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How to watch/live stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup online

FIFA World Cup 2018 is almost here. Whether you’re putting your money safely on Brazil or Germany, or you’re a perennially spurned England fan back for another tragedy, live streaming the World Cup online has never been easier with a VPN.

When is FIFA World Cup 2018?

The first match of FIFA 2018 begins at 4 p.m. BST (British Summer Time) on June 14 at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, played between Russia and Saudi Arabia. (If you’re not in the UK, check out the Time Zone Converter(new window) to plan your World Cup watch schedule.) The final match will be 4 p.m. BST July 15 in Moscow.

How to stream FIFA World Cup 2018 live online with VPN

Millions of people will be watching the World Cup around the world. As advocates for a free, secure web, we believe sports fans should be able to watch the World Cup with the security and privacy of an encrypted Internet connection.

By using Proton VPN, you can watch the World Cup online securely from anywhere in the world. You will need a Proton VPN Plus or Visionary plan which starts at just $8/month. If you’re a free Proton VPN user, click the Upgrade button and choose a Plus or Visionary plan. For new users, click the Sign up button.

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How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online in different countries

Only one or, at most, a few broadcasters in each country have the rights for FIFA World Cup 2018. There are also a handful of online streaming companies where the World Cup will be available. Below is a list of World Cup broadcasters and online services in select countries that will be streaming matches, along with the Proton VPN servers that support streaming. (Note: These servers were recently confirmed to be working, but we cannot guarantee they will continue to work. We will update this list of things change)

ZDF(new window)                               All Plus servers
Amazon Prime DE(new window)        All Plus servers in Germany

United Kingdom
ITV(new window)                                All Plus servers

United States
Fox(new window)                                All Plus servers in the US
Note: For Fox streaming, you will also need to add the Location Guard extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

TF1(new window)                                All Plus servers in France

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on different devices

Sure, the World Cup looks better on a 20-foot screen. But if you’re stuck with just your laptop or your phone, you can still enjoy FIFA 2018 live streaming with Proton VPN. Below are links to download and install our apps for desktop and mobile:

Android: window)
If you need help setting it up, read our Android support article(new window).

Windows: window)
For help, here’s the Windows support article(new window).

macOS: window)

Linux: window)

iOS: window)

FIFA World Cup 2018 full schedule

The full World Cup schedule with BST times is available here(new window). To see the schedule with local Russian times, click over to the FIFA 2018 website(new window). Among the hottest group phase games, Portugal and Spain will play June 15, and the Argentina-Iceland match will be closely watched on June 16. Watch Germany-Mexico on June 17 and Belgium-Panama the following day.

Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2018 online from anywhere

Thanks for checking out our safe online streaming guide for FIFA World Cup 2018. If you want to stream the World Cup safely, Proton VPN has you covered. Get plugged in with us via the social media links below, and we’ll give you more safe streaming guides for other major events.

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