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Discontinuing support for IKEv2 and OpenVPN on iOS and macOS

Now that we have made more modern, powerful, and sleek VPN protocols, including WireGuard™ and our own Stealth, available on our apps, we’ve decided to phase out support for IKEv2.

  • iOS and iPadOS — IKEv2 is no longer supported
  • macOS app and third party apps — all support for for IKEv2 will be phased out out by the end of 2024

In addition to this, in response to ongoing security concerns about Apple’s native IKEv2 implementations, we’ve removed OpenVPN from our macOS and iOS/iPadOS apps. We’ll continue to support OpenVPN on Windows, Linux, and Android.

Removing IKEv2 and OpenVPN (from Apple devices only) allows us to ensure your safety and reduce complexity without affecting the VPN experience for the majority of our users. This reduction of complexity should also allow us to speed up the development of new features for these apps. 

For optimal performance and to ensure your privacy, we recommend you use the Proton VPN app with our Smart Protocol feature, which will choose the best VPN protocol for your network.

However, if you need to, you can still use OpenVPN on iOS or macOS with Proton VPN — you’ll simply need to manually configure it using a third-party application.

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