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The results of the second ProtonVPN servers poll are in – Mexico gets top place

Posted on July 3rd, 2019 by in Service Updates.

ProtonVPN Servers Poll Results 2019


On May 30, we held our second poll to ask you where you want us to install new VPN servers. Thousands of you responded, and today we are ready to announce the results.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our second VPN servers poll! We’re serious about serving our community, and we try to involve you in our decision process wherever possible. In this case, almost 5,000 people voiced their opinion in our latest poll, which asked where you want us to prioritize new servers. We have tallied the results, and we are already working on adding new servers in the countries you deemed the most important. 

Learn where we already have VPN servers. Check out the results of our first VPN server poll in 2018.

We will announce each new server as soon as it comes online on our social media channels, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Below are the results from the second ProtonVPN community survey:

Mexico 428
Costa Rica339
Ukraine 242
United Arab Emirates 184

As we continue our aggressive expansion, we will target the countries that received the most votes first. However, there is a good chance that as new VPN servers come online, they will not be in precisely the order of the countries listed. There are two main reasons for this:

First, our users’ security is always our top priority. If we are not confident we can keep your data secure, we will not take the risk. Security considerations are especially relevant when looking at installing VPN servers in China. However, we recently installed servers in Russia, so we know how to install and maintain VPN servers in a high-risk country. You can read more about some of the precautions we take to secure servers in high-risk countries.

Second, it can be more difficult and time-consuming in some countries to obtain servers than in others. We will focus on installing new servers in the countries that received the most votes first. However, occasionally VPN servers in a country that received fewer votes could be ready before servers in a country that received more votes because of the different implementation complications each country presents.

Thank you again for participating in this poll and helping to shape the future of ProtonVPN. As we work to make online freedom and privacy accessible to all, your support and feedback are invaluable.

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Thank you to those of you who subscribe to a paid plan with ProtonVPN. Installing these new servers and coming that much closer to providing a secure and private Internet to all would be impossible without your support.

Best Regards,
The ProtonVPN Team

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Prior to joining ProtonVPN, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined ProtonVPN to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.

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  1. Erix

    I would suggest the following countries.
    My criteria: Safe from political and regulatory scrutiny.Safe from 5 eyes countries (i think NZ already excluded); safe from natural disasters.
    1. New Zealand
    2. Iceland
    3. Greenland
    4. Palawan island, Philippines.

  2. Random Person

    Why Mexico tho?

  3. Paul

    Australia, New Zealand

  4. Flivaz

    What is with a swiss server?

  5. Danny Schmell

    Estonia, Canada, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Poland, Germany, England..
    Stick with a northern countries. They are more stable. Cost less to cool them(servers) down.

  6. Werner Brock

    VPN suggestion: Thailand

  7. Fredy

    For new servers what about Iceland, Norway, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Fidji, Namibia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Uruguay or Paraguay ?
    Anyway thanks for your work so useful and important for our freedom.

  8. Ray

    Why not Canada Hé.

  9. Sasha

    5 months later and still no Mexico location available. Been wanting to switch permanently from my other VPN provider but the lack of a Mexico server is not worth it.

  10. Andrew

    Please add servers in Macedonia.

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