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Support Center / Troubleshooting / Why is Quick Connect not working?

Why is Quick Connect not working?

The Quick Connect function connects you to your default profile with one click. If you have not changed it, your default profile will be the “Fastest” profile. The “Fastest” profile will establish the fastest and most stable connection depending on your location, distance to nearest server and server load.


When attempting to Quick Connect, please make sure that your internet connection is stable and uninterrupted. If you are using Wi-Fi, please try switching to a cable – Ethernet – connection instead.


If you are using ProtonVPN for the first time, please ensure that it is properly installed and that you have granted permission to install the OpenVPN TAP adapter. For detailed instructions on how to install ProtonVPN please visit the following page.



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  1. Tawarus

    Reinstall drivers for WIN works fine for me, thx.

  2. Rick

    I just downloaded and installed the latest laptop version. Win 8.1. I had IS-NL Secure Core as my default when logging in. It’s now on IS-Canada. This is not in my profile. I looked under “Manage Profiles” and my profile IS-NL is there. But, I can’t find a selection to make this my default.

  3. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Rick.
    We removed default profile due to the fact that it can cause issues if you server which is configured as default would be on maintenance, you wont be able to connect. Now connect on boot works with quick connect to make sure you are able to connect each time on start.

  4. M

    Would it not have been possible to keep the default profile option for profiles with “Fastest” or “Random” configuration?
    The reason is I would like to prefer certain regions. Sometimes I am connected with the currently fastest server that does not reside in a country where I can circumvent certain region locks. Therefore, need to manually choose a matching server on every startup.
    Another solution could be to configure the default profile with a specified region pool.

  5. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, we removed “default” profile due to the fact that we need to improve our application and develop it further. Nonetheless, don’t worry we are going to add a server or profile that you can select to connect on boot.

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