Where should we install our next servers?

Posted on August 28th, 2020 by in Articles & News.

An illustration of the ProtonVPN new VPN server poll for 2020.


It’s time for our annual server poll! 

Each year since 2018, we have turned the floor over to our community to decide where we should prioritize our efforts to expand the Proton VPN network.

As a result of the 2019 Proton VPN server poll, we have added new servers around the globe, including Mexico, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Turkey. Today, we have over 1,000 servers in over 50 countries. And we are adding more servers constantly to improve the speed and reliability of Proton VPN in every region.

This year’s poll aims to increase this geographic diversity even more while aligning our efforts with your priorities.

Cast your vote

Everyone gets one vote in the poll. You should select the country you think should be our highest priority. The countries below were selected based on the regions where we get the heaviest usage. We have excluded countries where we already have servers and countries that may pose a risk to privacy. You’ll have about two weeks to make your selection, and anyone is eligible to participate, so please share this poll with your network.

Please answer this survey only once. The captcha is included to prevent abuse and collects only the letters you enter.

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This poll will close at 11 PM (Central European Summer Time) on 11 September.

Once we close the poll, we’ll add up the votes and announce the winners. Then we’ll start working to acquire and provision the servers you’ve chosen. 

We will always try to bring new VPN servers online in the order of priority. Still, we must also maintain our high security and reliability standards, and some countries are better equipped for this than others. We will announce new servers as they are ready on our blog.

Thank you for your support

We’re grateful for the support of our community. From our volunteer translators, who increase privacy access to people in more languages, to everyone who votes in our server polls, we depend on you to further Proton’s mission to make privacy and security accessible to all.

And because of our paid users, we can continue to provide the only truly free and open source VPN. In the last year, we have made Proton VPN available on F-Droid and launched support for the OpenVPN protocol on more platforms. These help to make Proton VPN more private, secure, reliable, and resistant to censorship.

Thank you, and happy voting!

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Ben Wolford is a writer at Proton. A journalist for many years, Ben joined Proton to help lead the fight for data privacy.


  1. Danielsen

    I would ditch my current VPNs for ProtonVPN in a heartbeat if there were a few solid, high-speed servers in
    ➽ Norway!

  2. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Danielsen. We offer a number of servers based in Oslo.

  3. Frank

    Por favor se agradece considerar a Venezuela, es realmente nescesario y de suma importancia debido a la situacion actual. Gracias por la oportunidad.

  4. Douglas Crawford

    Hola Frank. Si ayuda, ejecutamos varios servidores en Columbia.

  5. Dennis

    I’m waiting more than 1 years for Vietnam VPN. Proton VPN can open VPN in Vietnam

  6. NTROX

    Republic of Georgia

  7. Richard Scott


  8. Al Del

    Venezuela or Argentina

  9. Victor


  10. Benoa

    Iceland, for great privacy laws. And free Tor servers 😊

  11. Jann

    You couldn’t ignore Russia. It is important to keep link between this country and Europe (especially for Europe itself). Keep in mind US desire to control all Europe part of continent. But be careful with Belarus, Ukraine and Caucasian countries, which are strongly affected by abroad influence.

  12. NobodyHas ToKnow

    I don’t care where.
    My main priority would be that there is no logging, no tracking and no possibility for services or others to get into it.

    Some ad-blocking like ad-blocker.sh would be nice, too. It’s rippin’ difficult for my lineageos to VPN in my home network to have bind with ad-blocker.sh as DNS and then tunnel further to a ProtonVPN-Server using a FritzBox.

    Fact is, until now, I couldn’t tweak the FritzOS enough to make it work.

  13. Richie Koch

    Keep an eye on our blog in the coming months. We will have a development that may interest you.

  14. misi

    I dream that you all guys desing an inteligent movile phone 👻

  15. Brandon

    I am baffled how Washington, DC does not have one.

  16. Kelly Delarosa

    For those of us who chose privacy, and certain civil rights here in the US. Where the chief of all nosey machine monstrosity exists, and where we the people are actually becoming products. I would like to see two areas in the USA for a VPN option. Not all of us are Google junkies.

  17. SONNY

    La Suisse, le benelux, ou le Liechtenstein.

  18. Pop

    NOT in Russia, Belorussia

  19. Patricio Albornoz

    I would be very grateful if you take into account the placement of your servers in Quito, Ecaudor.

  20. ramzes_style


  21. JRM

    I realize the poll is closed, perhaps for the next time your looking for a site for a server. Think Northern Canada I’m talking Arctic circle or close to it, like Tuktoyaktuk NWT. Think of the Cooling cost you’ll save and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, it’s well below 0c more than 300 days of the year…

    For your consideration

  22. Inferno

    Looks like need more vpn in China – I wish to know what is the speed (real one) for this vpn
    Is not about HK – people in mainland need it as way too many websites and programs are blocked for stupid or no reason at all. Well, I don’t think I need to say anymore as many of you know that or should know that by now.
    I have to use this even for games, just imagine how bad is that :(

  23. Amir

    Please added servers in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

  24. Chris

    British Virgin Islands

  25. Marko

    How about Macedonia?

  26. Vitalii

    Ukraine is a developed country in the field of IT. It will be good to place Protonvpn servers in it.

  27. Babadiya tosin

    Nigeria…. 2020 is a blast 🐈

  28. Jacobo

    a bit of priority for countries in Latin America like Ecuador, thank you

  29. Ekaterina

    I’d like to connect to the VPN but unfortunately in Russia, it is blocked

  30. Ekaterina

    It would be great if you expand installation VPN servers in Russia

  31. twitwit

    and morocco; Alger ;la libye

  32. german

    hello i suggest in philippines most people here are no budget to have a internet connection.

  33. Daniel

    Romania is a very developed country in this IT sector, as evidenced by the two languages ​​spoken in Microsoft is Romanian. Also, the 1st antivirus in the world it`s Bidfedender, an 100% romanian creation and so on …

  34. Richie Koch

    Hi Daniel,
    You raise good points, but we already have servers in Romania. You can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/romania-vpn-servers/.

  35. PSI

    East, Central and South Africa are all good places to start.

  36. caulton luiz

    what about india. Do u have one

  37. Richie Koch

    Hi Caulton,
    We do have servers in India. You can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/india-vpn-servers/.

  38. Ricky

    I write very rarely, but I am really happy with Proton mail
    So for the servers (but I’m not an mathematician)
    maybe choose a new server where the pay policy is stable and tax haven countries like Andorra? Delaware for the USA or Isle of Man,
    countries like this)
    it’s just a guess

  39. Espn

    Dominican Republic

  40. Carlos Egas

    I would like to Cuenca-Ecuador

  41. Martin Konopko


  42. BePy

    The most important point is in written your blog.
    We will always try to bring new VPN servers online in the order of priority. Still, we must also maintain our high security and reliability standards, and some countries are better equipped for this than others.

    Then the speed is also a delicate point

    Thanks or your engagement

  43. C Tomi

    How is everyone dealing with (or does anyone care about,) the anarchism of the increasingly invasive censoring-blockware of google captcha being used by ALL the “self-appointed” ”authorities” of supposed necessary censoring (blocking entry) to both, creating social media accounts and simply logging in to active accounts, when using VPNs or switching VPN servers? I’ve been experiencing this more and more, to the point of aggravation where now we’re getting locked out entirely? From what I gather throughout others increased experiences, especially with FB and twit, many are being forced to cough up new phone #s etc. that they purposefully changed to keep them from exposing the connections to new devices, locations, etc.. and of course, if you cave in, the inundation of a new round of endless tracking, phone calls, etc., begins all over again. I realize the big social media players are big elements of people’s lives, but remember, they have ALL already testified, they feel it’s necessary to block people’s commenting on various subject matter from “both” sides of the political spectrum. Our sitting on our collective rear ends, is merely our openly agreeing to them, that we want 3-5 corrupt men deciding the entire sociocultural beliefs of the entire world. . . e.g., “Please google, lead, guide, direct, and control us,” and yes, that IS, the communist manifesto’s promise to mankind, decades ago, wherein, they promised the world, they’d destroy and take control of the U.S. and all western civilization without firing a single shot.
    Isn’t it time we take control of our own destinies? This can only be accomplished by taking the first step.. . Totally disconnecting their ability? DESTROY GOOGLE’S TYRANNICAL ABUSE, QUIT INVITING/GIVING THESE MONSTERS UNCONTROLLED CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES? We would NEVER allow this to occur if it was a human knocking on our doors? Just because they use digitized eyes, ears and psychological warfare instead of face to face equivalents, must we continue pretending we’re as stupid as they think we are?

  44. YIFAN

    When you will make the stealth vpn mode for china??

  45. Richie Koch

    Hello Yifan,
    We are continuously working on developing anti-censorship features, but at the moment we are not prepared to make any announcements or share a timeline.

  46. Kent

    I think Indonesia is the perfect place for the next server.
    because we’re the most active internet user in South East Asian and most of them wanted a secure connection.
    Thank you

  47. Daniel

    Hey. When we’ll we ever get a server in Africa. Kenya to be exact. That’s where I come from. You’d be the first guys to do that.

  48. Daylos

    New server Philippines por favor

  49. Parker

    I suggest to install in Tanzania please. thanks

  50. Ibrahim

    Hi, would you Bosnia and Herzegovina as a secure country for ProtonVPN?

  51. Marc

    I’m thinking Iran or Venezuela should get a bit of attention in regards to new servers.

  52. samir de la hoz

    por favor para venezuela y no caer en el bloqueo de geo ip

  53. Paul

    Please have a new server here in the Philippines.

  54. Richie Koch

    Hi Paul,
    This is a good suggestion. We will be publishing the results of the 2020 ProtonVPN server poll soon, but here is a sneak peek: the Philippines were one of the top responses.

  55. suomi

    I think that Finland is a great place for servers.
    The country isn’t in NATO and relations with Russia are limited.
    It’s country very invest in new technology and safe. It’s great place for cool climate and permit to refresh servers.

    For me the best place.

  56. Richie Koch

    Hi Suomi,

    Thanks for the good, well-reasoned suggestion, but we already have servers in Finland. You can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/finland-vpn-servers/

  57. Samin Riaaa


  58. GMAW

    South Africa

  59. Mohammad

    Dear Teams Support, Hello…
    Unfortunately your VPN website is blocked here in Saudi Arabia.I suggest that you make a good vpn program
    ( portable one ),and any one like to use it he can request it from you ,then you can send it to his email.
    Also, you can provide some other vpn servers from some other European countries if possible.
    My Regards To You All…

  60. Xosé

    Asturias. España

  61. Daniel

    Egypt, Thailand, Cuba, China, Philippines.

  62. Cbest

    South Africa can be the best place for proton severs as people seeks for secure and safe communication.

  63. Richie Koch

    Thanks for the suggestion, however we already have servers in South Africa. You can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/southafrica-vpn-servers/

  64. M

    Disney+ does not work most of the time with the U.S. plus servers.

  65. Richie Koch

    We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulty. I’ve forwarded this on to our team. If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our Support Team: https://protonvpn.com/support-form.

  66. NsrGh

    Please add Free Server With Tor

  67. Tanya

    if i was able to vote for another…..it would be Tunisia

  68. Anonymous

    We need a server in albania, nobody knows but we have a massive amount of consumers who want and NEED protonVPN

  69. fathi

    Protons help us access the free world of information.
    I am from Iran.
    Thanks to Proton

  70. Fernando Borjas

    Realmente necesitamos una con urgencia en Venezuela, donde nos tienen censurados.

  71. Erik

    Taiwan please! Cus she is very closed to that Evil country!

  72. mauri

    we need freedom in Venezuela, a VPN will help us, thanks

  73. Buco

    We need you in Serbia to :)

  74. Jason

    Due to the ongoing suppression of human rights and attacks on freedom of speech…journalists would greatly benefit from having secure servers in the Philippines.

  75. Mercedes Gonzalez Ramos

    Necesitamos VPN para Venezuela.

  76. Rodney

    Romania needs you. Moving there to live and I trust you.

  77. andrew

    hows about a server on the moon…..

  78. Abraham

    Deberían ubicar algún servidor central en américa latina (Veo que en México ya instalaron el año pasado en Julio) así que votaría por Colombia.

  79. Liam Taylor

    Español: Seria muy bueno tener servidores en América Central, para ser exactos justo en el centro, en el país de El Salvador :). El mejor servicio de Mail, VPN, Calendario, y próximamente de almacenamiento en la nube, espero en un futuro sigan expandiendo los servicios. Excelente trabajo.
    English: It would be very good to have servers in Central America, to be exact in the center, in the country of El Salvador :). The best service of Mail, VPN, Calendar, and soon cloud storage, I hope in the future to continue expanding the services. Excellent work.

  80. Patric

    Great Britain, the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 is my vote. Dublin or London.

  81. Francky Vincent

    I think it would be great to have servers in France with a dedicated IP service, otherwise servers in EU are fast enough for me

  82. Patric

    I hesitate to add Dubai or Saudi Arabia to the list of potential sites.



  84. Manfried

    Hi, nice to add new servers. But with secure core there is still no possibility to use Switzerland, Sweden nor Iceland… Hope that those countries will soon be added!

  85. alexiA

    an Ellenophone and
    the most Eastern island in the Mediterranean,
    has been throughout her history,
    a strategically “gorgeous” and
    extremely “easy” land, to conquer.
    The British empire bought the island
    from the Ottoman empire (in late 19th century),
    since the 1960’s “in~dependance”
    Cyprus, had also
    a coup d’ etat and invasion
    and the permanent NATO occupation of the North half
    of the island.
    is need of “protection”
    “Truth Broad~Casting”
    is imperative.
    Thank You.

  86. Belarus

    Die Weißrussen benötigen jetzt hauptsächlich VPN von Proton

  87. Claudio

    Hi, Richie Koch
    Thank you very much for your reply.

  88. Robert Peterson

    I have a home in Ecuador, it seems to work there but a server would even be better.

  89. Fink

    small resources allocated by the state for breaking anonymity, not friendliness of the FBI and European countries and Russia

  90. John Dowson

    fight for the right to be anonymous online!

  91. Luis Rivera

    I need servers in Dominican Republic

  92. vkm

    The Capcha is now working . Thanks for fixing it.

  93. Keith

    East coast and West coast of USA, SFO, LAX, SEA or NYC, MIA or ATL

  94. Bashlux


  95. Lora

    Well, Greetings, My Friends! TONs of Thanks for this Service POSSUBLE, though in Russia – IT is BANNED.

  96. Riccardo Varrazza

    I thought your VPN was much more secret, Italian TV like RAI and Netflix can catch that I am in South Korea and so VPN is not that reliable. I cannot watch Italian programs when abroad.

  97. bal

    We could use a server for Thailand as it is leaning closer to China every day with it’s self-made prime minister, the Army General, and his goal of a single gateway.

  98. Jim

    CHINA please, they have a lot of games that are blocked from the rest of the world :( Also they block a lot of content from web sites if you’re not within China.

  99. Frosty Van Rental

    I know ProtonVPN has supported Wireguard development for years, and yet there is no mention of upcoming Wireguard support any time soon in ProtonVPN, and since we can’t vote on this right now I thought it’s worth dropping a comment. Since now Wireguard is in the Linux kernel and it’s about time Proton acts on that. For example say someone has a flaky internet connection, and there is a risk of data leaks when the connection is done over OpenVPN whenever the connection is dropped. So no matter how many new servers Proton adds as long as this is still the case users’ privacy is still at risk and so Proton should really pump up the priority of adding Wireguard support otherwise users like me have no real reason not to switch to Mullvad.
    I still pay for ProtonVPN because I want to support, but more and more people will stop using it if a better, more secure alternative exists.
    Anyway, many thanks to both developers and community for your great effort, and best of luck!

  100. vladis


  101. signme

    Hi guys,
    Croatia would be nice, it’s surrounded by Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia which already have VPN servers.

  102. Proton


  103. LV


  104. Azmy Latiff

    USA is always best

  105. Raymond Finn

    I’m choosing Great Britain I think we are more secure having an American influence in our country to keep us safe in this very dangerous world god bless.

  106. Joven

    What is the benefit of having a VPN server in our country of residence (say Philippines) when we can connect to a VPN server installed in Singapore?

  107. Ben Wolford

    You wouldn’t notice a significant speed difference, but there may be websites that you prefer to access using a local IP address.

  108. YodaMaster

    Please add more Free Servers too

  109. YodaMaster


  110. Wasi

    Afghanistan as the people here need open access to the Internet and therefore a lot of people use several VPN services on a daily basis.

  111. DK.RAW

    I live in Greece, but i prefer using an other country’s server as a VPN. I think Cyprus will do great because it is very close to Greece (so less ping) and because no other VPN service has a server in Cyprus.

  112. David

    I know you asked about countries. But please add at least one server in Geneva, Switzerland. Thank you

  113. KIM

    I’m using a paid VPN which has an extraordinary function to block all ads on Android apps which are redirected to advertisement companies therefore there is no (or very few) ads on any Android apps. Do you offer the same?

  114. James Cooper

    I would like to see Proton consider establishing a VPN server or servers in Canada, most likely in Montreal and Vancouver where some of the largest and faster data connections are available.

  115. David

    People in Southeast Asia could probably benefit a lot. Burma, Laos, Vietnam, etc

  116. Nigun

    Israel, Egypt, Turkey :)

  117. Mainak Paul


  118. Tuanis

    We need more servers in the U.S. and an option to randomize within the U.S. The servers need to be faster too.

  119. Дамир

    Привет всем ценящим Свободу! Я за сервер в Пакистане, но сам я из России, в самой РФ думаю шансов нет. Всем всего доброго!
    ( Greetings to all who value Freedom! I am for a server in Pakistan, but I myself am from Russia, in the Russian Federation itself I think there is no chance. All the best! )

  120. Christine Kubert

    I just ❤️ Proton Mail, this is not well known here in the states especially not in Arizona. But I am spreading the word as much as I can, when I tell people how secure proton mail is and the fact that you’re in Switzerland & you remain neutral is VERY important. I explain to people what zero-access encryption is all about I usually hear something like: “Proton Mail huh? I’ll have to check it out!”
    Those EARN & LAED Acts are beginning to get peoples attention. Proton Mails time has come, I don’t suppose you provide any sort of reward program for signing up new customers … do ya? 😁😁 Ahh come on, based on the far-away looks I get from people when I say “You should check out Proton Mail!” I’d say it’s pretty fertile ground in the USA & the timing couldn’t be better!! So… about that rewards program …. 😘😊
    Christine K 🙋‍♀️

  121. james

    What do you think about China?

  122. Skylar

    Can you guys consider adding Arizona servers, I use Mullvad VPN because they have Arizona servers which give me the fastest connection, if you guys do i might considering switching to ProtonVPN, thanks :)

  123. Nikke

    Ok so I did a half ass attempt at this mostly because I wanted to see the results, I thought Russia would be a fun place to have a server, so there is that.
    Ask me to vote and I’ll get all stupid about it.
    Actually looking at the list of suggested options I am surprised to see that Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand and some others do not have servers..
    I also don’t understand why Sweden, Switzerland an Iceland are the only ones w ‘Secure Code, and guessing bandwidth is the reason that seemingly few offer P2P and Tor?
    Do send me a bundle offer when you get around to it, I am poor but still want it all.
    Kind regards,

  124. Art G

    Uncomfortable with access in Hong Kong and some Arabaic and socialist countries.
    Security is greatest concern.

  125. Jason

    We need more fast secure servers than we have because every time I go to use a secure server it’s over loaded and slow as a turtle

  126. Fangirl

    Ignore my survey, I suggested Iceland but learn you already have servers there. Wondering how the new servers will be funded, I suppose by subscribers in N. America?

  127. ralph

    La verdad que estoy contento con protonmail, y gracias con la vpn gratuita. La verdad que salvo en pocas ocasiones he tenido que desconectar y reconectar no se el por que, quizás sea por que mis S.O es linux. Solo Una cosa mas Es fantástico, si mi poder adquisitivo fuera superior contrataría un plan mas completo.

  128. Archer

    I have selected Cyprus because is half Europe, half Asia.

  129. S M

    Voted Indonesia based on the fact I know people currently there doing work on human trafficking. Happy to see where the next server is regardless. Cheers.

  130. lea


  131. john vignati

    bien que ne me considérant pas comme un expert j’aurai voulu voté mais le serveur m’indique: This typeform isn’t accepting new responses
    too bad for for

  132. Hamud

    Dubai to get better connections to that place.

  133. Голосование

    Как насчёт серверов в Беларуси?) События начала августа показали, что те, кто не использует впн не пользуются интернетом./ How about servers in Belarus?) The events of early August showed that those who do not use VPN do not use the Internet.

  134. blake

    This poll seems to have finished prematurely?

    Less importantly, consider using a ranked choice algorithm next time you do polls!

  135. philippe jacques LORIN

    In all lists you forget Uruguay a small stable country like costa rica

  136. Richie Koch

    Hi Philippe,
    Uruguay is a good suggestion, please write it in to our poll using the “Other” option.

  137. Charles Taillens

    Maybe Vietnam would be a good opportunity to install a server either in Saigon or Hanoi or DaNang. Thank you for consideration.

  138. Claudio Hinojosa

    Sorry, my english is very poor!
    Are there servers in Argentina? Did you think of creating servers in Argentina?

  139. Richie Koch

    Hi Clauido,
    We do indeed already have servers in Argentina. You can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/argentina-new-servers/

  140. Black

    Podrían ubicar servidores en Las Bahamas, como tiene ExpressVPN o en Belice como tiene HotspotShield. Dos excelentes ubicaciones en el Caribe.

  141. Daniel

    A new server have to be in Israel ,a stable country in the internet

  142. jook


  143. ok

    Please dont forget about Venezuela, the terrorist dictatorship don`t respect the privacy of citizens.

  144. Franck PORCHER

    As a golden rule, Proton services should avoid having any server in the US altogether, since some of their Acts related to Cyber security (do not remember the names) allow them to eavesdrop/tap from any server located within their federal borders, and anywhere else if such services are made to rely, even the tiniest bit, on any service provided by US companies hosted on any server anywhere in the Cloud. Call that unilateral interference (ingérance) and one is still very far from the truth.

  145. Franck PORCHER

    I annot submit my vote:
    Message displayed by the browser upon opening your email : “This typeform isn’t accepting new responses”
    What the heck.
    Is there another valid/working URL ?

  146. Uncensored and unfiltered

    Vote just tells me “This typeform isn’t accepting new responses” and no, i haven’t voted before.
    But, anywhere outside of Snowden’s old friends reach is good, i don’t particularly favour my correspondance and files being routinely sniffed, even if it would me my gradmas birthday cake recipe only.

  147. Greg Matheson

    We used to have freedom of speech in the US also. I would prefer to use most any server not located here.

  148. Mel B

    I cannot cast my vote as it says this typeform isn’t accepting any new answers.
    However, I would love to see VPNs in China.
    Thanks a lot!

  149. Gerald padilla

    Dominican republic.

  150. John

    2. ECUADOR
    3. URUGUAY
    6. Bolivia
    7. BAHAMAS
    8. ARUBA


  151. Peter


  152. Santer

    Hi, Monaco, Uruguay, Paraguay, Andorra and Panama would be great.

  153. Holzmann

    Danke liebe Proton Entwickler, Community dass ihr VPN kostenlos möglich macht, inklu Kill Switch!!!
    Die Server im Ausland sind die in Verizon Rechenzentren gemietet wie bspw in Kolumbien? Wenn bpsw. in Russland so ein Server beschlagnahmt werden würde, wären dort verwertbare Daten? In welchen Zyklen werden die Durchflussdaten gelöscht? Wie hoch sind die Durchschnittskosten für einen VPN Server im Monat? Viele Grüße

  154. Dr. H.P.D Spielmann

    Using your service nearly since the begin in 2014 in Bangkok without problems !
    (there have been some major attacks on your system)
    Wish your staff and all of us users furthermore good luck !!
    Happy to found once Proton ….!!!
    Best regards from BKK !

  155. robert

    Hi, Why I do get this message, when I cannot make a vote ? or where is it hidden ?

  156. J.


  157. savoynice

    Pourquoi pas des serveurs Proton VPN dans la Principauté de Liechtenstein, de Monaco, dans la République de San Marino et sur le territoire de l’Etat du Vatican ?

  158. Jdaigr




  159. Vanja

    I have one “This typeform isn’t accepting new responses” instead of the survey, where to vote then?

  160. Mariano José

    Hola. Como Abogado soy de la opinión que todo esfuerzo por conseguir un internet seguro es una garantía de participación que requiere voluntad y ética. Estoy convencido.

  161. James

    Consider MALTA – centre Mediterranean.

  162. Andre

    I hope next server is Indonesia.

  163. Ahmed

    Kindly must add servers to Saudi Arabia.
    Saudis who are outside the kingdom cannot log in their accounts on government sites as required like rennewing their passports, making power of attorney etc.

  164. randy

    Liberland, provided they have some basic infrastructure!

  165. SunnyNell

    I don’t understand VPNs. I wish I did. I’ve read the newsletters here and know they are important to privacy and freedom of information, but I still don’t understand how they work. Also the site won’t let me vote.
    That aside, Protonmail, thanks for helping us with our freedoms. I appreciate that.

  166. Brad

    I could not vote.

  167. ProtosAdventua

    I couldn’t vote as the option says its not accepting votes at this time. However, anywhere NOT in the US or on US controlled soil would be good, since the country doesn’t (HAVE to) abide by the strict privacy laws in Europe or other countries. I’d probably choose a place like Sweden, Denmark, or Norway. But, ultimately, the place with the most strident privacy laws would be a good start.

  168. Dan Lloyd

    Philippines need all the security we can get here lol

  169. Petri

    6th of September, cannot vote, poll says “This typeform isn’t accepting new responses”. Paid customer or not, this is very disappointing.

  170. “Frank White”


  171. Is the Poll closed?

    “This typeform isn’t accepting new responses.”

  172. Chas B. Blalack

    The state of Wyoming in the US is leading legislation and statutory law to support the blockchain and related technologies. The state’s privacy focus is also leading in the US. I thought although lightly populated, the state and its residents would be great customers of the Proton suite of solutions which may have some influence on the larger US market. Just a thought.
    Thank you, Chas

  173. Mitchell

    When you have a Superpower that ignores International Law, ignores its own Laws, and insists everyone else follows their dictates, there is no place on Earth or in Space that is safe from that Superpower’s meddling.
    With that said, Antarctica, in Orbit, or in a Nation which is both ultra wealthy/poor and ruled by an individual that can behave neutrally toward the Superpower seems to me to be the best options.

  174. Branko


  175. Neils von Zeppelin

    Why not Iran ?
    Panama or Namibia if there is a server in this country.

  176. Paulo Moreira

    From Brazil. Where should we install our next servers? Of course, please kindly install the next server here in Brazil. Thanks+BestRegards

  177. Cynthia Carr

    do you already offer VPN in Israel?

  178. Richie Koch

    Hi Cynthia,
    We do! You can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/israel-vpn-servers/

  179. Mike D

    Hi, Tried to vote on September 6, but the voting site indicated that the voting was closed.
    If I could vote, I would recommend another USA site between Florida and NYC, both seem to have the largest loads on the East Coast. VA is well-represented as well as GA. Maybe NC cities such as Raleigh or Wilmington could have servers that would help ease the loads on the servers carrying the biggest loads

  180. Daniel

    Am not tech savvy but appreciate what you do. Hong Kong needs your services.

  181. Omar

    Hi all,

    It seems that the suggestion of Theodor Florin Lefter is well stated. But as you inform us that there are already servers in Bucharest, Romania has to be withdran from his list. May be so has to be Switzerland as ProtonVPN is located in this country.

  182. Amos Anon

    Missed the survey but factors I am sure you have already considered:
    Political stability
    Privacy Laws
    Other environmental factors that could impact your product. Having said that, have considered colder climate locations that are politically stable ?

  183. Demiurz

    # Panama
    # Ecuador
    # Iceland

  184. Jon

    I’m currently living in Spain in arugula area and getting Over 250 340 Mbps



  185. Brett Johnson

    I love your Romanian server and I love your motive Moldova server. I just think it’s time to give Albania a chamce. If not Albania, what about North Macedonia?

  186. Brett Johnson

    I would have to say Albania. May not have the best human rights reputation But since you have one in Romania you need one in Albania

  187. Tomaz

    Hi, maybe you can do it in Slovenia due to its very good geographical position and cover the west Balkanians countries.

  188. Anonymous

    It’s important to have servers available in countries that do not have an extradition treaty with any of the Fourteen Eyes countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, & Sweden). This hardens your logs/traffic/etc. from being harvested by the NSA.

    I haven’t done all of my research but I know Morocco doesn’t extradite to the US. That’s good enough for me.

    Also, OT: stealth VPN support when? :D

  189. Neutrino

    I think some of these user suggestions miss the point that some of us need vpn servers in specific countries so we can access country-restricted services. Using a VPN server in Costa Rica, I can access specific website functions some of the banks won’t let me do from outside CR…..

  190. Jesus San Christoper

    For the love of liberty and financial freedom, please send a Proton VPN server cluster to the Cook Islands. They have sovereignty and reject corruption of U.S. search warrants.

  191. Shawn Stewart

    Panama is the Singapore of Latin America. It’s also where I plan to live in 5 years or so, perhaps less…

  192. Nazar

    Any chance to have a server located in Central Asia (e.g. Kazakhstan)?

  193. YouMustFillOutAllFields

    UAE has probably among best track records for privacy and internet freedom of any country on Earth. Telegram was forced out of Russia and closed their USA offices, and ended up in Dubai. Sure they’re not a democracy, but I don’t see how that’s relevant; there are tons of countries that are democratic where you can be arrested for expressing wrongthink online (for example, the UK and Russia).

  194. Sherry

    How about Scotland? They seem to have freedom of speech laws that mean something to the people there.

  195. Tech advocates

    Sorry Tunisia is Africa and not Middle East, also the claim of democracy as a reason for the installations is weak argument, Kuwait and co are not democratic nations, please be clear on the reason you need this server there.

    I’m baffled how people confuse religion and geography, Tunisia is African nation in north of the continent, is like claiming Spain to be Africa not in Europe.

    Please state facts

  196. Gad

    Why not install a server in Israel

  197. Rama

    @thomas ewing – That is why we use search engines, such as DuckGo, etc. to inform ourselves. Better to be involved and informed, instead of spoon fed. If someone does not know something, that would indicate to any person, to go and find out ;) Be active, be involved, be aware, learn! (Nobody should expect to be spoon fed).

  198. Can’t vote as it keeps saying that the captcha is incorrect.

    I don’t know why this provider is using synthetic distorted text as a captcha anyways considering that there is some evidence that it prevents more people from accessing a website than bots.

  199. RA SAENZ

    San Francisco area is “The Advance Technology ” area for the USA, where your company could develope other communication technology and have acces to the the same time to all the tech-brains already established in the area, is a good access to the advance tech students looking to learn thru interships.

  200. Ed

    I voted for the Philippines to help support the large expat community there. They do have high speed internet in most if not all the provinces but they can/do have brown outs at times but they don’t usually last for very long.

  201. Missy Moo


  202. Esteban Rodríguez

    Costa Rica is the most stable, secure and strategic location for your next deployment, period!

  203. Very_Satisfied_ProtonMail_User

    thomas ewing (September 4, 2020 at 10:31 am) said: “Please be aware that many of your members-supporters are not computer savy and you need to explain things (and acronyms-captcha, vpn ) in simple terms so even the most “un-wired” person can understand them. Thanks”.
    He’s 100% right. I am one of those “un-wired” people, and I have NO IDEA what you are saying MOST of the time. For example, with regard to ProtonVPN, I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser. I was under the impression, that by simply using ProtonMail, that there is nothing further that I need to do, in order to utilize ProtonVPN?

  204. Bettie Taylor

    Servers should only be in countries with the lowest risk.

  205. Ani

    Uruguay has a very fast fiber connection going into Punta del Este, potentially a good spot for connectivity to/from other Southern Cone countries. A country with stable internet and stable politics. Especially compared to surrounding countries.

  206. Jen

    Hopefully, the election process in the US this November will have the same security provided by Proton Mail as with this poll. Thanks, love this service!

  207. Orebre

    I’d like to see at least one more server for Costa Rica. Usually the Server #4 is the most reliable, but from time to time I’ve seen it at 100% and the other behave weird to me. Server #3 even under low load is not capable to keep a n steady 1080p in Youtube, for example. Would it be possible to have one more server there?

  208. Dominik

    “In this month’s newsletter, we want to specifically highlight several emerging risks to online privacy, such as the EARN IT Act and the LAED Act, two anti-encryption laws that the US Congress is currently discussing”
    What is the EU position to the US nonsense? Does it pose and danger to our (European strong privacy) values?


    Any city over 5 million should have a server!

  210. Len

    Unfortunately I can’t download the VPN, maybe not compatible with my system. Windows 10 I believe.

  211. Rick

    it would be helpful if you’d instruct posters their post will be delete if they post without filling out the name and email fields.

  212. Jim Steele

    Ocean Falls, B.C. Canada is Ideal. Remote abandoned town.


    I constantly recommend Proton to others. Even my Wife and Son who live in an African country, where almost everyone uses Google or Yahoo, have finally taken my advice and stopped using Google and now use Proton. My next goal is my Business Manager, who also uses, presently,Google
    I am working on their country President who, YES, is one of my contacts

  214. Sorian V

    Just an opposite suggestion: what about considering leaving Hong-Kong before PRC takes total control?

  215. JM

    United States of America near Reno, Nevada, Apple along with many others have put in Highly Secure server facilities there recently so it must be a very good location.

  216. Phil

    Having used many vpn’s over the years and found big differences especially in speed I think you should offer either a money back guarantee or a free trial.

  217. Mayana

    Thank you for caring about the opinions of your users!

    Would it be possible to add an audio version of the captcha, so that us visually impaired users could vote as well? It doesn’t seem to be an option at the moment, unless I’ve missed something.

  218. Sean

    Many of these countries have legal frameworks that allow the local government to easily access the data on the servers. Even where the law does not, there is little to no mechanism to hold these governments accountable for illegal access. Of course, by then, it’s too late, It’s noble to want to bring privacy and security to the world, but it should not come at the expense of the privacy and security of your current customers,

  219. Deed U No

    Kenya please

    Its the IT gateway to- East African countries- Uganda; Tanzania (inl Zanzibar; Pemba isles) and Ruwanda.

  220. Khon

    Thailand has very fast Internet service for a reasonable price. I often have speeds of 990 Mbps that are very stable. Plus the girls are cute here in Thailand.

  221. Sekubamba

    Dear Team Protonmail/VPN,
    As a user from Africa, It’s encouraging to see more African countries added to the list of possible server locations. Well done and thank you.

  222. sailor

    Liechtenstein please.

  223. PrettyBoy

    What I don’t understand, is the limitations of some servers : some allow P2P, some not, some are good for Netflix, some not, etc… It appears like a form of censorship to me. Paid users should have access to ALL internet, without limitations nor censorship nor limitations in protocols.

    For example, concerning P2P, the country who seems to have the less restrictive laws seems to be Netherlands (And I don’t talk about piracy or other illegal things here, don’t make me say things that I don’t have in my mind, I wanted to talk only about the P2P protocols themselves, and the tools to have access to them).

    So Netherlands is often the preferred server’s country for those who use this protocol. But if I look at your list of servers, I can see that only few of your Netherlands servers allow this protocol! So these servers are often overcrowded, a situation that you could easily avoid…

    My opinion is that we shouldn’t let our prejudices blind us or be imposed to others: Internet is internet, and includes a lot of different protocols and services, all of them together constitute the Internet as we know it. If you impose any restriction in terms of protocols or functions, this is not Internet anymore, but a censored, diminished, poor version of it.

  224. HAMAD

    We need STABLE vpn
    Please consider stability more than just add more servers

  225. Tom

    In my opinion, the region of servers should have little or none internet censorship and surveillance.

  226. christopher

    Hello Richie,
    It would be of interest of know whether Israel would be a location of use, or whether you have considered that it would not be appropriate. The location has only come to mind due to the geographical location, ie Cyprus over the water, and middle east. A thought of filling a gap, but not a suggestion for inclusion. Christopher 1.

  227. Richie Koch

    Hi Christopher,
    We do indeed have servers available in Israel already (you can read about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/israel-vpn-servers/). Your suggestion of Cyprus is also appropriate. While we will be publishing the results of the 2020 ProtonVPN server poll shortly, Cyprus was one of the most popular countries in the poll.

  228. Robin

    I don’t know if it’s possible, and I haven’t seen any mainstream VPN doing it, but i wish I could connect to a Mainland Chinese server. I live there most of the time, so I use a VPN the other way around, but whenever I come back to Europe I can’t access any of the music/movies etc from the Chinese apps anymore…

  229. Proton Drive

    Will ProtonDrive was able to be registered with non-ProtonMail Address ?

  230. Ben Wolford

    To use ProtonDrive, you’ll need to have a Proton account (but you will be able to share files with non-Proton users).

  231. codingonsteroid

    Install in India

  232. Zweli Khumalo

    South Africa. Love proton products very very good, the future of email most definitely.

  233. Zweli

    We ask please consider a server in South Africa, I’m in Swaziland but I’d definitely connect to the South African server which is of course going to be the closest server to me, I’ve already started adverting Proton VPN and asking my network of to use Proton VPN. Please!

  234. Lynne

    There’s none in Australia, so that was my OTHER choice

  235. Stephen

    Indonesia has the largest population of the countries listed and then Nigeria – maybe there would be more impact for more people – possible but not scientific – you all rock – from Vermont, USA – the least populated place in US with very slow internet.

  236. a

    safest, fastest country in a timezone 12hrs behind/in front each existing server. we can find where is best at various times per our schedule.

  237. Scott

    JKlugman, I was under the impression that under the guidance of HPPA in the US, emailing any medical information is prohibited. I cant tell you if the scource that I got that from was informed as to written waivers etc but the information was presented in the a way that made the use of email of personal medical information was strictly prohibited in any instance. I was disappointed in getting the info as thats what initially attracted me to ProtonMail, Ive stayed with them though for many other reasons. Have you done any research in this, do you have some input that Im unaware of?

  238. AnonyMouse

    Being able to “originate” from tax free countries like the Cayman Islands and Turks and Caycos is important for me as a Crypto Trader.

  239. RP Laflaur

    I really believe this world is going down hill. Thank all of you for this service and I will do what I can to financially support Proton. I cast my vote, although I did not know what to put, I find that the more you know in life, the more problems you have. The more technology advances, the less privacy you have. I noticed that if I go shopping with my wife and tell her that this item is nice, I start getting ads pop up on web pages of that item. So now I keep my camera lens taped and put my phone where I could not be heard. Anyway, thanks again.

  240. GM

    The nominated countries lack meaningful (if any) privacy protections. Pick Uruguay instead!

  241. Jack

    Could you possibly be more specific about locations for the servers? (You list states in the USA, but not for Australia, another large country). I’d like to see one in Adelaiade, South Australia.

  242. M. Sholahudin

    Terima kasih, menurut saya layanan PROTOM MAIL ini sangat baik tetapi belum cukup familiar penggunaannya jika dibandingkan dengan menggunakan GMail atau YahooMail. Di Indonesia PROTONMAIL memiliki potensi pasar yang cukup baik, karena sekarang hampir sebagian besar masyarakat menggunakan layanan internet, bisnis start up juga sedang berkembang.
    Jadi menurut saya menjawab dimana harus menambah dan memperkuat layanan jaringan SERVER, jawabannya adalah INDONESIA. Thank you

  243. Ben Wolford

    Thank you! I’ll publish the translation here as well for our readers:

    Thank you, I think the PROTOM MAIL service is very good but it’s not familiar enough to use when compared to using GMail or YahooMail. In Indonesia PROTONMAIL has a fairly good market potential, because now most people use internet services, start-up businesses are also developing.
    So in my opinion the answer is where to add and strengthen SERVER network services, the answer is INDONESIA. Thank you

  244. SeWiJuGA

    i hesitated between jordan and kuweit, deciding for jordan as probably the more stable, the middle east will alwayz be important.

  245. jeff klugman

    will the cloud storage be certified hipaa compliant? this would be an important feature for me, and determine whether i’d use it at all. thanks.

  246. Richie Koch

    Hi Jeff,
    Yes, we plan on making ProtonDrive HIPAA compliant, just as ProtonMail is: https://protonmail.com/blog/hipaa-compliant-email/.
    ProtonDrive will automatically encrypt data in transit and at rest, so that there is no unauthorized access to personal medical information.
    You can read more about how ProtonDrive will protect user data in our security model: https://protonmail.com/blog/protondrive-security/

  247. Hans MInekus


    It seems a very good idea to let the users chose where a new server should e activated.
    I hope you will find a solution for China.
    I am/was a voluntary teacher but after the events in HK China closed a lot of things.
    With me man teachers from all over the world were daily giving lessons to improve the English knowledge of the interested Chinese peoples.
    Tencent used to gives us the posibility being in the classroom daily, but suddenly closed the classrooms both on QQ and YY.
    Esp. those who were not fluent in Chinese speaking and writing were cut off .
    So if you have the possibility to create from the outside of China a working VPN many of the Chinese peoples would be thankful.


    Hans Minekus

  248. Theodor Florin Lefter

    Romania is one of the top 10 countries with the fastest broadband internet connections in 2020. This recommend his capital Bucharest as a very good location for ProtonVPN servers.
    1. Singapore – 198.46 Mbps
    2. Hong Kong – 176.70 Mbps
    3. Thailand – 159.87 Mbps
    4. Switzerland – 152.05 Mbps
    5. Romania – 151.87 Mbps
    6. Monaco – 140.10 Mbps
    7. Andorra – 139.66 Mbps
    8. Macau – 137.47 Mbps
    9. Sweden – 137.43 Mbps
    10. Denmark – 136.44 Mbps

  249. Richie Koch

    Hi Theodor,
    Thanks for the suggestion, but we already have servers in Bucharest! You can read more about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/romania-vpn-servers/

  250. vittorio

    Tried the VPN at my home in Italy.
    Way too slow!

  251. Ben Wolford

    Our speeds should be quite good in Italy, and there are many servers to choose from. There are many variables that may have contributed to slow speeds. If you decide to try again, please contact our support team to assist you: https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  252. Scott Swain

    I’d like to see a request for feedback on your email system. I will go ahead and email support with a feature I really want.

  253. Ben Wolford

    Hi Scott, you can search our Feedback Forum and upvote your idea if it already exists or create it: https://protonmail.uservoice.com/forums/284483-feedback Thanks!

  254. Giorgio

    Servers should only be located in countries where the risk is the lowest

  255. Richie Koch

    Hello Giorgio,
    Our users’ security is our number one priority. However, we want to bring privacy to everyone around the world, especially people who live in authoritarian countries, who need our tools the most. This necessitates that we install servers in high-risk countries.
    We take precautions to help ensure the privacy of our users’ data. We thoroughly examine all potential partners before we choose one to set up a data center in a given country. We also only use bare metal (or physical) servers, which gives us greater control of the machine and its security. You can read more about the precautions we take here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/vpn-servers-high-risk-countries/
    In short, as long as you are aware of the threat model, or enable Secure Core VPN, you can use our VPN servers anywhere in the world.

  256. John Wann

    The Philippines / Manila & Cebu City . PDLT has high speed and 5G internet but they are still owned by Google and it’s difficult to connect back to the USA for online banking & to watch American t.v. They do their best to block my VPN router so I can’t access my dashboard.

  257. thomas ewing

    Please be aware that many of your members-supporters are not computer savy and you need to explain things (and acronyms-captcha, vpn ) in simple terms so even the most “un-wired” person can understand them.

  258. Richie Koch

    Hi Thomas,
    We try our best to make sure that all our blog posts can be easily followed by anyone, even the most “unwired” individuals, but your comment is a good reminder that we should do more.
    (CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” in case you were interested.)
    Thanks for writing in and we’ll do better on our next blog post.

  259. Ian G

    None of those are jurisdictions particularly known for their love of privacy. Hence my choice of Iceland – the most privacy conscious of any jurisdiction I am given to believe.

  260. Richie Koch

    Hi Ian,
    You are correct: Iceland does have very strong legal privacy protections in place. However, we already have several servers located there, including our Secure Core servers.
    You can see a list of where we already have servers here: https://protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

  261. Daniel

    When are y’all coming out with a secure ProtonText app for Android? Thanks.

  262. Ben Wolford

    We’re not currently planning to develop a secure messenger, but we have received many requests. Thanks for your feedback!

  263. Jeremy


  264. Theo Bester

    Hi, Why not install VPN in South Africa?

  265. Richie Koch

    Hi Theo,
    We already have servers in South Africa! You can read more about them here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/southafrica-vpn-servers/

  266. Brian

    Why were VPN servers in Virginia removed?

  267. Ben Wolford

    Hi Brian, I’m not totally sure about this, but we regularly review our servers for reliability and performance. Also, sometimes servers must be disabled for maintenance but are then restored. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  268. Ryan Jarvis

    Cyprus would be cool. It’s a pretty remote location and would massively improve VPN speeds for many who live in the EU and require an alternative option.
    The competition their is minimal and would definitely be an advantage, in my view for the ProtonMail offering.

  269. ㅇㅇ

    North Korea

  270. ahmd

    about middle east you should consider install servers
    in Kuwait or tunisia because its a democratic countries and allow
    the freedom of speech unlike the UAE !

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