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How to add gateways and IP addresses

If you subscribe to a VPN Business plan and have added dedicated VPN servers to your account, you can use them to set up gateways and IP addresses for your organization.

You must have VPN servers added to your account before you can create a gateway. 

Learn how to add VPN servers to your organization

To add new gateways:

1. Log in at with your Proton Account username and password.

2. Click on Gateways in the menu on the left, then click Create gateway.

3. Name your gateway. Enter a name that meets the requirements and click Continue.

4. Assign VPN servers to this gateway. To add or subtract servers from a given location, click the + or  buttons. We recommend you add at least two servers per gateway, ideally in two different locations. Once you’re satisfied with the servers you’ve chosen, click Continue.

5. Choose who from your organization can access this gateway. Your organization’s main administrator will always have access to this gateway. To give access to other administrators and users, click the checkbox next to their name(s). When you’re done, click Continue.

You’re done. You will now see the new gateway, which servers and IP addresses are assigned to it, and who from your organization can access it.

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