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Support Center / Troubleshooting / Does ProtonVPN have a bandwidth or data limit?

Does ProtonVPN have a bandwidth or data limit?

No. All ProtonVPN users, even those on our Free plan, have unlimited bandwidth and data. However, it is likely that your connection will be slightly slower when you are connected to one of our VPN servers than it is when you are browsing the Internet without using ProtonVPN.

There are a number of factors that can impact the overall speed of your VPN connection, including the load on the server you are connected to, the distance between your device and the server you are connected to, and the speed of your original Internet connection, just to name a few.

We have hundreds of servers in dozens of countries to provide you with the fastest and most secure VPN connection. If you feel your Internet is too slow when connected to ProtonVPN, please check out our article about how to solve common bandwidth and speed issues.


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  1. Demostenes

    When I log in to protonvpn app the internet from my cell phone crashes, whatsapp, firefox, email does not work. What is happening with my connection by portonvpn?

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Demostenes,
    This might be due to how your network is configurated. Please contact our support team and we will do our best to help you out!

  3. Val

    « All ProtonVPN users have unlimited bandwidth and speed. »
    I don’t get it… When taking a look at the “VPN plans and prices”, it’s stated that:
    – Free plan gets Low speed.
    – Basic plan gets High speed.
    – Plus & Visionary plans get Highest speed.
    Isn’t it contradictory?
    Or are “Low/High/Highest” speeds your own evaluation of expected speeds, based on the number of users using the VPN service simultaneously in each plan category (more Free plan users = less speed for each user ; less Visionary plan users = more speed for each user)?

  4. ProtonVPN

    For details, please check out our article about VPN speeds:

  5. Niko

    404 – Page not found

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Niko, which link is not working exactly?

  7. Artemio Segurana
    Your url is missing the last “s” (speed)

  8. ProtonVPN

    Hello, the URL has been fixed already. However, we are thankful that you’ve reached-out regarding this.

  9. Elizabeth

    When I access protonomail in vpn it automatically goes to Edge. Does it matter which browser I use to access protonmail, and do it need to launch protonmail within proton vpn for the most effective protection?
    Also, if I have multiple email address associated with my account, are they all protected.

  10. ProtonVPN

    The VPN connection encrypts all of your network traffic, hence the choice of browser is not relevant. Also, as the VPN connection only protects your network connection on the device it is activated on. Example: you have your laptop and a desktop, if you run ProtonVPN ony our laptop, the connection on your desktop is not protected unless you also install ProtonVPN there

  11. Micky

    Is it also available for router configuration?

  12. Num

    You say ‘Due to extremely high demand, we have had to institute a waiting list for…free users…adding capacity…’ but why is it that the percentage/user load icons during most times of the day on most of the countries IPs/Servers don’t seem to reflect this as it doesn’t seem to display a lot of users?
    I’m mentioning this of of course because of regular Initializing connection issues and assigning IP issues.

  13. Hans Wurst

    Hi, i am not able to find any information about the speed limitations. What does low – medium – high – fastes – ultra – bestfastesutla blabla mean?

  14. Mike

    Are there limits to the number of simultaneous connections to the VPN service?

  15. ProtonVPN

    Visionary users and beta testers get the max number of 10 simultaneous connections; upon launch there will also be other plans available with less (but still enough) connections

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