy access at a later point. 

That’s all there is to it. If you require additional assistance, please see our Android TV support page. If you have an Amazon Fire TV device (“firestick”), please see How to use Proton VPN on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Starting with ProPrivacy and now Proton, Douglas has worked for many years as a technology writer. During this time, he has established himself as a thought leader specializing in online privacy. He has been quoted by the BBC News, national newspapers such as The Independent, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail, and by international technology publications such as Ars Technica, CNET, and LinuxInsider. Douglas was invited by the EFF to help host a livestream session in support of net neutrality. At Proton, Douglas continues to explore his passion for privacy and all things VPN.


  1. James Altz

    How do I get this for my firestick

  2. Firetvcubebah

    Comment ajouter sur autre appareil ?

  3. Sujit Balan

    when i run ProtonVpn on my Android TV it disconnect my Ethernet network and not connecting the server of selected country.

  4. Sunil

    I want to watch few old anime and none of OTT platform play that in India. I am paying an annual sub with everyone and is disappointing. I have only one question. If I run this VPN and choose US, can I watch Prime, Crunchyroll, Netflix series telecasted in US. I can watch it using Tor browser on phone. But I would like to watch in TV, without blocking local content. It should be easy to switch between VPN, and no VPN

  5. Conrad

    Hi Douglas, thanks for your reply, but you’re assuming wrong, I do use the Plus services of a country where the 3 services are supposed to be supported. And Netflix gives clear indication of the problem, the app doesn’t use the DNS and keeps using the one provided by my DHCP. Why the app won’t override the DNS setup?

  6. Jack

    Hopefully in the future this protonvpn tv will have the use of netshield as it’s very upsetting not being able to use netshield as I use protonvpn tv on my fire stick so please add this in a update and it would be good to be able to see more advanced settlings

  7. Thom

    Unfortunately, when protonvpn for android tv is enabled, HULU, Amazon Prime, and Netflix do not allow access to programs. Netflix was a unique in that previously watch programs were accessible, but programs not previously watched had the “Play” option removed. HULU and Amazon Prime blocked everything while the VPN was active.

  8. Michael

    Is it possible for the app to auto connect ?
    When er boot up my device, the protonvpn app is NOT connecting auto, is there a way to do that ?

  9. Todd

    I have several LG TVs and trying to find and use use ProtonVPN on them. I am trying to cut the cable and switch to Amazon fire sticks and use USA or other countries to stream services. How can I find and install ProtonVPN on these TVs?

  10. Manoharan


  11. Jan

    Hi, I installed the app but when selecting a country I cannot find how to select a specific server. I have only “Germany”, “India” but cannot choose my server.
    Also, I tried Netflix with server in USA, Uk or Germany and I got rejected by Netflix each time. Could you advise? Thank you

  12. AHFWenno

    Does it work on LG tv?

  13. Sky asker

    Hi in short time, sky will release ist sky ticket app. Will ProtonVPN Support this to watch Austria Sports in Germany?

  14. Phil

    HI, I have a Professional account. I can not use this VPN for Android or Firestick, but Plus users, who pay roughly 2/3’s of what I pay can use this service? Is that right? It seems not right, so maybe I am confused here, or I missed something. Thanks for clarifying.

  15. Chris

    Does this work on Roku TVs? I can’t seem to find the app…

  16. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Chris. No, this app is for Android TV devices.

  17. JFrancois

    I’m an old protonVPN client….
    It recently bought an InvizBox with ProtonVPN settings. I noticed that if I use my Netflix account directly through internet I can access my catalogue (Switzerland) as usual. But if I use Netflix through the InvizBox and with ProtonVPN set on a Swiss server, the Netflix content is different… How is it possible?
    I understant that Netflix offers different catalogs according to the country, but in the same country, with or without VPN, the content should be identical ?
    Thanks for your enligntenments.

  18. Douglas Crawford

    Hi JFrancois. We do not support the Swiss version of Netflix yet, so when using the VPN, Netflix is probably just serving you up a Netflix Originals-only content, without content that licensed only for Switzerland. Please see here for a list of countries where we support unblocking the full Netflix catalog.

  19. John

    I use my Android phone and a casting app to cast to my Roku. I would like to use a VPN. With another vendors VPN, I can connect to the Roku with my casting app before connecting to the VPN. (The Roku must be on the same local network as my Android phone.) However, after activating the VPN, the casting app can no longer “find” my Roku and the casting fails. 1. Can the ProtonVPN Android app be installed on an Android phone and 2. Can the ProtonVPN app allow the VPN to be bypassed for my local network?

  20. Douglas Crawford

    Hi John. At present our Android TV app blocks local network connections for security reasons. We have, however, listed to our users, and plan to change this in the near future.

  21. arf

    Hi: I am not sure if this is where I should post questions about your vpn services? If not please let me know where I should be posting them. Thank you!

  22. Douglas Crawford

    Hi arf. Please contact our Support Team with any questions you might have.

  23. Gerry

    I spent literally days to tests all the servers in the US and can say that only 10% actually work for Netflix. Support was no help and wouldn’t believe me. It’s time to get new IP ranges guys..those few servers are overloaded and the experience is terrible

  24. MB

    I guess this probably won’t work when using a Google Chromecast stick?

  25. Douglas Crawford

    Hi MB. The app should work just fine on a Chromecast with Google TV stick

  26. Marnie

    I am a vpn plus user. I got the service so I would be able to download a New Zealand app TVNZ on demand so I could watch my favourite NZ TV programmes. Unfortunately regardless of which server I use Google play still displays “not available in your region” message. Is there anyway around this?
    Many thanks

  27. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Marnie. I’m afraid that we don’t officially support streaming from TVNZ.

  28. Mike


    Will there be a way soon to choose a specific server in a country? Netflix is detecting and blocking many of the even Plus servers. Thank you,

  29. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Mike. we are working on adding this feature.

  30. Danielle

    I am not sure what has happened, but I have received ongoing warnings from Netflix that they can see I’m using a VPN and I must close it in order to watch the series I started (content not avail in CH). I see the error and use the back button and found until recently that it will run for a few min or sometimes a few episodes before it drops the error message. Last time, it actually shut me out and made me reset the password. Do I need to clear the cache or ??? Thank you. ✨

  31. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Danielle. Have you tried disconnecting and then reconnecting the VPN? We are working to add the ability to choose individual servers to the app, so that if the auto-selected server is blocked then you can choose a different one.

  32. Jacob

    I installed ProtonVPN for android onto my Amazon 4K firestick. While using the Amazon Silk browser, I then went to to check if the ip was showing correctly for the country I choose. It shows correctly. I then used app to check the WebRTC connection. It is showing that as true. Even though I connect through ProtonVPN for Android TV, isn’t WebRTC “true/on” still leaking my original ip address? If so, what is the solution to stop the leak for the Amazon Silk browser?

  33. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Jacob. What you are seeing is the internal IP address used by your LAN. This cannot be used to identify you from the internet, and therefore poses no threat to your privacy.

  34. Mary

    I understand that a VPN will protect my privacy from my device to your VPN server, but how does that protect the privacy of traffic leaving your servers and going to it’s final destination, e.g. Netflix?

  35. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Mary. The traffic won’t be encrypted by the VPN, but your real IP address will be hidden (Netflix will think you are accessing the web from thw VPN servers’ IP address and physical location).

  36. Hursel Williams

    Is there a kill switch option or is it built in?

  37. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Hursel. I’m afraid not, but its not really needed just for streaming TV shows on Android TV.

  38. Conor

    Will the basic version cover bbc player?

  39. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Conor. We only guarantee that we can unblock services for Plus and Visionary users. We also don’t run any free servers in the UK.

  40. Chris

    Please bring back the option to select a specific server in a country like the old app did. Many internet services block some ProtonVPN IPs which make this app release version a problem to use. Thank you.

  41. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Chris (and others who have asked this question). I can now confirm that we are working to make this happen.

  42. Loris

    Will you support lg tv in the future?

  43. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Loris. I’m afraid not, because LG uses a proprietary operating system. However, you can just plug in a low-cost Android TV stick or Amazon Fire TV stick in order to use our app on your LG TV set.

  44. Jason P Harris

    Is there a way I can use this in conjunction with a Roku box, similar to the Fire TV Stick?

  45. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Jason. There are guides available on the internet for sideloading Android apps onto Roku devices, but I’m afraid you are entirely on your own, here. The app is not officially (or unofficially) supported on Roku boxes.

  46. David

    For we of the last century (and uneducated) — can I use this with my old non-smart panasonic tv while I’m here in semi remote Mexico? I have decent internet. Thanks in advance

  47. Douglas Crawford

    Hi David. If your TV has an HDMI port then you can plug in a firestick or other low-cost Android TV dongle to turn it into a smart TV that use our app.

  48. Mark

    Getting Google Play installed on a Firestick is not a simple matter. Could you please post the address of the proton vpn apk so it can be downloaded directly from my device.

  49. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Mark. It is not necessary to install the play Store on your Firestick to use our Android TV app. Please see How to use ProtonVPN on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick for full instructions.

  50. C

    This is awesome, but it definitely needs the ability to switch servers. Netflix & Prime occasionally know that you’re using a VPN and without the option to switch to another server, they can’t be used at all.

  51. Jonah

    Excelent news – thank you.
    Fire Stick and Android TV apps are very welcome

  52. Conrad

    Nice….A PITY THAT IS DOES NOT WORK!! All 3 services detect the VPN and won’t stream, Netflix, Amazon, Disney. Doesn’t matter what country you choose.

  53. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Conrad. I assume you are using our free servers. Using these wil protect your privacy, but we only guarantee that unblock services for our Plus and Visionary users.

  54. Douglas Northrup

    ProtonVPN on Amazon Firestick will not allow connection to my Tablo DVR or my WD Mycloud server via Plex while connected to the VPN.

  55. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Douglas. At present the app blocks LAN connections for improved security, but we will probably change this soon.

  56. Mark

    It works great on my Android TV, except I am unable to select individual servers in the country I select. I assume it automatically selects the server it determines to be the fastest. It would be nice if I could select the server myself, like I can on the phone app. Please reply if I am missing something here. Or if this will be available in a future release. Thank you, Mark.

  57. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Mark. This app is mainly to allow users to watch streaming services that are restricted to certain counties on their TV sets. It doesn’t matter where you are in the target country as far as accessing these services is concerned, so to make using our app on a big screen as easy as possible, we decided to just allow users to select the country they wish to stream from. The app will automatically connect to the fastest server within that country for you.

  58. Lucas

    Really nice feature, but I’m however currently a bit biased at the current state about the app.
    It works fine, but really lacks support for choosing the server you want to connect to yourself/another server, as I experience it will always connect to the same server in that country – even though i disconnect and connect again and restarting the app.
    Not always that specific server works as intended, or not the same library as usual for that country.

  59. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Lucas. This app is mainly to allow users to watch streaming services that are restricted to certain counties on their TV sets. It doesn’t matter where you are in the target country as far as accessing these services is concerned, so to make using our app on a big screen as easy as possible, we decided to just allow users to select the country they wish to stream from. The app will automatically connect to the fastest server within that country for you.

  60. Mike Man

    Installed this fine and connected to a server, with proton telling me my new IP. When i open firefox though and check my ip through a website, its is still showing my original IP so im not convinved its working properly. Anybody else noticed this?

  61. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Mike. Please contact our Support Team for assistance.

  62. Andreas

    And when will it be available on Apple TV?

  63. Nathan

    Does the Google TV VPN prevent Google data harvesting too?

  64. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Nathan. We upload our APK signed by our own private key. Hence Google can’t tamper with it. This is because we don’t use the Android App Bundle. The VPN tunnel created by the app hides all conections.

  65. Fernando

    Any plans to support Apple TV (tvOS)?

  66. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Fernando. Please leave feature suggestions on our Feedback Forum.

  67. Miguel Angel

    Muy bueno

  68. John

    Will this be made for Amazon firestick?

  69. Douglas Crawford
  70. The dude

    This is great! Was exited to try it today on my 2018 Sony smart tv. It works….. but now my tv crashes at random intervals if the VPN is active. Sometimes a few hours, sometimes 20 minutes. Only noticed this on Netflix, YouTube and twitch.

  71. Douglas Crawford

    Hi The dude. The app is still in beta development, but it should be more stable than you describe. If you are still encountering issues then please contact our Support Team for assistance.

  72. Pierre

    This is awesome. Had the surprise to discover it since my sideloaded app updated to the TV app. Thanks for the great job guys!

  73. diam

    Finally! Thank you.
    May I ask you the direct link to download the apk file? Not all ATV devices with markets. I did check F-droid and still no this version available. ATV v7, ARM7

    Thank you

  74. Douglas Crawford

    Hi diem. You can download the latest APK from It will detect that you are running Android TV and install accordingly.

  75. K H

    I have installed protonvpn on my new sony android tv. I then login to my account as instructed but cannot find a spot to enter code on the tv screen to activate vpn. What am I doing wrong?

  76. Douglas Crawford

    Hi KH. Dis you sign in to (not just If you did, then please contact our Support Team for assistance.

  77. Gerardo

    Please adding tv app suport to WebOS

  78. Craig

    This is fantastic news! Happy to be a BETA tester. Certainly there will be wrinkles to iron out, but it’s a step closer to being able to drop the other VPN I have just for TV. (I’m an expat that really appreciates being able to watch programming from my home country.)

  79. Jim

    20 mind into viewing TV via android TV box, the vpn turned off happened few times,
    Its allowed traffic through the system with no vpn to protect it.

  80. Jim

    Also is it possible to get a kill switch on android TV?
    If so that’s a must.

  81. Jim

    Great start ,
    but very slow speed, on 300 Meg service I’m only getting downloads of 18 on your app,
    But your there,

  82. _Lion_

    Super !!
    J’espere qu’il y aura une application pour Apple TV.

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