You can download Proton VPN from F-Droid instead of Google

Posted on May 18th, 2020 by in Service Updates.


We are happy to announce that the Proton VPN Android app is now available for download on F-Droid. This has been a goal for our team — and a popular request from the Proton community — since we made all our apps open source

F-Droid is the largest repository of free and open source Android APKs. (APK stands for “Android package” and is the file format that the Android operating system uses to distribute and install apps.) It lets users download apps without registering for a Google account or handing over any personal information.

Download Proton VPN on F-Droid

Note: Proton VPN will still be available on the Google Play Store, and for most users, this will remain the easiest way to download and install our app.

We wanted to make our app available on F-Droid because it is one more sign of our commitment to transparency. It also makes our app harder for authoritarian governments to block. Read below to learn more about these benefits.

Find out more why you need a VPN app for your Android phone or tablet.

Why F-Droid is better for privacy

F-Droid allows you to download an app without signing up for a Google account, which means that Google can no longer monitor which apps you download. Additionally, Google Play is full of apps that contain hidden trackers that share your personal data with third parties. F-Droid alerts users of these types of surveillance. They put all apps through a strict audit and flag if there are any trackers on an app in its repository.

F-Droid apps are subject to independent audit

Before our app could be published on F-Droid, it had to pass a review by the F-Droid team. In fact, the F-Droid team built the app themselves, using our publicly available open source code. This ensures that the APK does not contain any hidden back doors or third-party trackers. 

This means that Proton VPN code has been reviewed by the security experts at SEC Consult and also by the team at F-Droid.

Making our apps harder to block

VPNs are powerful tools to access blocked or censored content and find out the truth. That’s why authoritarian governments, like those of China, Russia, and Iran, have often pressured tech companies to remove VPNs from their app stores, blocked app stores, or attempted to block the Proton VPN website. They want to keep VPNs — and freedom of information — out of the hands of their citizens. 

Earlier this year, we began hosting the Proton VPN APK on GitHub to increase the number of sites where users could find our app. By also making our app available on F-Droid, the world’s largest free and open source app repository, our website, and the Google Play Store, we are making sure users always have a way to download Proton VPN. Sign up for a Free plan for Android.

Enhanced transparency and defense against censorship

We believe that freedom, the right to free speech, and the right to privacy are all fundamental human rights, and we are fighting to ensure our users can exercise them. By having our apps reviewed by independent third parties, we are creating tools that people can trust. By making them available on more sites, we are making it easier for people to access our service no matter where they are.

Part of increasing access to our service includes making our apps available in more languages. We are also developing new features that will help users living under repressive regimes sign in and use our apps undetected. 

If you think this work is important, please consider signing up for one of our paid plans. Your support helps us develop new features and expand our service.  

Best Regards,
The Proton VPN Team

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


  1. noprotonvpnyet

    january 11, 2021 – am unable to download protonvpn from f-droid. keeps saying protonvpn is not available

  2. Douglas Crawford

    Hi noprotonvpnyet. I believe this issue has been resolved, but if you are still experiencing problems then please contact our Support Team for assistance.

  3. Raphaela assenga


  4. Melioratio

    This is great and I appreciate it. The only thing keeping me on the GPS version is the fact that the F-Droid version is a release behind, 56 days behind to be exact, according the release history on Github. My question is this: Why is the release behind? Is the F-Droid upload / vetting process slowing this down or did someone forget to upload the updated version to F-Droid?

  5. Ian VanSchooten

    Are there any plans to offer ProtonMail on F-Droid as well?

  6. Ben Wolford

    Hi Ian! The mail app is more complicated to implement in F-Droid, but we’re working to find a solution to be able to offer this.

  7. Gerald joseph Beall


  8. Gerald joseph Beall

    This app is very good.

  9. Mª Ángeles

    Your are awesome. An example for all the industry. Your products and services aren’t the most affordable for common users, but are worth every single cent!

  10. Adams-J

    I love that you added this to f-driod , also the proton mail app doesn’t work well without Google play services. I hope this can be changed . I left proton vpn because there was no Linux client, I hear that’s in the works, I’ll come back

  11. MARC

    There are problem with the latest version of the app for downloading on F Droid.

  12. MARC

    Version 2.2 with problem downloading in F-Droid.

  13. farhad

    as an Iranian individual, I wanted to thank you and send my best regards to your team who put a lot of work to this project and the other ( proton mail ). your amazing VPN has helped me to find and access a lot of free internet data which unfortunately been blocked by the government like Youtube Facebook telegram twitter and etc . . . I hope that someday there would be no limits and restrictions in any country for any FREE Men and Women.

    From Persia With Love

  14. Keith

    Hi, is there any benefit of Installing the playstore app and downloading the fdroid version?

  15. justing

    i like this Vpn

  16. Richie Koch


  17. JC

    Will Protonmail also become available on F-Droid? Recently abandoned all Google services and dearly miss the Protonmail app, but not to the point I would even consider having Google back on my phone.

  18. Hakan Norlings

    Thank you!
    This is really good news. I hope you even going to make Protonmail available on F-Droid.

  19. Christopher Estep

    I can respect this decision; if anything, I expect MORE VPN users (and providers) to make a similar choice (not just ProtonVPN users). I use ProtonVPN because I want to CHOOSE who gets my information (and how much) – even FREE VPN users deserve that choice; ProtonVPN gives it to us.

  20. Poe

    I am happy to be on board with ProtonVPN. I opted for a paid plan and could not possibly be any more satisfied! I have a 200mbps connection and speed tests through the VPN are 120+ ! This company and their services have provided me with a sense of peace and stability I have been looking for.

    Cheers Proton

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