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Connect to the fastest VPN servers in India

Proton VPN’s high-speed servers in India enable you to browse the internet swiftly and privately. Stream your favorite videos without buffering or delays using the WireGuard VPN protocol, our 10 Gbps servers, and our unique VPN Accelerator.

  • Connect to high-speed, 10 Gbps VPN servers
  • Browse up to 400% faster with VPN Accelerator
  • Stream your favorite Indian shows, movies and sports in HD without buffering
  • Why use Proton VPN in India?

    Hide your IP address and get a secure new online identity by connecting to our high-speed servers in India. With Proton VPN, you can access the internet securely without censorship or throttling.

    Stream from anywhere

    Our high-speed servers in India let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies on streaming sites like Hotstar and Netflix without buffering or delays.

    High-speed VPN

    Our unique VPN Accelerator technology improves packet forwarding, reduces network latency, and more to provide you with the fastest possible speeds.

    Bypass censorship

    Connect to Proton VPN servers to access content and websites blocked by your local internet service provider.

    Stay safe online

    Our apps use secure encryption, like AES-256 and ChaCha20, and have built-in advanced security features, making it easy for you to stay safe online.

    Keep your browsing private

    Proton VPN implements a strict no-logs policy, meaning we do not record your browsing history, session lengths, IP address, or any other identifying information.

    Use on any device

    Proton VPN has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iPhone, and Android TV, so you can always stay private.

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    Connect to high-speed servers in India

    Proton VPN’s high-speed servers around the world deliver connections up to 10 Gbps. Combined with our unique VPN Accelerator technology, you can stream your favorite shows, circumvent content blocks, and stay private while still enjoying fast connection speeds.

    Connect to Indian VPN servers in three easy steps

    1. Step 1

      1. Sign up for Proton VPN with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

    2. Step 2

      2. Download the Proton VPN app on your device. We support all major platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook, and more.

    3. Step 3

      3. Connect to an Indian server to surf the internet with ease, privacy, and security.

    More reasons to connect to Proton VPN servers in India

    High-speed streaming

    Even if you’re traveling outside of India, you can still access Indian streaming sites like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix with Proton VPN. Watch your favorite movies and shows without worrying about data caps or bandwidth restrictions.

    Fast VPN connections and our unique VPN Accelerator

    VPN Accelerator improves our VPN connection speeds by over 400%. The VPN Accelerator’s effects are the greatest when the VPN server you connect to is geographically far away, meaning no matter what server you connect to or where it is, you can expect a fast and stable browsing experience.

    Privacy-first VPN protection

    Everyone should be able to choose who they share their data with. Using Proton VPN keeps your internet activity hidden from your internet service provider, prevents websites from tracking you around the web, and protects you while you are connected to public WiFi.

    Comprehensive VPN security

    Proton VPN encrypts your internet connection using the strongest possible encryption and advanced security features, preventing attackers from eavesdropping on your online activity. All VPN connections are protected with perfect forward secrecy, and we only use VPN protocols that are known to be secure.

    Open source and independently audited

    We believe in transparency, so all our apps are 100% open source, meaning that anyone can review our code. We have also commissioned independent security professionals to audit our apps so you can see an expert’s evaluation, which you can find on our website.

    What others say about Proton VPN


    "Regardless of which plan you choose, you’re backed by an impressive security and privacy"

    Read CNN review


    "It places an enormous emphasis on security and user privacy, and has an excellent client that's very easy to use."

    Read pcmag review


    "Proton VPN's base speeds sent it blazing past most of our roster of tested services"

    Read CNET review


    "Regardless of which plan you choose, you’re backed by an impressive security and privacy"


    "It places an enormous emphasis on security and user privacy, and has an excellent client that's very easy to use."


    "Proton VPN's base speeds sent it blazing past most of our roster of tested services"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I change my IP location to India?

    Yes. Proton VPN offers many servers in India. If you want to connect to the closest server available, click the Quick Connect button next to India. If you are looking to connect to a specific server, scroll through the list of our servers, find the one you want, and click Connect.

    Do I need a VPN in India?

    If the country or area you live in suffers regular internet blocks or online censorship, then a VPN could make a big difference. Proton VPN makes it easy for you to connect to the global internet and access content that has been censored locally. It also encrypts your internet connection and DNS queries, so your internet provider cannot see what websites you visit.

    How do I get a VPN in India?

    It’s easy. You can connect to Proton VPN in India in just three steps: