How to safely watch the Wimbledon 2018 online

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Wimbledon is nearly here, and fans are already planning their days off, queueing for tickets and waiting for a chance to watch one of the best annual tournaments on the tennis calendar. Or, if you’re not lucky enough to be there, you can always watch all of the matches safely online from anywhere in the world.

Don’t miss out on the first rounds of the tournament, which start on July 2. Get the full schedule of Wimbledon 2018 matches here.

How to watch Wimbledon live online with a VPN

A VPN is an easy way to protect your Internet connection. While connected to a VPN, all your Internet traffic is passed through an encrypted tunnel before entering the public Internet, making your true IP address private and blocking out anyone attempting to monitor your activities. To learn more, read our articles about how VPNs work and why use a VPN.

Proton VPN supports Wimbledon streaming online via our Plus and Visionary plans. If you don’t have an account yet, or you need to upgrade your plan, it only takes a minute. Just click a button below to get started.

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Where to watch Wimbledon tournament for 2018

This year several web outlets will be broadcasting the Wimbledon tennis matches. You can find a list of live streaming sites, along with the country and Proton VPN plan that supports streaming below.

United States — All Plus servers

Hulu (ESPN channel) — All US Plus servers (Hulu subscription required) Learn more about streaming Hulu with Proton VPN here.


TSN — All Plus servers

How to watch Wimbledon on different devices

You can live stream on multiple devices using Proton VPN. Below you will find information on how to set up our apps on your desktop clients:

Download our Windows app here. If you need help setting it up, read our Windows support article.

MacOS users can download our app here.

And if you are using Linux, visit our support article with a detailed explanation how to set it up correctly.

Enjoy Wimbledon from anywhere

Don’t let geo-restrictions stop you from enjoying Wimbledon matches with a secure Internet connection. Proton VPN is proud to help sports fans enjoy their favorite events without compromising their online security, no matter where they are in the world. Be sure to watch this space for more safe streaming guides on other upcoming broadcasts.

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